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Saturday, 18 September 2010
09:51:46 PM (GMT)
Do you currently have feelings for anybody?

Is there someone you'd like to hang out with and just talk with?
No thank you.
I have Zach here for that. 

Last time you saw an ex of yours?
It's been awhile. 

Do you hate the last person who called you?

Who were you with the last time you went to the movie theater?
I don't even remember. 

Have you told anybody you loved them today and meant it?
Oh yeah. 
I mean it everytime I say it. 

Do you hate when people call you when you're sleeping?

What was the last drink you had?

Did anything annoy you today?
Yeah my boobs hurt. 

If your ex was in trouble and you were the only one that could help him/her, would

Have you gave up on someone?
Not recently.

Do you believe ex's can be friends?
Some can, some can't.

Were you single on your last birthday?

Do you care if people hate you?
Depends on the people.

Last person you kissed, have you had sex with them?
We live together lol.

How many texts are currently in your outbox? 
I don't text on my phone but on Zach's. 
And he has a BlackBerry so there's like 256894535 texts in his phone lmao.

Do you think you could be with someone for over four years?

When is the last time you actually hung out with your first friend on your top?
Too damn long.  
I miss my Fefe!

Hows your relationship between yourself and your parents? 

Where is the person who has your heart at the moment? 
On the computer in the spare bedroom. 
He's doing schoolwork and I'm in here killing time waiting for him. 

If you were kicked out of your current residence whom would you call? 
My brother.

Do you like liars? 

Do you think money buys happiness? 
It can buy a form of happiness, but true happiness you create yourself.

Has anyone told you they would never leave and left? 

Have you ever thrown a shoe at someone? 
I'm sure I have.

Do you like to have long hair or short hair?

Could you go a month without cursing? 
I could but it would be quite a challenge.

Would you ever get a tattoo? 
Sure why not?

Let me guess, your last incoming call was from the opposite sex? If so who? 

How many bracelets do you have on right now? 

Is there a girl that knows everything or almost everything about you? 

Do you prefer drinking water from a bottle or from the sink? 
Bottled water.

Think back to this time last year, were you happy? 

Where is your phone? 
My lap.

If you were on life support, would the last person you kissed come see you? 

Do you believe in kissing when you're not together yet? 

Has anyone said they love you in the last week? 

Do you trust all of your friends? 
No, not even.

If you were pregnant, who would you tell first? 
The daddy.

Someone tells you that your beautiful, you say? 

Whens your birthday? 
March 25th.

If you magically popped a baby girl out of your vagina right now, what would you
name her?
Jakobe Ariana.
Pronounced Juh-Kobie Air-Eee-Onna.

What are you wearing? 
White sweatpants, a black teeshirt, and white & pink socks. Oh and a lime green bra.
It's Saturday, who cares.

Do you believe in love? 

Do you or did you have a wall up protecting your heart? 
I do normally. 

The shirt your wearing, where did you get it? 
Ex girlfriend lol.

Can you play pool? 
Nah, I suck.

How many pillows do you sleep with? 
Well four and then there's Zach lol.

Do you wish you had an older, protective brother? 
I have two.

Do you think you will ever be married? 

What would you do if you received a long love letter? 
Depends on who it was from.

When was the last time you were truly, completely happy with your life? 

Do you still talk to the FIRST person you kissed?
Hell no.

Has the last person you kissed, met your family?
The family I talk to still yeah.

Have you noticed that EVERYONE is 'bisexual' these days? 
No people just say that to get attention. 
I'm bisexual. 
But not because I want guys to like me. :P

Has the last person you kissed said they love you in the last week? 
He tells me all the time.

Are you mad at anyone? 

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