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Tuesday, 19 June 2012
06:04:26 AM (GMT)
Well, it might just be revisiting what i previously said in my profile but still :3
Name: You may call me Taylor, Tails or Tay
Location: I live in a room in a house in a suburb in a city in a country in an ocean
in a hemisphere on a planet in a galaxy in space.
Age/Birthday: Well, you will have to work it but my birthday is 25th August 1995 :3
Sex: If you really want to... Jk, Male, all the way through
Personality: Ok, this sounds like a character now but anyway. I'm generally happy and
random, i'm also extremely caring and i'm easily made to feel guilty, so if I say
sorry a whole lot, don't blame me, it's just how I am. Oh, and i'm also a bit of a
councillor, sooo feel free to talk to me.
Favorite color: Green, followed by black (Eg my avi)
Favorite band: Disturbed
Appearance: Im chubby, roughly 6ft and im white with short,  black hair. Green or
brown eyes (they change), I wear glasses (which are green haha). sooo yeah
Not sure what else to write, I guess the next stuff is kinda important.
I have low self-esteem, i'm also horrid at relationships (though that might be the
self esteem)
I do think i'm overly weird and sometimes do really stupid stuff anf feel so guilty
about it that i say sorry constantly and yeah.
I don't always think before i say something, and my emotions change alot, or i don't
'read' them right.
I fall in love quickly, or atleast I build up feelings for someone quickly.
I'm also prone to self-torture on an emotional level
Though, i'm always smiling, taking up others problems and catching whatever life
throws at me, unless it's a grenade, then i run like fuck. :3
Oh, and i'm very animalistic, by that, i mean i can sometimes act very much like an
animal, generally a cat. Don't ask why, i do not know.
Anyway, carry on my good sir or milady, and i hope to speak with you.
Last edited: 5 September 2012

‹IsAnyoneUp!?› says:   19 June 2012   756658  
Part of this sounds just like me.
xXchainedXx says:   19 June 2012   724499  
Omg lol. My best friend will randomly just start acting like a cat in
the middle of no where. If we're at school and she gets frightened
shell act exactly like a frighted cat and whenever we're at her house
or mine, she'll curl into a ball. I swear to god, it's the cutest
thing ever. Lol
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   19 June 2012   336219  
TAYYBEAR! You spelled counselor wrong. :x
curtntay says:   20 June 2012   764319  
:p awesome, win, oh well haha
‹♪×Slowly×Losing×Control×♪› says:   20 June 2012   652611  
XP By the way, you click on the numbers in the comments boxes from
others in order to reply. 
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   21 June 2012   445288  
Hello there I'm Taylor >XD
curtntay says :   21 June 2012   971469  
I know, but im lazy
And Epic win!!!

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