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I'm going to rant about society, sorry.Category: Things that suck
Monday, 10 January 2011
08:36:23 PM (GMT)
I hate the media. You don't even know. This is a list that's been going on for quite
some time in my mind.

1. The current insanity over Arizona. Yes, this guy is an insane idiot and should be
in jail for life. I'm not denying that it's absolutely terrible and disgusting. But
the amount of blame constantly being thrown around by various people throughout any
news channel since it happened is rediculous. "It's Sarah Palin's fault because she
made a metaphorical gun reference towards Democratic leaders." I don't agree with the
gun metaphors and such. But seriously? You're rediculous. It's like saying music
influences kids to have sex or do drugs. Nobody listens to a song about drinking and
says, "oh a song referenced that so I'mma go get drunk now." Referencing a gun isn't
going to be the thing to push some homocidal freak over the edge. The NY Times
literally said all Republicans are directly responsible for this guy (who is
completely anti-government, by the way) killing and injuring all these people.
Minutes after the whole thing happend, Rachel Maddow blamed Sarah Palin. YEAH 'CAUSE

2. My school. Stop hating on us damn it. Last year there was a murder in town. Two
seniors from my school were involved. People didn't like the school before that, so
this didn't really help. There were literally news vans and people interviewing
random bystanders for weeks. It was two kids. TWO. Out of eight hundred something.
They're in jail, it's still brought up in the news every so often, leave it alone.
the rest of the school isn't gonna go kill somebody. Yeah, I have a point here. I'm
in a slam poetry group with other people at school, and an intern is our advisor. If
you know the poem Howl by Allen Ginsberg, it's kind of inappropriate. It's recently
been made into a movie, which isn't nearly as vulgar as the original poem. We planned
to go see it, but decided to check with the school first 'cause they'd probably have
an issue with it. so they did. They said that with all the recent shit going on and
talk about the school, it could make our already shit "image" worse. RIIIGHT. BECAUSE

3. Everything else that I may or may not add on a later date.

Feel free to hate on this.
Last edited: 11 January 2011

‹Jess; THE shit› says:   10 January 2011   769810  
I agree with you.
Society sucks.
They make us believe that we are transcendentalists when in actuality,
they discrimminate against us if we don't meet their standards.
It's a load of bull shit, and the way that if you see a fucking movie
based off a poem ( that wasn't even that bad, it's educational with
all the vivid figuritive language actually has an educational purpose
to expand the way you look at poetry) is fucking insane. How would it
ruin your reputation?
Because society sucks.
fireonthemountain says:   11 January 2011   784575  
EXACTLY. You win for today. 
‹goodfornothing› says:   11 January 2011   682459  
i agree with everything you said except
It's like saying music influences kids to have sex or do drugs. Nobody listens to a song about drinking and says, "oh a song referenced that so I'mma go get drunk now."
music DOES influence kids to have sex and do drugs. the dialogue would be more understandable this way: "oh, a song written by ke$ha talks about getting twisted so i'm gonna go be like her because she's my idol" happens all the time. media has huge influences on teenagers.
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   11 January 2011   795864  
Not always true.
Most teenagers make their own dissisions, based on how they want to be
seen by society.
Music has nothing to do with it. 
And just because you might've thought that, doesn't mean everyone is
like you.
Again, this is a perfect example of judgments done by society. 
‹goodfornothing› says:   11 January 2011   199282  
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   11 January 2011   151256  
I hate to ruin, once again, a judgement you made, but I don't think
teenagers are innocent. I'm just saying the DON'T LET MUSIC INFLUENCE
‹goodfornothing› says:   11 January 2011   289521  
and i'm just saying you're wrong because a 2 minute google search
provided me with enough information to back an essay.
teenagers are the most heavily influenced of all age groups. of course
music influences us. 
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   11 January 2011   752481  
Not all of us.
Some actually don't give a fuck what society thinks, and what the
statistics show. ( a 2 minute google search implies that 78% of
statistics are made up)
it's people like you who fuck up society.
Most teenagers are influenced by their parents. 
fireonthemountain says:   11 January 2011   952781  
I've honestly never met anyone who has had sex/done drugs/anything
similar to that purely because of music referencing those things. It's
obvious that teenagers are easily influenced by a lot of things, such
as other people or whatever. Listening to a song about having sex
really won't inspire most people to go get laid.
‹goodfornothing› says:   11 January 2011   411001  
omg i can't even believe you.
what the fuck town do you live in? please tell me. 
omg seriously arguing with you is like arguing with a brick wall.
you don't know shit about people if you don't get that media
influences people.
most teenagers are influenced by EVERYTHING.

no offense saralyn but you live in a small town. i can see it so
apparently how much teenagers are influenced by everything, including
Prescription says:   11 January 2011   397836  
My town has about 8000 people..
They all act like 50 cent because it's cool.

Just sayin'.
‹Jess; THE shit› says:   11 January 2011   291764  
Arguing with you is almost as pointless as trying to teach a rock to
come to you.
I live in a town. A name? Chi-town. You know it as Chicago.
I know enough that I don't JUDGE people. Especially people who deserve
to be judged because they think they are fucking awesome and more
surreal because they live in New York.
Media is yellow journalism all over again. 
Prescription says:   11 January 2011   748375  
Media is what causes eating disorders.
Media is what makes ten year olds dress like gangsters.
Media is what causes teenage boys to be insecure because they're not
as strong as the guys you see in ads.

Maybe you're not effected by media. But an insane amount of the world

Prime examples?
Religious homophobia.

The list foes on.

Just keep in mind, most teenagers, are not you. 
Prescription says:   11 January 2011   509763  
affected.* c:
fireonthemountain says:   12 January 2011   578475  
This conversation is/was about music. Not the rest of the media in
the world.
Prescription says:   12 January 2011   753564  
Music basically still applies to all of that, as music takes on just
about ALL elements of the media.
‹Jess; THE shit› says :   12 January 2011   679276  
you have to remember that most teenagers are not YOU.
They aren't influenced by music. It's their PARENTS.
and someone up there said
"the dialogue would be more understandable this way:
"oh, a song written by ke$ha talks about getting twisted so i'm gonna
go be like her because she's my idol"

that's not what MUSIC did. Kesha did that. 

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