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Is it a crush-or do you just admire them? whore...Category: (general)
Tuesday, 23 November 2010
10:33:06 PM (GMT)
probably just admire-unless i really am just  desperate whore lol xD
today was last day of school-now we're no break......yay....
1 block-normal...
2 block-normal...
Lunch1-normal-oh-talked to that one guy who is smart lol :B
Lucnh 2-(Yeah , I have 2 lunches...whut of it???? lol I never eat at either tho xD
wuts the point?! XD) normal-England went with me to go get mah manga for manga club I
have to read-(Which i'm finished reading already-...ehh... I..honestly---don't really
like it :B)
On the way to band-(ok FIRST OFF-you should know I carry ALL of my stuff with me-in
my locker the only thing there is is my backpack-scarf-and that-because i'm not
suppose to have them with me-but i carry around all my stuff because i'm always
afraid i'll forget something-and i don't have a bag so is like a livnig hell
constantly e__e" trying to carry all that shiz around ok! XD) I had all my crap w/me
(of course) and I was talking to England -and you see, theres these 3 people who are
always outside the choir room singing and lpaying the guitar and this really nice
girl saw all my stuf stacked up and me carrying it and she instantly stood up and
asked if I needed help-nrmally i'd decline-feeling like a jerk if i made someone help
me-but she insisted, so  shee took the bottom half while i picked up the half on top
and we walked together into  the band room talking.
"I feel like such a jerk."-me.
"Don't be! It's fine really!haha I feel like such an intruder"-her
"haha-oh yeah! You guys did really good at pratice last night!"-me
"heyy who's that-why's she heree??"-Paul
"Oh hey guys-this is our new Tenor Saxophone player right here, say hello."-me
"YESSS!!! hahahaaa"-her
"well, I normally sit over here so we can just set my stuff down there"-me
"Thanks for helping me."-me
"No problem! anytime~"-her
this made my day (:
I love how nice some people are <333
Band- hahahaaa yeah-he was there...again... so halp me gawd Michael-you don't move
your shizz im'ma stick it so farr up your-
This guy..... this fat emo kid guy- ....
"Hey who's that on your shirt?"-Paul
*reading mah shirt*-Paul and fatkid who's name E'scapes me. ( so lets call him Celia
"Oh-Isn't that-that David Bowie guy?"-Celia
8'0 !!!! "!!! YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHO DAVID BOWIE IS?!?!?!"-me
"uh yeah-didn't he play that one guy from Labyrinth?"-Celia
"My god-I think I love you...Come here-Let me hug you..."-me
(my god-now that i think about it-I now know why he didn't let me hug him-I was
acting like an Effing CREEPERRR. lol!
"-hey what's this?"-Paul (the guy who talks bout sex all deh time ;0 )
"WHOA?! WHAT IS THIS?!?!"-Celia
"uhhhhh-oh!.. My pencil sharpener.....why does everyone get so fascinated by it?
guess wut?
my musics missing.
and I don't think anyone would take it so yeah.
we got to color turkeys andwrite what we're thankful for on 'em.
1. School.
3. Carpet
(and I had actual reasons for each (: )
4 block-gym-ewey-dodge ball-we didn't go to the weight room today thank bowie-OHH
"Brittnieee-I think David Bowie is telling me the bells gonna ring here soon"-Little
religious gurl
"whatt?!? HAHAHAAHAHAAA"-me
*annoucments-Bell rings*
"I think he was right"-her.
and i've been finding myself rather 'attracted' to many different people lately-I
seriously think i just admire a lot of people-not "crush" on them or whateverr.
play practice went the same for the most part.
some girls got yelled at );
next play-I'm gonna try my best to do something bigger! I wanna be more active in
this kind of stuff...but I guess I really am shy ..sometimes..
I said Hi  and talked to Transylvania (:
Said Hi to Kairi and told her they did really good.
Sister Sealand said my one friend looks like me-haha i don't think so but i told my
friend that and she was all"YESS, I'm mini you. that's so cool." (:
and then when me and sealand were leaving I said "BYE KAIRIII~!"
"Bye Britt-..bye Britt's sister..- I forgot her name..."-Kairi.
"Bye Mini Brittnie!" -gurl next to Kairi lol (:
and the candyman sat a seat away from me which made me giggle lol xD
I love his voice~ <333
Starting to love music again~<333
Im'ma start reading his books tomorrow :D
and I REALLY wanna go see Harry Potter part 1 but probably won't seee it until like
after a month it's been released on DVD.
and Monday-when we played "moonball" basically-matt ball but 'stead of kicking it-you
hit the ball with a bat.
it was funn-i actually tried and..for some reason..everyone even a few guys kept
putting their hand on my back...wth?
this concerns me....
gah anwyays~! when i was on /running to bases with a big group of people some GUY
just SERIOUSLY threw a ball at us-he thought we were gonna run-yeah right-NOT ME XD
but i ended up laughing 'cuz i did my man yell/scream xD
and then the next base we all got on together-the little religious girl was sitting
down and i didn't know/seee here so when i steeped back i tripped over her and fell
back on  bunch of my teammates XD haha good times 
anyways that was my day/
now time to sit and do nothing till' school starts back up again ;x

‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   24 November 2010   670928  
I knew it. Every guy in your school is secretly in like with you ;u;
Biihtei says :   24 November 2010   572893  
@  KawaiiKoneko  :
lol I SERIOUSLY doubt that!
pshftt and even if anyone of them DID like me-I wouldn't be surprised
that they didn't wanna talk/ask me out 'cos i used to be a big jerk
about stuf like that-and i think for the most part-everyone remembers
it xD
but i'e changed for the greater good since then-basically-i'm just
weirder and shyererrrrr now. xD 

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