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Sunday, 9 September 2012
04:03:53 PM (GMT)
Damn spontaneous deletion...

The fifteen minute journey was a silent one, making it seem at least twice as long. 
At long last, Salem slowed to a stop outside the tent which served as a hospital,
drawing a quizzical look from Kari.
"This... Isn't his office..."
"He's not in his office-  Oh...  You didn't know?  Kari, I'm sorry..."  Salem
frowned, looking genuinely apologetic.
"S-sorry?  Sorry for what?  What happened?!"  Her voice rose with panic as she
scrambled out of the car, running towards the entrance and casting a swift look
around the beds, although many of them were concealed by curtains.
"Kari!  Kari, wait-"  Salem jogged in after her, placing a hand on her shoulder to
prevent her from running off, "Just wait a moment..."
"Where is he?  What happened in Brittany, Salem?"  She looked at him, panicked.

"Is that her?  Did she come?"
Kari whipped around quickly, breaking away from Salem's hand as she headed towards
the voice, "V-Val...?"
She brushed aside the curtain, covering her mouth as a soft gasp escaped her.  Val
turned his head towards her, frowning.  It wasn't clear that was actually what he was
doing, since the scarlet stained bandage covered his eyes, but his eyebrows drew
together, trying to determine whether it was her or not.  "Kari?"
She dropped her hands from her face, sitting carefully on the edge of his bed, not
noticing Salem look around the curtain.  "Val..."  She breathed his name quietly,
biting her lip.
He frowned again, gingerly reaching out.  His hand brushed against Kari's cheek, and
he pulled away slightly, "Sorry..."  She shook her head, catching Val's hand with her
own and linking their fingers together.  "You came...  I wasn't sure you would."
"Of course I did."  Kari whispered, the fingers of her free hand tenderly brushing
away Val's hair from his face, "It's... It's not permanant... Is it?"
"I don't know.  I hope not..."  A faint smile touched his lips, "I don't want the
last thing I see to be war."
"It won't be.  You'll get better.  You have to."  Kari said, her voice choked as she
placed her hand on his cheek, her thumb brushing back and forth softly.  "I'll make
you better."
Val smiled slightly, nodding, and leaning a little into her touch, "And then, I
suppose, you'll be the first thing I see?"
"I could hold up some flowers, or something...?  Or take you somewhere pretty-"
"I'd rather see you."
Kari's words stumbled, catching her off-guard.  "I...  I'll make you better.  I
promise."  Val nodded, lifting his hand up again, touching her shoulder before
cupping her cheek in his palm.
He frowned again, more sadly this time, "You're crying?"
"I didn't know... You were in hospital.. I thought..."
"You cried for me?"
Kari paused, turning into his hand, "I thought you'd died...  I thought... I thought
I'd lost you." She murmured, fully aware of how stupid she probably sounded. Val
released her hand, pushing himself up into a sitting position,
"Careful... Don't hurt yourself-"
He concerntrated for a moment, gathering his bearings before leaning forwards
slightly and pressing his lips to hers gently.

Salem's face fell as he watched.  He swallowed, hurredly backing away and leaving the
tent.  Kari could surely find her own way back...  Or stay with him, if she wanted. 
What did it matter?  She clearly wasn't his to protect and look after any more...
He got into the car, slamming the door a little harder than intended, driving away
too fast.

After several long moments, Kari pulled away for breath, but she leaned forwards a
little, resting her forehead against Val's, closing her own eyes, since looking at a
bandage just wasn't the same...
"You'll be alright.  I promise."
"No matter what happens...  I'm so grateful to you."
"W-what do you mean?"  Kari frowned, dropping her hand from his cheek to rest on his
collar bone.
"Just... For being here.  I wasn't sure you'd come."
"Of course I'm here.  I couldn't just leave you..."
Val nodded, trailing his fingertips across the side of Kari's face, partially just
remembering her, "Thank you."

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   9 September 2012   419318  
‹defineMANIAC› says :   9 September 2012   722075  
ASDFFHVLSHSVW I'm gonna do another one some other time.  A time
skipped one. 


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