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Rain, wine and guitars.Category: OCs
Saturday, 26 May 2012
04:35:16 PM (GMT)
Was school always this boring?  Aaron sighed, resting his forehead on his folded
arms.  He didn't care that his teacher would see him.  She did, telling him to "Look
like you want to be here, Longacre."  And that he'd be seeing her for detention that
"I'm already there, Miss."  He said.  He'd been late for registration.
"Monday as well, then."
He nodded once before settling down to sleep again.  It was only maths.  He always
got no less than an A in exams, and that was all that mattered, right?  He'd tried
telling his mother that he didn't want to stay for sixth form, but did she listen?
The door slammed, and Aaron smirked into his arms as Salem casually strolled into the
classroom and sat next to him, not caring that he was at least fifteen minutes late.
"Alright, Aaron?"  He grinned, ruffling his own hair and splattering water onto his
friend, "It's raining cats and dogs out there...."
"It is in here, too...!"
"Fine."  Aaron looked up, pouting sulkily at Salem.

"SALEM, WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT FROM?!"  Aaron's words probably echoed down
the corridors several times over, and his friend clamped one hand over his mouth,
knocking him against the wall and holding him there.
"Shut it, Aaron.  You give us away and I'll be murdered."  Salem's growl, and the
warm breath on Aaron's cheek make him shiver a little, and he nodded soundlessly as
Salem released him, pushing him uncerimoniously into the English classroom that they
were to be spending detention in.  Luckily for them, no teachers would be
accompanying them.
"So."  Salem grinned devillishly, ruffling Aaron's obsidian curls, "Shall we begin,
mon ami?" He pulled the cork from the first of the six bottles of wine hidden in his
Salem was sprawled across the floor, playing with Aaron's hair as his head was rested
on his stomach.
"Y'know, Aaron?  I really like you..."
"Ilikeyoutoooooooo"  Aaron drawled, clearly less used to the effects of the wine than
Salem was.
"Shut up."
Salem grinned, rolling sideways so Aaron's head cracked on the wooden floor and he
let out a loud yelp.  The boy grinned, kneeling over his best friend.
"Shut up?"
He rolled his eyes, which didn't help with the already spinning world, and his head
fell down, pressing his lips to Aaron's hard.  Drink always did this to him...
His hands pinned Aaron to the ground by the shoulders, and he rested his chest on
his, taking the strain from his arms as he kissed Aaron, whether the feeling was
mutual or not.
Salem's mind, however, was put to rest when he felt Aaron's hands sliding around his
waist, pulling him closer.
God, their hangover would be horrendous....

The weekend, finally...  Aaron sat in his room, strumming quietly (very quietly) at
his guitar.  He felt terrible.  Kari had offered to wait on him all day since he'd
already thrown up twice and it was only two in the afternoon.  He only woke up at
half twelve...  There were three soft taps on the door, and his sister walked in with
a tray, a pale blue teapot and two matching cups on it, "I bought tea..."
Aaron smiled, pushing his guitar away, "You're brilliant."
Kari giggled and shrugged, "I know.  I could read you a story if you wanted, too? 
The Boy Who Drank Too Much?"
"I can take it all back, y'know..."
"But you won't."
"No, I know..."
Kari laughed, kneeling on the floor in front of him and putting the tea tray between
them, pouring the steaming liquid into the cups. "You fail at being angry at me..."
"So, you said Salem gave you wine?  How much?  And what did you do?  Just sit and
giggle to yourselves all evening?  You didn't get back until about eleven!"
"There were six bottles between us...  But..."  Surely he was imagining that?  "I
can't remember what happened..."
"Yeah, I am...."
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