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The Legend Of Heroes: Chapter 1Category: Fantasy-Adventure
Tuesday, 17 August 2010
10:17:18 PM (GMT)
It was a cold and rainy night. The pitter-patter of rain hitting leaves was the only
thing you could hear in the forest. No crickets, owls, or honking cars in the city
just beyond the low brick wall. All the animals were sheltering in burrows, trees,
bushes, anything to keep them relatively warm and dry. In the middle of the forest,
there is a great oak tree. There is also a large hole near the base of the tree.
Inside are a couple of furry winged creatures huddled together for warmth. They were
two little foxes that had been born with wings. One of them was a bright fiery orange
with brown paws, silver wings, a white belly and tipped tail, and had two black
antennae coming from it's head. The other was a darker orange with black paws, white
wings, and a black stripe running from the top of it's muzzle right to the tip of
it's tail. They had come to the forest in hope of refuge.

  In the morning, the sun was shining, the stormy gray rain clouds were replaces by
puffy white ones, and the forest was shimmering from the remaining raindrops. The
animals were waking, and were cheerful to see the sun again. In the oak tree, the
foxes were stirring too. They stood up, stretched, and shook water from their pelts.
As they came out of the tree, they realized the sun was up. "Mmmhhh... Morning?" said
the darker one, rubbing her deep green eyes at the surrounding brightness. "Sigh,
yeah. I'm glad it stopped raining." said the other one, taking in a deep breath. Her
eyes were a golden copper color that sparkled in the sunlight. "So, what do you want
to do today Hikaiki?" she continued. "I dunno Kinra, what can we do?" Hikaiki replied
with a sad look on her face. Kinra understood why she was sad, because she had the
same question. "Come on, lets get some water." Kinra said, hoping they would think of
something while they drank. There were plenty of puddles due to the rain last night,
but they wanted slightly cleaner water from a nearby river. As they drank, they could
feel many eyes on them. They could hear the other animals whispering about them.
"What are they?" "I've never seen creatures like that before." "Mommy, why do they
have wings?" "Shhh! Don't point!" "I wonder where they come from." Kinra looked over
at Hikaiki and saw tears welling up in her eyes. "That's enough!" Kinra spat at them.
Her teeth were bared and her fur bristling, challenging anyone who dared say more.
The animals were so frightened that they took off, leaving Kinra and Hikaiki alone by
the river. "I knew it! Coming here was a mistake!" Hikaiki sobbed. "Don't worry,"
Kinra sat beside her and wrapped her tail around her body. "It's times like this
where we must show that we are strong." Although she said it, Kinra knew the words
were false. She felt the same as Hikaiki. "But what will that do? We might show them
that we're strong, but we'll still feel hurt on the inside!" Hikaiki said. Kinra knew
she was right. Even though she was furious at the animals for hurting her best
friend, she felt her same pain underneath. "I know. Maybe if we give it time, they
might be friendlier." "... Maybe." Hikaiki said. That seemed to make her feel
better, Kinra thought. But after today I'm not so sure. "Let's go for
a walk. We should try to get used to this territory so we know where everything is."
Kinra suggested.

So they wandered around, noting every tree, bush, stream, and burrow. As they came to
a clearing surrounded by pine trees and bushes, they started hearing strange shouting
from a distance. "Quick! Up in the tree!" Kinra hissed, jumping onto a thin branch in
the nearby pine. As Hikaiki followed, the sound became louder and louder and some
strange creatures came bursting from some bushes to the left of the tree that they
were in. "What are those things?" Whispered Hikaiki, crouching on the branch. "I
dunno, but they sure are noisy." Kinra replied. The creatures were bigger than them,
but not by much. They had pinkish skin,had hair only on the top of their head, walked
on their hind legs, and had these strange things covering their bodies. They were
shouting things to each other that Kinra couldn't understand, and suddenly as one of
them turned around against the tree Kinra and Hikaiki were in, the others wildly
scrambled into various bushes and behind trees as the one at the tree shouted more
things in their strange language. Kinra was so intrigued by them, she didn't hear
Hikaiki's warnings. "Kinra, I think the branch is breaking!" Crick "We're too
heavy!" Crackle "Snap out of it!" CRACK! The branch broke, and they
landed with a thud on the forest floor below.
Last edited: 27 August 2010

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