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Sunday, 29 April 2012
08:51:49 AM (GMT)
Feel free to ask me questions. My email is: BanzaiProductions@ymail.com _________________________ Random XD http://youtu.be/EJVt8kUAm9Q _________________________ Here are a few from my tumblr: Anonymous asked: Do you have a teenie weenie bit of philophobia? (No offense meant at all!) (None taken!) I think I do, actually. ^^; My “first love” ended on a rather sour note and he used to be one of my best friends (second to only ChEsHiRe-K at the time), so the loss took a bit of a toll on me. It sort of made me realize how bad love can hurt someone. I tend to be a very cautious person. I won’t go into something unless I can predict the majority of the outcome or if I can determine it being good for me. There are guys that I see and I think, “Oh, he’s cute. And he seems nice and maybe he’s my type.” But I’m too afraid to talk to them because I get nervous about being very dull-looking and not to mention I get concerned that they might think I’m too “tomboyish” or “nerdy” for a girl. I was the girl in high school who was never asked out to Prom or dances, let alone been asked to dance, and I’ve never been asked out on a real date (not counting the ones with my “first love”), it’s almost like I have to be set up on dates or something. XD; In fact, I distinctly remember watching Special A with the rest of Banzai and watching the part where she got asked out on her “date.” I remember turning toward everyone else and saying, “is that how it happens?” And another reason is that I don’t know how it will affect me. I have an image in my mind of how I would address the situation and adapt it to my life, but how would it affect my academic goals? My career goals? My friends? (I’m reeeeeaaallllyyy attached to my friends—particularly Banzai) My family? My artistic goals? I just get so flustered thinking about it that I just skip along and say I’m happy being single. XD But I suppose if it’s right—I’ll be happy and everyone around me will be happy and I’ll still have time for what I love doing. And then there’s always the concern of if the guy is a good guy. I can imagine asking myself “does he like me for me or because I look pretty and play video games?” It’s just a step I’m having trouble taking and I don’t know what to do. ^^; But I feel like if I don’t take a step soon, I’ll end up a crazy cat lady. Wow, that was a very deep response from me. XD; ________________________________________________________________________ Anonymous asked: Anons all around! Would you like chocolate with that? Why yes I would, “anon.” XD _________________________________________________________________________ Anonymous asked: What's scarier? Zombies, ghosts, or zombie ghosts? Umm… Neither really seem scary to me… maybe ghosts because you can’t see them? __________________________________________________________________________ Anonymous asked: Do you like your anons, or are you somewhat indifferent to them? I do like my anons! You’re actually very well-behaved anons from what I’ve seen. XD (In other words, I haven’t come across anyone creepy.) _________________________________________________________________________ Advice on Cosplaying Anonymous:I'd been working on a costume for months when Sheila said that she was considering doing the same costume. I broke down in tears. I know cosplay's not a competition, that everyoen's unique, that costuming is an art, that sheila's amazing, and ... I couldn't bring myself to ever stand in that shadow. Can we bottle that amazing and sell it at cons? Sheila:When I first watched Durarara!! and decided to cosplay Celty... I was so excited and confident. I did all my costume research, bought what I needed to, made my helmet, painted it and in the meantime I fell in love with the character. The day after I finished my costume,THE DAY AFTER, photos were released on DeviantArt of this beautiful, perfect, gorgeous Celty Sturluson cosplayer. I was just so.... defeated. I felt so stupid. Like all that work and confidence was so obviously silly compared to her amazing photos. I didn't even know this cosplayer and she ate away all my will with a glance of her pictures. It took Sylar three days to console me into doing a shoot and putting up my photos. To this day whenever I see the other cosplayer’s Celty I feel this wriggling in my tummy, like I’m so small and childish compared to her. Cosplay is not a competition and I never consider it to be. Thats not what this hobby is about. But we put a lot of ourselves in our favorite characters and costumes. Thats a ton of work, love, money, effort into something. OF COURSE we are going to have irrational and possessive feelings, or insecurities when someone does something we love too. I will tell you one thing though Anon. NOTHING beats the feeling of having that costume on. My Celty may not be the best, my ears my suck and I may be inaccurate. But nothing makes ME feel better than having that costume on. Not even that glorious perfect Celty takes away from the utter joy I feel being a character I love. Do not let anyone (including me) take that magic away from you. That character is yours and you are them when you wear it. _____________________________________________________________________ Anonymous asked: (;° ロ°):Have you ever lost your wallet or purse? ღ: Post a gif of what you're currently feeling right now. 高: How often do you use headphones/earbuds? ⊙﹏⊙: Which horror movie scared you the most? If any? ᄇ:Have you ever broken a bone? (;° ロ°):Have you ever lost your wallet or purse? One time, when I was in the theater with the rest of Banzai (about to watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins), I had left my wallet in the seat behind me when we decided to move another seat. It had slipped my mind that I had done that, so when I checked for my wallet it was gone and I started panicking like crazy. XD Then I found it and felt like a derp. ღ: Post a gif of what you’re currently feeling right now. Recently, it’s been rough. Stress of several things have been weighing me down and I just want them resolved, already. : 高: How often do you use headphones/earbuds? Not very often. XD I only use headphones—never earbuds. I’m incredibly careful of my ears. ⊙﹏⊙: Which horror movie scared you the most? If any? I can’t think of one in particular, but I have to watch horror movies with someone. XD ᄇ:Have you ever broken a bone? No, I haven’t! I’ve only sprained an ankle and a finger. I consider myself very lucky. Hopefully that didn’t jinx anything… __________________________________________________________________________ joiweigand asked: Did you see my posts about the rabbit island? XDD I did. XD It was pretty funny. I also saw the ones about the cat island. *^* Now for some derpy videos! http://youtu.be/m2WQoC8WpSU http://youtu.be/gd6AVvkJ3cw http://youtu.be/kx4AAoFDgVU A 7 year-old boy with leukemia had a wish to become Batman. So “A Wish With Wings” foundation got together with the local police and fire department and made his wish come true. All My Feels http://youtu.be/HiYK-PeohHU http://youtu.be/y35LjKnJDZM
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