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Internet reset buttonCategory: (general)
Friday, 29 June 2012
09:38:11 PM (GMT)
I really wish sometimes that there was a button to delete yourself from the internet. I joined this site when I was 15 and then I was a pretty solid member until, maybe, 17 years old. I'm 20 now and I just came back for old times' sake and realised that in most cases children really shouldn't have free rein of the internet! :P There's nothing too scandalous on here (no nudes, sorry guys) but my opinions and character have changed a LOT, so there's record of me saying things that I definitely don't agree with now and so on. It's an interesting snapshot of my life at that time, but I'd hate for people to form an opinion of me based on who I was 5 years ago. Also, I was (aha, "was") very rude in a lot of cases and I feel like a dumbass reading everything back. Arguments over the most pointless things. Hilariously unfunny ways of talking. In-jokes I can't even remember the meaning of. I guess it's just something that this generation is going to have to deal with. I didn't get the internet until my teens, but now people have it from birth. I dread to think what their internet remorse is going to be like! I used to really, really care about Kupika. But now, I don't. Life is sweeter and more relaxed when you don't care what some hoodlum 13 year old posts on your diary entry. So "come at me bro" as the kids say today, and I'll probably give you a smile and a wave. It just doesn't matter. I really apologise to anyone I was rude to or for anything silly I may have said. Anyone I may have fallen out with or insulted - forget about it. Really, I didn't know any better. That is something that comes with maturity - I'm not there yet, but I have a clearer idea now. I don't think I'll become a regular user of this site again, but consider this my internet reset button. In otherwords, disregard anything posted prior to this! PS, if any regulars are lurking) I still love Sanyu deeply - we're in constant contact - and I'm in occasional contact with hina/Aris and still consider him a friend of mine. I've pissed off most of you at some point - some more recently than others - but I remember the best of you. Clearly, I'm still a bitch. However, I'm now a more cheery and optimistic one. The Eduardo situation is now mildly amusing rather than rage-worthy. Remember Sanyu and I used to be Kupifamous? I never understood that one. Thanks for all the good times!

Sanyu says:   6 July 2012   153385  
<3 oh
callie11 says :   19 September 2012   254631  
Hi, do you have a tumblr or a presence anywhere else on the internet?
I joined Kupika when I was eleven and got on here daily for two years;
now six years after I joined, I'm having the same kind of feels about
this site you talked about in this post. I was more of a lurker on
here and was a little more active on K-Net, but I always kind of
looked up to you and Sanyu, for just being amazing people on Kupika
when there weren't that many on the internet in general, or at least
in the parts that I frequented. 

I'm on tumblr now, and would really love to connect with either one of
you. I'm hailedloco there, and well, message me there if you've a
tumblr?  If nothing else, I'd love to write you in a more private way,
if possible. And if not, I just wanted to tell you that you were one
of my internet heroes, a role model. You were a few years older than
me and it seemed like you were everything that I wanted to be and/or
wasn't. So thanks. Thanks a lot. I hope you have a lot of success in
whatever you're doing with your life, and good luck with everything.


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