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people ranting about emoCategory: (general)
Thursday, 4 August 2011
09:15:52 AM (GMT)
okay so i keep seing all these rants about emo like how it sucks or it's just
teenage pussy drama. Seriously, grow up! Emo used to be a "band label" or rather a
type of music; and now it's developed into a sort of dressing style. Emo's are not
depressed people going around cutting themselves quoting Emily Dickens while
comtemplating how much their life sucks and they wannna die. Emo is style NOT
emotions. Emo is fashion, music, and what the hell a kind of style culture like Goth
or Punk.
If going arounf with pink mohawks flannel shirts chained jeans and clod-hopper that
are so high they might as well be stilts is a type of style and NOT a stereotypical
label for people who yell and and their head to much , then Emo can be a style too.
Same thing goes for Goth - of people can go around in all black or dark colors
wearing black make-up fancying a man who does around in womens clothing, then emo can
be a style too

And as for you urban-wearing brand-label jujmental people talking about how emo is
bullshit yet you go around in hoop earring showing your ass crack like it's something
everyone wants to see SHUT YOUR FUCKING TRAP and learn about something before you
judge it because your no better than anyone else. Oh and p/s emo boys arent fucking
pussies just because they show how they feel and more guys should show how
they feel instead of acting like theyre "all dat" or whatever shit you call it. As to
the girls who act that way and judge emo people you can all stuff it because boys may
wear skinny jeans and girl wear ripped tights but at least we dont go around showing
out ass cracks that nobody wants to see.

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