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Friday, 22 February 2013
06:30:12 PM (GMT)
"No, Gianna, ye can' play with us.  We don' like you."  The childish voice was
matter of fact, and the owner folded her arms stubbornly as she tossed her orange
ringlets in a shake of the head.  "Yer not nice an' ye won' like our games."
"Well you're stupid, and nobody likes you!"
Upon hearing this, two girls looked up from their hopscotch and pulled eachother
towards their friend.  They could have been related, one with long black waves
accentuating emerald eyes, the other with a similarly shaded bob haircut and
sea-green eyes peering out from under a long fringe, "Hey!  We like Skye!"  Sabriel
chimed, skipping over to take her hand as Kari stumbled behind her, shoes that were
slightly too big hindering her movements.
"Yeah!  She's our bestest friend!"  Another girl rushed over, outnumbering Gianna and
her two followers, "So don't be mean 'cause we don't like it!"
Skye grinned smugly, nodding, "See!  I'm better than you at maths and
"I-I have more friends, they're just sick..."   Gianna spluttered, clearly thrown by
the obvious support her target was recieving, "Oh you're all stupid and small and
ugly and at least I've got a boyfriend!"  She said quickly before giving her
own friends a small shove and storming away.
For a while, the four girls froze as they wondered why Gianna had wanted to play with
them in the first place, but Celeste let out a quiet snort, and they promptly
disintergrated into fits of giggles, holding on to one another as they laughed.


"Val... You okay?"  Flynt shuffled over on his knees, clutching several blunt pencils
tightly in a fist.  The blonde boy shook his head, turning to look at Flynt with, for
once, emotionless eyes.  Even Flynt in all his seven-year-old bravado backed away a
little, "What's wrong?"
Icy blue peered down at his friend, his voice firm and unwavering as he spoke,
"Somebody hurt Ellemere.  Can you help me?"
"Course.  What d'you want me to do?"
"Eh?  What're we doin' now?"  Another voice chipped in, peering over Flynt's shoulder
brightly, "Can I help?"
"If you wish..."  Val sighed, knowing that his sister would positively murder him for
telling anyone, "Okay, Ellie said some girls hurt her, but she wouldn't tell me who,
so we need to find them, and ask them not to do it again?"  He looked between the two
boys, "Ask them... firmly..."  He added, frowning a little at the thought of finding
the girls who had done this.  Nobody hurt his little sister.  Absolutely nobody.
"Deal."  Thomas nodded, long messy blonde hair flopping carelessly over his face,
"How did they hurt her?"
Val hesitated, "She says they made her ugly and that she'll never be beautiful
"So we've gotta find these girls, right!?"  Flynt bounced onto his feet, pulling
Thomas up behind him, who was also nodding eagerly.
"Aye, we'll help!"
A slight smile touched Val's lips and he stood up too, "Thank you.  Shall we go now?
We still have a while of break left-"  He stopped as he felt a gentle tap on his
back, and turned around to see a boy from the year below with bright blue eyes made
bigger by glasses.  "May I help you?"  Val asked, but the boy merely stared up at
him, twisting his hands in front of him.  "Well?"
"I- I just wanted her to know... I fink Ellemere's pretty whatever she looks
The boy stammered the words quietly, fiddling with his baggy sleeve before nodding to
himself and running back to his bench again, blushing furiously.  Flynt watched him
go, one eyebrow raised curiously, while Thomas simply burst out laughing,
"Ellemere's got a cru~ush!" He chanted, swinging on Flynt's arm (since he was bigger,
and Thomas's teacher told him that his growth spurt would come in time).  Val rolled
his eyes at his friend, then shook his head, "Anyway.  Let's go."


"A sailor went to sea sea sea to see what he could see see see-  Oh no!  Skye, that's
wrong! It should go upways!"
"Upways isn' even a real word, Celeste!"  She pouted, pulling her hands back and
rubbing the palms against eachother to make the stinging go away.  "'Tis a stupid
game anyway, who wants ter play Cops an' Robbers!?"
"We played that yesterday, Skye."  Kari complained, "How about-"
"No, we aaaaallways play Pwincesses!  Let's play ballerinas!" Sabriel chimed, showing
off a pirouette as the other girls groaned.
"Just 'cause you're good at ballet..."
Kari span around in a circle as Skye knocked Sabriel off balance with a good-natured
shove, and again the girls fell into a heap of giggles.  They abruptly stopped,
however, as Celeste spotted the three Older Boys walking over.
"Uh...  Uh girls... they look scary..."  She muttered, tugging on Sabriel's arm, who
nodded in agreement.
Val approached first, smiling, but as he met each of their eyes, it hardened into
just a smile, with no emotion behind it.  "Good morning.  Can I ask you all
Skye stood up quickly, followed by Kari, but just as she opened her mouth to respond
she was distracted by a shrill cry behind her as Sabriel just caught the recieving
end of Thomas's 'threatening' glare.  She scrambled up in a panic, towing Celeste
along behind her (who looked equally terrified) as they ran as fast as they could
back to the safety of their classrooms.
Skye watched them for a moment, puzzled, before turning back to Val, her hands on her
hips, "What 'es it?"  Kari watched the three boys cautiously, subtly edging behind
her friend.  She may be younger, but she was taller than Kari, and more than a little
bit braver.
Val smiled blankly again, taking a few steps forward, but Skye held her ground, "My
sister said that a group of girls were horrible to her.  Was it you?"
Skye frowned, "Why would we want ter be mean ter Ellemere?  She never talks ter us."
"Are you sure?  She looks a bit scared."  Flynt chipped in, nodding to Kari who
ducked behind Skye a bit more, "Maybe we should ask her?"
"Kari's always scared.  But ye don' scare me!"  Skye said firmly, glaring stubbornly
at Val, "Go 'way!"
He shook his head, holding a hand out to Kari, "I think... I think it was you."

"HEY!  HEY WAIT!"  Another voice, an out of breath one, came towards them, and a
smaller boy bounded inbetween Val and the girls, pushing Val's hand away before Kari
could take it, "What do you think you're doing!?"
"I think they hurt my sister."  Val answered simply, folding his arms.
"Well they didn't!  Kari's my friend and Skye's stupid... But Kari likes her so GO
AWAY."  Salem shouted, pulling Kari into -what he hoped was- a protective hug. 
"You're not our friend and you can't play with us.  And they didn't hurt your sister,
so SHOO."
Thomas looked between them all doubtfully before reaching out and pulling the hem of
Val's jumper, "C'mon... let's go back... break's nearly finished..."
Val, however, gave the three of them one final glare (still smiling), before nodding,
"Fine.  But if I find out otherwise, you'll be sorry... Good day."
Last edited: 2 March 2013

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