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The Key to my HeartCategory: (general)
Monday, 31 October 2011
06:48:34 PM (GMT)
Stripy and Red 
The key to your heart is stripy and red, symbolising a daredevil, fun and charming
soulmate. This person is just round the corner and in someways you feel a click with
them and in others you find them annoying. This person isn't a listener or speaker,
they are basically both. They are the sort of person who will ask if you are okay and
will give you surprises and compliments. This will complete you as you can be very to
yourself, kind, caring, well spoken and funny. If you believe this is the right key,
I suggest you slot it into your heart sooner or later .. 

The key to your heart is DARKNESS. You have a sad, hurt, broken soul that yearns for
attention but you have no wish to admit it. You are very rude but inside you have a
soft spot that stops you from doing any harm to people. You could be a good guy if
you tried...but it seems like that will never happen. You enjoy seeing people suffer
and have no guily conscience. You see the world as a black hole and have no use for
the people on the planet. Your mate will not be as mean as you but will be more like
you than you could imagine. Congratz!
Here's some stuff about you:
Animals: Black panther, black bear Jewel: Black Diamond Hair colour: Black with grey
streaks that goes down to your waist Eye colour: a dull grey Hobbie: lying down and
thinking Dresses: you usually dress in black from head to toe, you have no use for
fasion trends just black skirts, tops, and sometimes a dress
Last edited: 2 November 2011

piggy_friend says:   31 October 2011   210953  
And the name of this quiz?
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   31 October 2011   887627  
What does the key to your heart look like I think. 
piggy_friend says:   31 October 2011   902002  
Harder to love than anyone

You are harder to love than anyone - with a quick temper and hard
heart, you like to think that if someone kicked your heart they would
break a toe. Yuor true love will probablly be the same - only he/she
will make your temper explode the moment they open their mouths...but
you won't do anything to hurt them, because from the moment you saw
them, whether you realize it or not, you love them with everything
you've got.
piggy_friend says:   31 October 2011   707097  
My answer is so...
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   2 November 2011   923564  
piggy_friend says:   2 November 2011   875494  
The key to your heart has red, orangey, yellow flames designed on it,
symbolising a person who can be a bit hotheaded but keeps true reasons
to themselves. They are a nice, secretive and rather emotional
soulmate. This isn't a bad thing as it fits perfectly in your heart as
you can cure their pain by cheering them up when days are blue. They
are more a listener although when things get out of hand, they get
frustrated easily. You (like them) are also a listener. Give it a bit
of time before your relationship with them unwinds for they are
actually pure gold inside. 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   2 November 2011   945030  
piggy_friend says:   2 November 2011   878984  
How is that Patrick? 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   2 November 2011   739484  
♪We are making eeeeeeeevil plaaaans.♪ 
piggy_friend says:   2 November 2011   174070  
How in the world? 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   2 November 2011   122096  
Mmmmmm, but you don't know. 
piggy_friend says:   2 November 2011   263671  
I am confused 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   7 November 2011   482342  
piggy_friend says:   8 November 2011   162298  
You aren't helpful 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   8 November 2011   365491  
piggy_friend says:   8 November 2011   554625  
Why so many Piggys? 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   8 November 2011   412863  
piggy_friend says:   8 November 2011   802790  
So are pj's and you don't see me licking them 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   8 November 2011   201908  
piggy_friend says:   8 November 2011   734399  
Can't lick pj's? 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   8 November 2011   767858  
piggy_friend says :   8 November 2011   609242  


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