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Thursday, 24 February 2011
10:08:58 PM (GMT)
What do you do on your free time? photography, play a little on the guitar and piano, go on walks, do yoga, write some stuff, hang with the homies, drape myself dramatically across the couch and sing soulfully, you know, the usual. How old are you? fourteen. Are you still in school? i am indeed. Do you like where you live? i do, i do. but we could use better weather and a lot less rednecks. What is your favorite band? i definitely can't name just one. Have you ever been in love with somebody? i have, yo. Are you single or taken? flying solo. What happened with your last boyfriend/girlfriend? nothing really, apparently just didn't really fit together. Do you have a lot of drama in your life? eh, no. Do you like to party? naw. If so, what kind of parties? summer family and friends parties with sundresses and barefeet and Jimmy Buffet or the blues. Are you a fun person? i can be. Are you loved by many people? for a while there, that was obvious, but i don't really know. i can't seem to keep people close to me. Do you like your family? yeah, but they(i guess me too) are pretty kooky. Do you have any animals? si. two rabbits and three cats. If so, whats its name? and is it a boy or girl? they're all guys somehow. rabbits: furgus and kristofferson. cats: high five, martin, tucker. Are you a prep,jock,nerd,goth,punk,or a mix of everything? none of them. i seriously do not think my friends and i can fit into a clique. Do you like labels? naw, but we all use them. Who is your bffl? raina. and caitlin is probably right after her. Do you sing in the shower? naw. i sing everywhere else. What color hair do you have? naturally, blonde. fake, red-brown-blonde. Would you ever dye your hair to a different color? i have. i don't recommend it. Did/do you like high school? i do actually. preschool is of course waaay better though. Grossest thing you've ever ate? i ate cat food once, but that probably wasn't the grossest thing. Have you ever been kicked out of a place for being immature? almost. and i was humiliated though i had nothing to do with it. Would you consider yourself mature or immature? mature. and i hate it when people say, "you're only fourteen! every fourteen-year-old thinks she's mature!" oh, okay. Would you get back with your ex? naw. in fact, just today, i was contemplating why i would have gone out with him. i couldn't really figure it out. Would your ex get back with you? he might, actually. not to be cocky, but seriously, he acts like it. Are you poor,middle class, or fancy? middle class. Do you laugh a lot? ha, yes, at everything. not obnoxiously though. In your text messages to you say lol,lmao,hahah a lot? not lol or lmao, but yes, yes i do. What was your last serious talk with someone about? Um...i don't think i really had any serious talks lately. maybe when mrs. forister was telling me about how i could double up on geometry and algebra 2 next year. i don't know. Are you a fake or as real as they get? not as real as they get because i wear mascara and have dyed hair, but pretty dang close. Ever gotten plastic surgery? no. Every been in the emergency room? nope. If so, what for? blarblar. Day or night? day. but night is majestic. Do you think pot should be legalized in usa? i don't think i care. i don't what the consequences of it are exactly so, i don't believe i should be deciding this. Do you wear a lot of make up if your a girl? naw. mascara is the extent of my make up these days. Do you chew gum often? eh, no, i don't care for gum much. Do you brush your teeth every day? yep. Ever kissed a bad kisser? haha, no. If so, how bad was it? ... Can you eat a lot of food? no. but thanks for reminding me i'm hungry. Whats your favorite type of music? pretty much everything. no screamo or metal though, and only a handful of country is good. take the old country for example. Are you gay or straight or bi? straight. Do you like Obama? i do, i do. i mean, i haven't been paying attention to his actions lately, so. Are you a democrat or a republican? i'd say democrat. Ever stole anything? yes. but i returned it. there were these little cube thingies for counting. i was ridiculous. Whats your favorite store at the mall? wet seal or pacsun. claire's is pretty chill too. oh and now that new store in the mall, i don't know the name but it has animal hats and awesome stuff. What kind of cell phone do you have? tracfone. it loves me and i love it. classic love story. Xbox or playstation3? um. wii? c; Cod or halo? marioooo. yippee skippee! Whats your favorite movie?why? faaar too many. Do you like the dark? i actually do, yes. i'm still scared of it, sure. Tv or video games? i don't know, i don't really use either very often. let's go with tv, i guess. Cable or satellite? umumum. i don't know. this isn't my area. Ever been arrested? naw. If so, what for? breaking and entering. a dog house. Late or on time? usually early actually. Do you care to much? oh man, i totally do. Do you over think things? everything must be over-thought by me. Would you consider yourself a control freak? definitely not. Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? mhm. salad every day like a frickin' lizard. Are you on a diet? psh, heck no. Do you go to the gym? nope. Do you play a sport? If so which one? haha, stop, you're making me feel useless. What were you for this past halloween? a chick from the 60s. Lastly whyd you take this survey? because i love filling out surveys that no one but myself cares to read, i guess. c:

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