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Chapter 25Category: Sam & Meaghan Stuff
Thursday, 15 July 2010
08:33:09 PM (GMT)
Okie Dokie Here We Go Again

Chapter 25: Goodbyes Are My Favourite Thing
			I watched as everyone gathered outside house two to say goodbye. Winry had left
earlier in the morning, biding me farewell after asking many questions about my
repairing powers.  And thus it was now time for, Aki, Cedric, Jin, Mikino and Rin to

		There was only one problem...

yelling as he held onto my leg. I stood there annoyed, but not even bothering to
shake him off.

		"Cedric!" Aki yelled, but master laid a hand on her shoulder.

		"No Aki. I can see this will be difficult. Okay Cedric you can stay, but ONLY for a
few more weeks. Anymore and I will come get you personally." Master said. I had kinda
expected this. Master and everyone where too tired to fight about anything. I also
knew Sam, Ed and Ryoki's jaws would drop at hearing this.

		"YAY! I get to spend more time with my future father in law and wife!" Cedric
cried. I kicked him off my leg then, not caring if he got hurt, I sure as hell
wouldn't care for him.

		"WHO SAID I'D MARRY YOU?!!!!!" I yelled, hitting him repeatedly over the head.

		It was then when Aki ran to Ryoki and hooked herself around his neck. "Well then if
he gets to stay! Then I want to stay with Ryoki!" Aki cried, clutching him
desperately as he 
desperately tried to push her off. But master took her off and I could hear what he
into her ear.

		"But dear, you have no reason to stay anymore. We both know that since you came
here, you have fallen in love with someone else. Another that has protected you. With
blonde hair
and a metal arm, but you know you cannot have him because he loves another. What
reason is there to stay?" Master asked Aki, who gulped and looked shocked. Personally
I knew she liked him, why else would she hang onto him in the past few weeks?

		Mikino and Jin came running at me then. WTF Why did everyone wanna stay with ME?!
"If they get to stay then we do too!!! It's not fair to take us back when our master
just woke 
up!" They cried together. Wait WHAT?! MASTER, WHO THE HELL WHERE THEY 
CALLING MASTER?! “Master Meaghan can teach us more than you ever will anyways old
man!” Oh that’s what they meant by Master... I was a Master to them in skills.

		Master snapped his fingers then and people dressed in black came and took Mikino,
Jin, Rin and Aki away to the car. Leaving a giddy fool named Cedric smiling and
climbing onto my back like a monkey.
		Aki hung her arm out the window of the car and waved goodbye to everyone. And once
they were all gone, we suddenly jumped for joy.
	“YES! Ryoki’s annoying sister isn’t here anymore!” Ed cried, it looked like
he would cry. That’s how happy he was. Sam laughed and turned to go back into the
house. That left me Ed, Ryoki and Cedric standing outside.
	And for some odd reason Ryoki was glaring at Cedric with such intensity that Cedric
began to shake, tears coming out of his eyes. What was wrong with him? Making
Ryoki’s attention go back to me, I glared at him until he had a nosebleed, but
maybe it wasn’t actually my eyes that did it. Maybe my healing powers decided to
pop out because they felt that I wanted to use them. Either way it was hilarious. 

	“Don’t be a pissy asshole you pedophile!” I called to him. I turned on my heel
then, dragging Cedric and slammed house two’s door.
	“Meaghan?” Dad asked me as I threw Cedric onto the couch. I sighed and grabbed a
cup from the kitchen.
	“What do you want?” I asked. My father grabbed a cup for himself and turned on
the hot water, oh so he wanted tea all of a sudden?

	“Do you remember anything?” He asked me. I looked up at him and smiled a devious

	“No, it went just as we planned. Thank you dad. By the way, when did Uncle Umeda
Leave?” I asked, pouring the tea into our cups. My dad laughed and stirred his tea
with milk until it turned a nice light color.
	“He left earlier this morning, earlier than Winry in fact. He said the mountains
in North America were calling him for work and other...stuff.” My dad told me. I
laughed and sipped my tea, knowing what other stuff meant. He was probably looking
for that guy he saw last year on vacation in that part of the world. He probably
wouldn’t find him though.

