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Saturday, 11 December 2010
12:55:40 AM (GMT)
Who is the person that txt's you alot? manuel. Who is the person/people that is/are your besties? raina. Who is the person that cheats in class all the time? uh, haha, me. just kidding. i don't actually know. Who is the person that is the class clown? manueeel. Who is the person that really irritates you? allison. Who is the person that is really cute? manuel. c: Who is the person that is a perv? cody. Who is the person that you think hates you? i don't think anyone exactly hates me...maybe josh though. Who is the person that secretly likes you? i think don. Who is the person that is straight up bitchy? allison. Who is the person that you hang out with most of the time? at school mostly maggie, out of school mostly manuel. or my sister. Who is the person that you are dating? manuel. Who is the person that makes you laugh? manuel, jesse, maggie, caitlin...there's a lot of people that crack me up. Who is the person that can't fight? uh, well, we can all fight. but i don't fight with my friends. Who is the person that is always on the computer 24/7? haha, no one that i know of. Sprite or Root Beer? sprite. Do you have close friends? we should be close by now, i don't know if we really are though. Are you in love? not yet. Taken or Single? taken. What is the color of your comforter? black, white, pink. What are you wearing right now? blue mixed and matched pajamas. Did you do anything this past month? uh, yeah? baha, what they heck? c; When is your birthday? july twenty-second. When was your first kiss? non-existent. Do you like school/work? sometimes. Where do you think you'll live in 10 years? um, not sure. hopefully, away from here. c; What's your favorite food? tres leches cake. What drink do you hate the most? grapefruit juice. What drink do you like the most? chocolate milk. What food do you hate? grapefruit. Have you ever been asked to a dance by someone? haha, yes. Do you like reading? eh, sometimes. What are you looking forward to next month? nothing yet, ahaha. um, new year's i suppose. What is your most prized possession? i'm drawing a blank. Do you secretly hope that a specific relative will die? nono. Do you know you have mold growing in the refrigerator and do nothing about it? what, no. Have you ever been attracted to someone very unattractive? no. Would you prefer to sleep with your dog than anyone else? i don't have a dog, haaa. Would you eat a cow eye for a price? lord, no. If the walls could talk, what would they say about you? they'd say that i am pretty dang interesting. Do you secretly pick your scabs? not secretly, i just pick my scabs. What would your best friend be surprised to know about you? i'm adopted. just kidding. she knows like everything, she wouldn't be surprised. Do you think males and females can be friends? definitely. What technological device could you not live without? either mp3 player or phone. normally, phone wouldn't be on there, but i hardly get to talk to manuel otherwise. If you could have been born in any year, what year would it have been? uh, probably sometime in the sixties. ha, no i don't know. Would you like to be famous? eh, i can't decide. Have you ever drank pickle juice straight from the jar? ew. no i have not. Do you lie about your weight? haha, sometimes. but i really honestly haven't weighed myself in forever, so i have no idea anymore.
Last edited: 12 December 2010

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