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Friday, 7 September 2012
07:59:18 PM (GMT)
i have a bf right his name is sedrick and ever since i gave him a note telling him
why he makes me think bad about him hes bin acting strange. (by bad i mean that hes
with other girls) i said in the note that i souldnt worry about him doing things like
that because i know he could go to his gramas or unckles if he wanted to break up
with me insted of comeing home. so now hes bin going over there more then comeing
home and when i call he says " what why are you calling what do you want" then when i
tell him hes like ok and he hangs up without saying by. it seems suspisious to me. im
not sure if its me but every one else ive asked for advice says it to. another thing
thats suspisious is that he called me and was breathing hevilly. he also dosent
answer his phone now when i call him at lunch. he used to allways answer his phone
and its not like hes doing something because he already graduated. all he dose is
hang out at home and do nothing but play vedeogames. i dont know what i did to piss
him off or to get him not to care anymore but it gets me sad. the worst part is that
i broke up with a perfectly good guy to get with him. i mean the guy i was with was
way better. its like the guy im with now just wants my v card from. i dont wana give
it to him because i respect myself and i belive in verginity untill meridge. the
other guy i was with before belived in the same thing. this guy im with now though im
not to shure. i need advice.
Last edited: 7 September 2012

ForeverFaithfulButLonelyGuy says:   7 September 2012   630441  
Hello there,
seriously sounds like that he really should treat you better
he is defintley giving signs of not acting right please take 
no offense he would be the kind of guy who would get a girl
pregnant than walk away from her yes waiting for marriage to 
have sex is great idea i just wish more guys would act like men
instead of mouses like my late mom use to call my dad Also 
he shouldn't be putting you through the stuff that he is doing 
also he sounds like for age 18 he got lot of growing up to do
he does sound suspicious and he does sound very immature
i try more than my best to treat females with respect and
all my friends here can tell any female what type of guy i am
well i hope you find happiness and if you love this guy
i hope he treats you better i don't know what to think i feel this
this is a serious matter..) Best Wishes, Darren
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   7 September 2012   829884  
Advice? Sure.
First off, "Please" ends with an "e".
Second, this "boyfriend" of yours sounds like a prick.
You should have an honest face-to-face conversation with him, and make
sure you're BOTH in the relationship.
starlove says:   8 September 2012   675950  
thanks you guys ill try to talk to him jess and forever fathfull
youre right i guess and if i really want this to work out ima have to
talk to him...
ForeverFaithfulButLonelyGuy says:   8 September 2012   359767  
Starlove your very welcome but becareful the guy isn't trying to use
you if he doesn't want listen to you or treat you with respect than i

think it's time to move on it's horrible when guys put girls through
misery best wishes...
starlove says :   15 September 2012   100071  
ok you were very help full.... i talked to him... but he still acting
the same.. so i guess youre right..


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