	The door opened, but me and my dad didn’t turn to look at who it was as we
laughed. But we stopped when we realized my dad didn’t have his mask on.
	“Quick!” He whispered to me. I turned around to face the person, almost knocking
my tea over. There stood Sam and Ryoki. My dad turned around when he had a drama mask
on, one side was happy and laughing, the other side was frowning. It made me wonder
where his phantom of the opera mask was. Because Jenji never went without his masks
around other people that weren’t our family members. 

	“Uh...” Sam said, staring at us blankly as we stressed out laughter. Ryoki just
stared too, completely forgetting that he had a nosebleed. 

	“Oh hey Sam, what’s going on? We were just having an...inside joke!” I said,
hurrying to cover up our tracks. Sam lifted a finger.

	“B-but I could have sworn I just...” Sam wondered to herself. I walked across
the room, slapping her on the back while laughing. 
	“Nice imagination you have their buddy.” I said, still trying to laugh. Sam held
her hand for a few seconds more before she followed me out the door. I left as fast
as I could because like me, my father hated Ryoki. And I could just feel his death
glare on Ryoki, the cold dead atmosphere. 


	I looked at the clock, finally midnight. My dad and I had come up with something,
but we could only work on it at night and the others couldn’t find out about it. 

	My dad and I had been studying ancient Alchemy books, and tonight Ed was going to
join us. We were looking at powers that might be useful to use against Lycans, good
long holding ones. Also a spell that could lead us to their lair. Even though I could
just torture that lycan we had locked back up at the academy. 

	I laid out the books in the candlelight of my living room when Ed entered the room.
He was the only person either than me, Master and my family to see my dad without his
masks. Which could be weird after you got used to him with his masks.

	My dad had short hair that seemed to defy gravity, and stood up like it’d been
gelled. He had a huge scar from his left eye to his jaw, it wasn’t awful looking
though. It healed enough that it looked almost natural. That is if everyone had a
scar like that. His eyes were brown and judgemental.

	“Hey.” Ed said, setting down a candle that he had used to see outside.
Flashlights were too bright and would probably wake up Sam if it flashed back onto
house one, so we used candles. 

	“Welcome young Ed.” My father said, sliding off his sumo character mask. Ed
laughed at the mask and sat down beside me at the table. I placed a book in front of
him, a big heavy old fashioned leather one. It was one that I had studied when I was

	Ed reached out to open it, my mind flashed. Remembering what was inside; I reached
out to Ed and batted his hand away.
	“No!” I yelled at him. And then covered my mouth, Sam, Cedric and Ryoki probably
heard me! I shook my head and ditched the book into the bag. “That’s the book for
deadly magic of tears!” I hissed at him. Ed shouldn’t know about what lay inside
of that.

	“Oh...Oh!” Ed said, clearly recognizing he shouldn’t even sneak a peek inside
of it. I sat back; no one had awoken, good. I pulled out another book and placed it
in front of him. It was fairly newer and was written in Greek, but with Ed’s
Alchemy he could probably turn it into Japanese. 

	My dad sat down beside Ed, a tray of coffee in his hands. Well great, this meant we
would be up all night. Oh well, goodbye no caffeine diet.

	I reached out and grabbed a cup, sipping it lightly as Ed devoured his in lavish
hungry gulps, my dad was laughing at him. I just rolled my eyes at them. Boys were
the weirdest thing on this planet. I swear the only good thing they were for was
making children. We could run this world without them, ‘cause like we’re the ones
that give birth to them! All they do is one step really. But whatever. 

	“Oh hey Ed, times up, have you told Sammie yet?” I whispered to Ed. Ed froze,
the book falling freely from his hands. “...I’ll take that as a NOOO! You lil!
I’m going to kill you ED!! I’M SOOOO TELLING HER TOMORROW!” I yelled at Ed. My
dad looked over at us, raising an eyebrow, but he didn’t say anything.

