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Tuesday, 22 February 2011
11:57:00 PM (GMT)
Siting in the dark I look into the mirror the slither of light that dimly in the
background cast its light upon the reflection of me. Lost and numb, I search for
answers but only find nothing, just a reflection of me starring back at me. My heart
wiry, heavy, hurt and in pain, I reach out to my reflection only to watch it crumble
in to ash. I close my eyes and pray for the days we had but know it would not be the
same. I crumble a in the dark into ashes. Only the reflection of what were where only

‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   586819  
I will be honest.
This made me tear up.
Monkey, you are more important then you let your self believe.
I promiss you this.
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   377639  
Sorry...I try not to post. Only bring others down.
So I keep it to myself....except for this one @Iemo_goth 
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   458589  
You are not bringing me down.
You post what you feel, thats what I like about you.
Besides, posting this made you feel better, didn't it?
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   965665  
Thanks and yeah it does a bit. It helps stop this burning pain in me
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   342991  
/: I want to make it go away, for you... Tell me how?
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   597996  
Don't worry about it....being ash and crumbling isn't too bad.
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   421856  
Monkey, you are not and.. and crumble? (if that makes sence) Because,
why would I love and be able to talk to a cremated person?
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   866682  
yes you are talking to a ghost......booo
Awww... ok I just don't feel love like I use to. Its lost to me
Its something I guess I'm not suppose to have.
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   233146  
You do have it though... (:
Every one is supposed to have love..
Actually, I think no one is supposed to have love..
But its something we are addicted to wanting... 
BOO! I am a scaryeerrr ghost?!!!!
                         ^no idea what that means... xD
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   857187  
I guess...just a bit empty inside. Guess that how it suppose
To be. Don't worry I put on a smile...for everyone@Iemo_goth 
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   218351  
I am empty inside too, so I know how you feel. >->
And, why do you? If your not happy, why pretend?
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   703123  
Yeah...ok I'll stop see happy ^^
That's what I do...ppl think your happy
When you are actually slowly dying inside... 
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   545526  
Monkey, you know what my plan is for you to feel better?
Just take two hits of weed, you will be better.
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   349245  
LoL weed?
Naw... it ok...just took something to make me go 
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   444637  
Well it does work. 
I swear. (:
Because if it didn't why would I smoke it?
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   262045  
Weed girl... lol not for me.@Iemo_goth 
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   154165  
Stoner girl.
No make that professional stoner girl. (;
And alright, I am not peer pressuring you.
‹Monkey boy› says:   23 February 2011   201600  
Ok Dr. Stoner lol 
‹Extinct.Elmo.› says:   23 February 2011   768961  
But.. I'm not a doctor. D:
I don't have my doctors licence. I will be arrested if I do surgery on
‹Monkey boy› says :   23 February 2011   678865  
Then don't operate.. lol Dr. Of weed....hehe@Iemo_goth 


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