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Sunday, 24 June 2012
07:37:07 AM (GMT)
Its nice when you get on omegle not expecting anything and then you find a really
interesting people.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: hey
Stranger: whats up
Stranger: asl
You: 16, *ugh* YES, the town of WAFFLES!!
Stranger: I'm town of pancakes
You: sounds yummy
Stranger: delicious
You: so what's up bro.
Stranger: chilling u
You: same, just listening to some really random music, trying to get watchers on DA
Stranger: thats chill im packing lips just waiting for the day to start u know
You: yeah, lol I've been up all night with my friend, playing video games, trying to
find a way to get dungeon siege 3 on my computer for free.
Stranger: yea I'm trying to just download mine craft for free
You: torrents are sometimes ridiculously hard to find, anyway what type of stuff are
you into?
Stranger: i play football wrestling baseball big sports guy
Stranger: I'm into the regular stuff nothing big
You: Thats cool, I'm not really into sports, nothing against them they just never
caught my interest, I draw, play video games, fuck around on tumblr.
You: I'm pretty introverted too I don't really talk to people I don't know in real
life situations.
Stranger: thats chill yea that makes sense
Stranger: i just wanna graduate high school go to college settle
You: Same, what bands are you into?
Stranger: a lot of old stuff
You: Do you like the Beatles?
Stranger: i listen to rap, rock, really anything
Stranger: and ya
You: Awesome, I listen to Panic! at the Disco, Ludo, Smashing Pumpkins, Skrillex, and
I'm a huge Beatles fan.
Stranger: ya i listen to a lot of dubtep too who's your favorite Beatle
You: Ringo, but I like them all. Who's yours?
Stranger: same bro haha
You: Haha awesome, which album is your favorite?
Stranger: hard choice
Stranger: hmm i gotta think
You: Mine's Magical Mystery Tour, but my second favorite is Let it Be
Stranger: ya i like let it be
Stranger: or yellow submarine
You: Yellow submarine is cool. Magical Mystery Tour has my favorite songs in it, plus
the movie is trippy as fuck.
Stranger: ya haha i like phil collins a lot to more his solo career though
Stranger: pink floyd
You: Pink Floyd is really cool I haven't heard a lot of it though, and the only Phil
Collins I know is the songs from Tarzan lol.
Stranger: haha ya i got you i like pink floyd cause their good when your high
You: Probably, I haven't listened to Pink Floyd high yet, just pretty much everything
else though lol. Probably cuz my dealer has been out for a while, its hard to find
suppliers also.
Stranger: yea true
Stranger: i some only in june and july
Stranger: smoke*
You: I smoke whenever I get some, but only when I can its hard to hide it from my
parents, luckily I've been crashing at my best friends house pretty much all summer,
she likes to smoke too so its awesome.
Stranger: i bet yo i live right next to my dealer so
You: Cool, have you done shrooms?
Stranger: not yet
Stranger: u
You: Yeah me and my friend tripped for the first time a few months back.
Stranger: thats crazy
Stranger: how was it
You: It was awesome, it was kind of unnerving too though, it definetely wasn't what I
expected, we were freaking out though.
Stranger: really
Stranger: i prefer pills to be honest
You: What pills? Like x?
Stranger: yea
Stranger: oxy
You: Oxycontin? isn't that like really bad for you? Lol
Stranger: i guess its not terrible but still bad
Stranger: don't recommend it
You: Are you illegally taking it or is it prescribed? And is it for a body pain?
Stranger: prescribed
You: just out of curiousity, i didn't know it had an appeal illegally.
Stranger: for my knee
You: Damn, did you get a sports injury?
Stranger: yea
Stranger: last game of the season for football
You: what happened?
Stranger: torn my cal
Stranger: acl*
You: that sucks, how bad is the pain?
Stranger: terrible your upper leg is disconnected from the bottom at the knee
You: That really sucks man, I'm sorry that happened.
Stranger: yea its okay now
Stranger: i jumped to intercept a pass and then i came down at a awkward angle
You: Well I mean at least it wasn't something worse.
Stranger: yes ik it was a totally tear so i was only out for 2 1/2 months
You: were you hospitalized or on crutches? I don't really know the norm for an injury
like that.
Stranger: on crutches then
Stranger: i just could walk on it but no running
You: I love how I went on this site expecting a bunch of people to ask asl, and then
I got like an interesting person to talk to, I don't really know a lot of jocky
people, who like things I'm interested in.
You: course I don't talk to people in general at least not at my school. The internet
is different
Stranger: yea
Stranger: it is its more chill relaxed
You: yeah, what do you usually do when you get home anyway?
Stranger: just play games workout
You: cool, what video games are you into?
Stranger: mine craft call of duty
You: Have you ever played elder scrolls?
Stranger: naw

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