	“Tell who what tomorrow?” A voice asked, my dad dashed behind the couch and
pulled on his mask quickly. I turned to see who exactly was behind us. There in his
sleepiness stood Ryoki, wiping his eyes and a yawning Cedric behind him. Wait had
Cedric gone to bed with Ryoki? Well this was really awkward... I mean the way they
came out looked guilty, like they had been sleeping together, then again Ryoki was a

	“Haha nothing. No one.” I said to them, shoving the books into my dad’s brown
leather bag. Well this session hadn’t gone so well... And then I knew the perfect
way to get out of this situation.

	“EW ED! Why’d You Fart! Jeez!” I yelled. Ed gaped his mouth at me, it hanged
low and shock was all over his face.
	“WHAT!!! NOOO! IT WAS YOU THAT FARTED!” Ed yelled back, we got into a miny fight
then about who farted, Ryoki and Cedric, confused and tired shrugged and headed back
to bed, slamming into walls and doors as they went. 

	“Phew...” I breathed under my breath. If I was sure of anything, we couldn’t
continue our work like this. We’d have to go back to the academy to torture the
Lycan. And it had to be only me, Ed and my dad. Anyone else would just wreck my

	So with that I got up and started writing a note to Sam, Ryoki and Cedric while I
yelled orders at Ed and my Dad, we were leaving, right now. And I didn’t care if we
didn’t have an extra pair of clothes. This job needed to be done with. And being
me, I hated goodbyes, well sometimes I liked them, when it came to getting rid of
annoying people, but I mostly hated them. And I could see Cedric crying to Sam right

	“I didn’t get to spend time with my future wife and father!!!” hell that’d
be something good to laugh at. And it’d be something I’d want to see, but I had
to go, like now. Because I didn’t want to hear or say goodbye. I left the note on
the counter and kicked Ed and my Dad out of the house; we ran all the way down the
hill and took the only car. This would be a long six hour drive. Maybe the most
boring one I had been on in forever.


	When we arrived at the academy it was midnight there and the night guard that was a
senior student was doing their daily guard job. I smiled when I saw who it was.

	“Asou!” I cried, running out of the car and slamming right into the unsuspecting
Kokori    Asou. His blonde hair was spiked up in his usual fo hawk style and he was
wearing the all black uniform with its high collar made even higher by being popped

	“Oof!”  Asou cried, falling back but catching himself and hugging me back and
when he realized it was me he smiled and gave me a tight squeeze. “Yo Meaghan!
It’s been awhile, you now since you graduated not too long ago.” I laughed.
That’s right Asou was like me, he acceld fast in the academy because of how good he
was, he was fifteen. 

	We were almost exactly alike, except for the fact that he didn’t keep getting
powers like me. Asou only had the power to hypnotize people and turn invisible.
Pretty useful if you ask me. Oh and he was the only boy that my father approved of
for me. And Asou was the only boy I approved of. Period. 

	“Yeah I know, how’s life been?” I asked. Asou laughed, let me go and stepped

	“Meaghan we’re not here to flirt...Asou! My boy, how’s it been?” My dad
asked, completely shocked to see it was Asou. My dad even went as far as pushing me
out of the way. That was how much my dad approved of him.

	“Umm pretty good. By the way, why are you guys here? I wasn’t planning to visit
Meaghan until after I graduated.” Asou said. I laughed. That was so like Asou, too
scared to ask for permission because he wanted to stay and study. He looked so cute
when he studied, he’d put on his round Harry Potter glasses and just stare at
books. Otherwise he wore contacts. 

	“Oh we’re here to investigate my mission a little bit more, we also have Ed
here, remember him? Hey Ed! Get over here!” I called to Ed who was standing outside
of the car awkwardly, he walked over in a lazy heap and stopped beside me.

	“Hey Asou.” Ed said. Asou nodded and smiled at him before they did a high five.

