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Sunday, 5 September 2010
02:42:02 PM (GMT)
 1.)Your name?

chromeo-asher isn't defined yet. 
fuck that.

just asher.

A rare male first name. There are very few Ashers in the U.S., although it is popular
in Arabian countries. Ashers' are: wise, creative, strong, and friendly. People named
Asher are affectionate, seek harmony, and virtuous- with single mindedness they
strive only for the general good. Asher's are extremely good looking and attractive
in nature, possessing a certain charism. Very inquisitive and full of energy, Ashers'
are unique and special people. Ashers' possess a spirit of determination and strong
will. Asher is also a place in Israel Meaning: happy, blessed, fortunate, or lucky.
Masculine Origin: Hebrew Biblical: Asher in the Old Testament was the son of Jacob
(his 8th son) and Leah's handmaid Zilpah (her 2nd son) and was the ancestor of one of
the twelve tribes of Israel. Asher was promised a life blessed with abundance. The
name was brought into English by the Puritans. In the past critical scholars
conjectured that the name referred to a male counterpart of the goddess Asherah with
a name cognate to the Assyrian god Ashur although no evidence of such a deity has
been found and the latter name is derived from a different root 

1. "What is your sons name?" 
"Oh, I love the name Ashton!" 
"no, AshER." 

2. "That was pretty daring of you, you must be feeling Asher today."

2.)Your age?

Legal age for fucking in the UK.

1. Woohoo! I'm 16! Now I can go and get my brains fucked even more by some guy. 
2. Shit, now I can't fuck guys over threatening statutory rape after they fuck my
brains out. 
3. Woohoo! My girlfriend turned 16 today. Now I can fuck her brains out in front of
the cop shop! and give them the finger at the same time! ...Next day: *knock at door*
"I'm afraid we're going to have to take you to the station for indecent public
behaviour, and for having sex with a minor - she turned 15 yesterday, not 16" ...
"Shit, the fucking bitch slut!"

3.)One of your friends?

A guy who acts shy but actually has a big penis
that guy is quiet, but he's a martin


5.) Favorite color?

The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked
in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490

The sky is blue.

6.) Birthplace?

Great cars, great beer, great guns (Heckler und Koch ring a bell?) Great ally of the
United States. Defeated in two world wars, but due to a few mistakes. Was divided in
half, with Berlin (which was in East Germany) also divided in half. Used to be Nazi
Germany, before that the Weimar Republic, before that the German Empire, before that
the Holy Roman Empire, before that the German Confederation... etc.

Germany kicks ass with its badass guns.

7.) Month of your birth?

beginning of spring and babies are born. Everything starts turning green. 
" It must be march there's freaking babies everywhere!"

8.) Last person you talked to?

A fucking goddess. 
You couldnt describe her with anything but perfect. Beautiful, and smart. Will
Succeed above anyone and anything. She is envied by everyone, she will suprise you in
anyway.She is amazzing in bed and is Deliciously sexy. She is who you want to be. 

I want to be a kayla.
i do.

9.) One of your nicknames?

he sexy and a lady man.
sweep you off your feet. 

that was amazing.
Last edited: 5 September 2010

myworld says :   19 September 2010   248229  
why haven't we heard of this before?

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