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Tuesday, 27 July 2010
10:26:29 PM (GMT)
It was probably the stench of blood that first attracted them to the countless
corpses laying within the old house. That, or the countless bodies buried in the
yard, along with the scattered dismembered body parts throughout the forest. Days had
passed since the old man had visited to deposit more bodies, possibly even a week,
and the elves had no intentions of waiting until he returned to kill him. They were
hungry, and refused to wait any longer for the old coot. 
With a practised stealth the elves glided though the forest, landing on branches deep
within the foliage of the trees, keeping them selves hidden, yet making no sounds
from impacting the leaves, it simply looked and sounded like a summer breeze was
sweeping through the forest.
Landing on the doorstep with a dulled thud, Rorick looked at his surroundings. It was
a dark forest, with a single two story home in the centre of a large clearing. There
was a small path leading up to the house through the woods, and a rusted metal gate,
formerly used to keep people out, but Rorick could look at it and tell it could no
longer hold out a mouse.
Without even looking, Rorick motioned to the trees, causing three other tall thin
figures to appear out of the forest, two females, and a smaller male. It was obvious
to anyone who looked that Rorick was the alpha male of his clan. He was the one who
lead all the fights, he was the one who went into things first, he was the one who
put the needs of the others before himself.
“Rorick, hurry up, we are all starving here! I could eat vegetables at this
point.” A tall female with long black hair was staring at Rorick and tapping her
foot silently. Her face was twisted with impatience, but her eyes showed care and
love for the elvan leader in front of her... Mellas brother.
Without even acknowledging that she had spoken, Rorick pushed through the door,
causing it to fall right off the hinges. With a sigh, Rorick simply moved the door
aside and started to stare at the sight before him.
The house, was filled with bodies. Bloodied decomposing corpses lined the
floor,stacked in the corners, surrounded the table... 
“So the old coot was into butchery was he?” Mella was staring at the table with a
bemused grin on her face. 
“Honestly Mella! Your antics can wait until after the feeding!” Rorick was
looking at her with a cheeky grin. “Though....of course, you could always butcher
and then eat the meat...”
Mella wasted no time in excepting her brothers proposition, instantly skipping
cheerfully across the room and slamming the nearest dead body onto the table causing
the victims already broken leg to push its way through the flesh, and even the
clothes.... Though that had hardly finished happening before Mella was wielding a
large meat cleaver, heaving it at the woman chest, instantly severing her right
bosom from her cold body.
Rorick stopped to watch for a few seconds before Ashkrin and Reepa went and chose a
spot to feed. The two done everything together. Mates. Every elf Rorick had ever met
had a mate, even he did. But his mate...
“Rorick! Eat. Now.” Mella was glaring over at him while blood dripped from her
chin, actually her entire body was covered in blood.. 
Rorick nodded, slipping over to the nearest corner and tearing into the nearest body,
ripping though the victims spine like it wasn’t even there just to get to the flesh
beneath. Roricks entire body roared in satisfaction when the first handful of flesh
reached his mouth, the icy blood running through his fingers, the meat slipping down
his throat into his stomach
It was probably around twenty minutes before any of the elves showed signs of ending
their frenzy, Mella was resorting to sorting out body parts, she had began going
around and ripping the tongues out of the bodies, and depositing them in a skull.
While Ashkrin and Reepa were lounging atop of a rather large pile of corpses, feeding
each other eye balls that they had saved from their share of the victims.
Those two never ate the heads... Said the didn’t like the way brains tasted.
“Awe! They’re so cute!” Mella was sat next to Rorick as they watched the young
mates. “Reminds me of You and....”
“Mella! I though we agreed we wouldn’t talk about him?! It makes me miss him
“Alright, alright, I’m sorry Rorick, don’t rip my head off!”Mella had started
playing with the hair belonging to the body of a young girl. “She is so pretty...
Looks kind of like Sunas....” Mella proceeded to clench her fist as she closed her
eyes, trying to block out the unwelcomed memories.
“Mella..... Mella calm down...” Rorick placed a calming hand on his sisters back,
rubbing small circles to calm her, though it didn’t work. Mella squeezed her eyes
shut and started grinding her teeth. In a fit or rage, Mella took a large portion of
the pretty blonde girls hair and ripped it straight out of her head, and
threw it against the wall with a head splitting yell, running right past he brother,
she stormed into a hallway that was on the side of the room, which was fallowed by a
large slam, and the sound of wood splinters hitting the floor.
“We should definitely let her calm down until morning...” The two mates had
stated together while curling up in the nest of bodies they had just made. The two
made a cute couple... blood soaked, yet always so cuddly...

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