	“Jenji what in the world are you doing here? Ed, Meaghan you too.” A voice
suddenly called and a tall dark figure stepped out of the shadows and stopped beside
Asou, it was Master. Asou scattered through his pockets and pulled out his glasses.
So he wasn’t wearing his contacts, then how had he seen me?

	“We’re here to investigate that lycan you took in for Meaghan last time.” Ed
said. Master smiled at him. 

	“So I see, but why this...late?” Master asked. 

	“Because we didn’t want the others to come, it’s been a long few days.” I
answered, Asou looked at me interested and he now clearly saw how tired Ed looked. I
was tired but since I was used to staying up for days I didn’t look it. 

	“I see. Well then I will lead you to the lycan. Asou you can retire for the night,
Kokoro should be coming soon to relieve you. She’s just taking some pills to help
control her powers.” Master said. Kokoro? I hadn’t seen her in forever. Kokoro
was Ryoki’s age, seventeen and she was the only one that had a hard time
controlling her powers, which was light that beamed out of her eyes. 

	Asou bowed, nodded to me, Ed and my dad bid his goodnights and then ran off towards
the boy’s dormitory halls. Master motioned to the three of us and then led us off
and away to where he was keeping the lycan.


	My dad stared at the lycan with an intense glare as I enlarged its hand, making it
combust with my medical powers. Meanwhile Ed stood to the side with paper and pencil
in hand.

	“I’m going to ask you one last time, where is your lair!” My dad yelled. The
lycan barked at my dad and tried to leap at him and bite him. Angry I made his hand
go even bigger before he yelped and settled down. He was huffing from pain and

	The lycan’s voice rang in our heads. I can’t and won’t tell you! He yelled. My
dad smacked the beast across the face and nodded to me, my turn to ask was what that
meant. We’d been at this for thirty minutes already. 

	I stepped forward and looked directly into the lycan’s eyes, glaring. The best
shrunk into the wall and looked away from me, using my powers I forced its head to
look at my face again, forcing its eyelids open. The animal whimpered and tried to
back up even further into the wall.

	“So, tell me where your lair is!” I yelled. Using my powers I made scraping
sounds in its head and pushed its heart to a faster beat. I could feel the animal’s

	Okay okay! It cried. It’s in the volcano in Wolf’s Creek. Please stop, please!
The lycan pleaded; satisfied I smiled and nodded to my dad and Ed.

	“Wolf’s Creek Ed, the volcano there.” I said. Ed nodded back at me and quickly
scribbled the words down on the piece of paper he had.  

	“You’re work is done I take it?” Master asked, entering the shack’s one and
only room. My dad looked up from the lycan to him.

	“Yes Moriko. We are done with our work here. We will be heading back then.” My
dad said, getting up to walk out the door Master was standing in front of.

	“Ah, ah Jenji. You shouldn’t be driving this late at night. Why don’t all
three of you stay here for tonight and leave tomorrow? I know Mikino and Jin will be
pleased to see Meaghan and Aki will adore Ed’s company. And maybe even Asou would
enjoy having a fight with you and Meaghan for practice.” Master said. My dad froze
at the sound of Asou’s name. The name of the boy I liked and the boy he wanted for
a son in law.

	“Master.” I said. Immdetly Master’s head turned to look at me. “Perhaps,
could Asou come back with us to our place tomorrow?” Master smiled.

	“I don’t see why not. I shall even set plans for a third house to be built,
since Cedric is still there and you would want some sleep. I will excuse Asou to go
back with you three tomorrow. But for now sleep.” Master answered me. I smiled and
followed Master out of the shack with a giddy smile.

	Ryoki’s going to be mad about Meaghan’s crush staying with us. I heard Ed’s
mental voice say in his head. I stopped, why on earth would Ryoki be mad about that,
we were enemies, right?

	Annoyed and too tired. I took what Ed’s mind said as just a hallucination because
I was too tired and continued my walk to the dorms for the night.

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