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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 6Category: Organization 13
Sunday, 2 January 2011
08:46:56 AM (GMT)

Just then, a figure walked down the steps and into the kitchen. Xiannon practically
jumped out of her skin, and turned to see that the figure was Vexen.
"Don't be afraid, it's only me" he told her.
Xiannon calmed down, and stood up, looking at Vexen.
"Are you ready?" she asked him.
"..Yes.." Vexen answered.
"Then lets go" Xiannon said seriously.

Xiannon and Vexen were walking through the woods, in a shallow river.
"This is sheer madness. When that man finds out about us, he'll kill us all! Have you
thought about that?" Vexen asked Xiannon.
"Are you afraid of him, Vexen?" Xiannon asked Vexen, stopping in her tracks.
"It's not fear... at least not for myself." Vexen answered Xiannon.
Xiannon was looking around the forest, and suddenly brought a finger to her lips,
signalling to Vexen to stay quiet. She looked all around, when a figure came walking
up to her. Xiannon jumped slightly, but calmed herself down when she noticed that the
figure was Dexion.
She held his face in her hands.
"Dexion! Dexion, my Brother!" she said, as she pulled Dexion into a hug.

Meanwhile, Arie was asleep in her new bedroom, when a shadow crept across her bed.
Lexaeus was now standing in her room, watching her. Arie woke up suddenly, and stared
at Lexaeus with wide eyes. She sat up in her bed, not taking her eyes away from
"You didn't carry out the task" Lexaeus told Arie.
"No. My Mother is sick" Arie told Lexaeus in a quiet voice.
"That's no excuse for negligence." he told Arie.
Arie kept still in her bed, looking slightly frightened.
"Look... this is a Mandrake Root." Lexaeus told Arie, pulling out a weird looking
plant from no where.
"A plant that dreamt of being human. Put it under your Mother's bed in a bowl of
fresh milk. Each morning, give it two drops of blood." he said, giving Arie the
Arie examined the plant, and put it down carefully beside her bed.
"Now, we have no time to waste. The full moon will soon be upon us." Lexaeus said
clasping his hands together.
"Take these with you, to guide you through" he told Arie, handing her a bag which had
Xena, Xiannon, and Vaproskiax in it.
"You are going to a very dangerous place, so be careful. The thing that slumbers
there, it is not human." Lexaeus warned Arie.
He carefully handed Arie an hour glass, which Arie took carefully.
"You will see a sumptuous feast, but do not eat or drink anything there. Absolutely
nothing. Your life depends on it." he told Arie.

Xiannon and Vexen were walking up a hill behind Dexion, heading to Dexion's camp.
They walked into a large cave, which was all lit up with fire torches.
"I've brought some Orujo, Tobacco, cheese. Mail for Frixie and Xanthe." she said,
handing out everything she had in her bag to all the men in the cave.
Vexen approached Xomasth, who was lying down on his back, and reading a book.
"Lets see how that legs doing, Xomasth." Vexen spoke, taking his jacket off and
sitting down beside Xomasth.
"How do you think it's doing? Its fucked up.." Xomasth mumbled, shutting his book.
Vexen nodded slightly, and rolled his sleeves up.
"Lets see." he said, extending his arms out to Xomasth's leg.
A stuttering voice soon put Vexen off, and looked over at Xanthe, who was trying to
pronounce the words on the newspaper he had recieved.
"...N-North American, British and C-Canadian troops disembark on a small beach, on
the North of F-F" he stuttered.
"'France' idiot..!" Frixie told Xanthe, taking the newspaper from Xanthe's hands.
"F-F-France..." Xanthe stuttered.
"More than 150,000 soldiers give us hope.. Under the command of General Dwight
D.Eisenhower..." Frixie continued to read out loud.
"Is it really bad, Doctor?" Xomasth asked Vexen.
"Look, Xomasth. There's no way to save it." Vexen told Xomasth.
He opened up his suitcase full of his Doctor equipment, and pulled out a saw. All the
men, and Xiannon, were huddled around Xomasth.
"I'll try to make it in as few cuts as possible" Vexen told Xomasth, holding the saw
on Xomasth's leg.
Xomasth nodded, and held onto Xiannon's hand in fear. Vexen was about to start
cutting at Xomasth's leg, when Xomasth spoke up.
"Wait a second Doctort, just a second." he pleaded.
He breathed in and out fast, looking at his leg in fear, and finally he looked over
at Vexen, and nodded his head.
Vexen nodded, and quickly cut into Xomasth's leg.

Arie was sitting at the edge of her bed, holding the book. She opened the book up and
turned a few pages. Strange illustrations of a pale human figure, herself, and a
large table full of food and drink.
"Use the chalk to trace a door anywhere in your room" she thought.
She shut the book, and began drawing a door on her wall, with the chalk.
"Once the door is open, start the hourglass. Let the fairies guide you." she thought
to herself.
She ran her hand along the stone wall.
"Do not eat or drink anything  during your stay, and come back before the last grain
of sand falls.".
She pushed against the wall, and suddenly that part of the wall that was surrounded
by the chalk line, opened like a door. Arie stared at the long corridor that was
behind the wall. She placed a chair down into the room, and pulled the bag of fairies
over her head. As she stepped onto the chair, she turned the hourglass and left her
room, into the hallway. She walked through the large hallway, and entered a sort of
Dining Room. She looked at all the foods that were spread out on the table. She
suddenly jumped out of her skin, when she got to the end of the table. A tall, pale
man with long, dark blue hair, and a cross on his face, sat still at the end of the
Arie looked at the man (Saix xD ), and noticed that he had no eyes. She then noticed
a small plate in front of Saix on the table. She lifted it up and brought it to her
face. On the plate were two eyeballs. She raised one eyebrow, and placed the plate
back down in front of Saix. She looked around at the ceiling, noticing illustrations
of this creature, eating small children. She started to breath heavily, and suddenly
noticed a pile of children's shoes over in the corner of the room. She opened the
bag, and out flew Xena, Xiannon, and Vaproskiax. They flew up to three niches in the
wall. Xena pointed to the middle door on the wall, after the three fairies had talked
amongst themselves, deciding which door was correct.
Arie took out the key that she had took from the Toad's stomach. She was about to
turn the key's lock in the middle door, but took the key away from the door.
"No... this other one..." she mumbled, placing the key in the lock of the left hand
side door. She turned the key, unlocking the door. she brought out a large knife from
the door, admiring it. She walked away from the three niches in the wall, and looked
back at Saix. Arie walked alongside the table, looking at the food on the table. Arie
was about to eat a grape from the table, but Vaproskiax flew infront of her, warning
her not to eat it. Arie shooed Vaproskiax away, she couldn't resist, since there was
rations going on back where they stayed. She took one grape from the table, and
placed it in her mouth, eating it happily.

Suddenly, Saix's hands twitched as he started to 'come to life'. He moved his hands
and picked up the two eyeballs which were on the plate infront of him. He shoved the
eyes into two holes in the palms of his hands. He brought his hands up to his face,
and used his hands to look around, splaying his fingers like peacock feathers.
He noticed Arie, who hadn't noticed Saix, eating yet another grape. Saix had now
gotten off of his seat, and was now walking slowly towards Arie, whilst the three
fairies were screeching at the tops of their voices for Arie to run away. Suddenly
the three fairies launched themselves at Saix, attacking him. Arie turned around and
looked at Saix, unable to move from fear.

(Continued in the next chapter >:3 )

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