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I wish Christians would come up with a new name (By DoltForTheLulz)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 31 January 2012
07:25:59 PM (GMT)
(this is not by me, this is from DoltForTheLulz on DA (DeviantART) )


Seriously, I wish you good Christians--the ones of value and true faith--would devise
a way to call yourselves something different so that we can identify you from the
morons. I mean, really. Most of you people are like anyone else, but you have morons
who spout stupid shit that just makes your religion look like a brain washing factory
of retardation. 

I wish branding was still legal. Then we could just mark fucktards on the forehead
with giant "F"s. 

For "fucktard".

Edit: Now that I have your attention,

This applies to everyone. It just so happens that "Christian" is a really good topic
word for people to look. 

I aim this mostly at Christians, Atheists and Muslims--these guys for the fact that,
no, Muslims aren't just fucking terrorists. These three are what I see guilty of
ruining it for everyone the most.

"Super Christians, are the ones telling others they're going to hell and are
abominations of god because they're sinning and then turn around and whine and cry
about Christian persecution, because non-freaks don't agree with them. [Which is
always hilarious when I see the "Christian Persecution!" cry going on when the other
person in the argument is also a Christian.

Then there's the atheist assholes who forget that atheism isn't a religion or cult.
If you don't have a god you believe in, then good for you. I don't either, but leave
the fucking theists alone. What harm is it doing you? Science isn't a religion, stop
trying to convert people to evolution. 

Muslims...well, I'm not 100% on their ways, but I know the guy who owns the gas
station down the street is the nicest man in the universe. I don't see him bombing
any buildings. We can thank the fuck nuts for that misconception.

Stories of "I'm persecuted!" are unnecessary too. Why? Because persecution is to
everyone. Old people, young people, by skin color, by intelligence, by religion.
Shit, when I was in elementary school I was thrown off the top of a slide because I
looked like a girl and he thought it was nasty. So seriously, for every "they're
judging me!" tale, there's at least a billion more. Victimizing yourself...is not
going to solve the problem. 

Especially when we know it's because of these fucktards who take things too seriously
or think their opinions are facts that this shit happens. 

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I still say we brand 'em.

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