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My Guiding Light. An original Short StoryCategory: Story
Monday, 21 June 2010
11:22:52 PM (GMT)
The shades were drawn in her room and her alarm clock read 12-noon, it was extremely
hot. True, it was the first day of summer but she didn’t favor this weather. She
stretched as she awoke and swung her legs over the side of the bed. She sat there
staring at her wooden floor, a strand of her raven-colored hair wrapped around her
pinkie. She usually did this in the mornings, woke up and sat up in her bed twirling
a strand of her hair. She got up and strolled out of her room to shower and brush her
teeth. After that was done she moved to her closet and got out a black tank top and
shorts and went downstairs for brunch. Her grandmother was sitting in the dining room
reading a Charles Dickens story at the head of the table. She took her usual seat
down at the far end and waited for her meal to be brought to her by her maid. She
zoned out as she sat there. Focusing on a few of the specks in the Mahogany wood of
the table, she missed what her grandmother had said. She looked up when she heard her
name escape the lips of her grandmother. 
“Yes?” She said quickly.
“Were you listening?” Grandmother said. 
“No.” She stated. 
“You’re going to summer school before you go to college.” Grandmother said and
left the table. She sat there dumbfounded. School, now, but it was the first day of
summer and she had to return to one of the places she despised the most. She sat
there in silence and refused her food when it was brought to her. She went upstairs
and changed into jeans and a t-shirt, nothing special, since it was her first day at
school. She shuddered at the thought and went to look at herself in the mirror. She
stared at it and it stared back at her. Her reflection, though she didn’t like to
think of it as that. Rather, her other self, her opposite half. She moved her arm and
it copied her motion. Her blue eyes reflected back at her. She sighed at tore herself
away from the distracting item and ran down the spiral staircase to the front door
where her chauffeur was waiting for her to show. 
“Are you ready” He said to her and she nodded her head and walked out to her car.
Sitting in it reminded her of the day that her mother had died; it was the same car
that took them there, to that place. She sat in the back seat, thinking about her
mother’s death. She had lost track of time and direction and didn’t realize where
she was until she saw a sign for the arts school ten miles north. She sighed and bit
her thumb nail. She was a singer, training for Broadway, it was her dream. They
stopped right outside the gate to the school. She stepped out of her car and right up
to the gates. 
“Name?” An artificial voice came from a speaker box off to the side of where she
was standing. The grip on her purse increased. 
“Elvira Harrington.” She said shakily and the gate opened slowly to reveal a
brick building with cobblestone path leading to it with a fountain in the front. Her
eyes lit up and she briskly walked toward the structure. The closer she got the more
fantastic the school became. The brick building had rose vines running up the sides
of it. Beyond the fountain gave way to gardens full of Daisies, Honeysuckles, and
Lilies, Elvira stood there in awe in front of the fountain. She heard a camera click
behind her and she turned and saw a chest. Looking up slightly she saw a man. An
attractive man at that, his dark hair made his golden eyes stand out even more. She
blushed slightly and twirled her hair again. 
“You just going to stand there or are you going to introduce yourself?” He said
in a deep voice. It sounded like the flow of a river as it slowly passed through her
“Elvira. Elvira Harrington.” She said as she stuck out her hand ready to shake
“Leon Jaggerjaque,” He took her hand and shook, “It certainly is a pleasure to
meet you. What brings you to this fine institution on this lovely summer’s day?”
“I sing. I need to develop my voice before I go to school.” She said blushing.
The sun reflected off of his hair making it shine. He nodded and started walking away
from her. She followed him around the fountain and the garden. “What are you here
for?” She asked him. 
“I’m a photographer. I would have sworn you were a model when I first saw you.
Would you like to model for me sometime?” He said and stopped and looked at her.
She blushed and his finger came out and rubbed on her cheek, making her blush more. 
“Sure, if you want me to.” She said twirling a strand of her hair around her
index finger. He smiled at her and walked into the school’s open double doors.
She gasped when she saw the highly decorated lobby of the school. Paintings along the
walls, mirrors and two sets of stairs leading to an upstairs that, from what she
could see was even more decorated as the two hallways lead in their separate
directions. She looked for the main office when she heard Leon behind her again. 
“Go down the hall and off to the left.” He said giving her a little push. She
blushed and walked on with an appreciative nod thrown his direction. She walked down
the hall unsure of what to do. She reached the sign on the door that said Office. I
think I’m in the right place. She smiled and strolled in. The lady at the desk
nodded her head towards Elvira to take a seat.
She sat down and for what seemed like hours upon hours upon even more hours the
principal of the school came out to greet her. She smiled politely as they were
introduced. Mr. Ganges was his name and he showed her into his office. Elvira sat
down politely and listened. Tried to listen. Zoned out and thought about Leon’s
shining hair and mesmerizing eyes. She sighed as he talked. Finally, he showed her
out of his office and sent her to her only class for the day. 
“I don’t know where this is. Music theory, where is that?” She asked him. 
“Go up the stairs to the left and the first door on your right.” He said pushing
her in the right direction. She smiled and went up the stairs. 
“To the right and first door on the left.” She said as she walked up the wrong
set of stairs, unbeknownst to her. She walked in and found a photography study. She
blushed and looked at the room. “Uhhh, I have the wrong class. Sorry.” She heard
Leon’s laugh before shutting the door and going to her correct class. Embarrassed
the entire time. The day ended because that would be her last class of the day. 
She stepped out of the school to the fresh breeze. Pointless, but not completely. She
spotted Leon out of the corner of her eye. He waved and she waved back. He started
walking to her, her heart leapt with each approaching step he took. She looked at him
as he came over and took her hand and kissed it. She nearly swooned. 
“It certainly was a pleasure to make your acquaintance today, my sweet.” He said
looking up into her eyes.
“I feel the same way,” She smiled up at him, “I know it’s late notice but
would you like to come over to my place?” 
He looked over to where the cars were lined up as if searching for his own among the
BMW’s and Mercedes. She looked up at him curiously, awaiting his answer graciously.

“Sure, why not?” He laughed and took her hand waiting for her to lead the way to
her car. 
They approached her car slowly and she felt his grip tighten as they neared her car.

“What is the matter?” She asked.
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” He smiled and got into the car. She was uneasy for a
moment but slid in as well. They drove to her house, the entire half hour that is,
talking about what they want to accomplish in life. She smiled as he told her more
about why photography was so amazing to him. 
“Just capturing a piece of what could be history, someone who could one day be a
somebody. Just to have little tokens or reminders of how this time is now for when we
get older. When memories start to fade, photographs will be there to reinforce
everything that was memorable to us sometime in our lives and I want to be the person
who captures those precious moments that others cannot.” He said looking down at
her, his eyes aglow, like a finely roasted marshmallow. 
“You are very passionate about this aren’t you?” She asked as they pulled up to
her home. 
“It’s the only thing in life that I am sure about.” He said staring up at her
large home. His eyes open in awe.
“Big, huh? I hate it.” She said looking at him. He glared at her. His once
marshmallow eyes now turned cloudy, like orange fire. Fires that could burn cities,
cause catastrophes. 
“You know, some people don’t have luxuries like this. You should be grateful that
you have things like this.” He said turning away from her sharply, walking briskly
into her home. He’s poor. I knew it was too good to be true. She followed him
slowly into her home. 
“Follow me,” She said and led him up the spiral staircase to her room. He walked
in and sat on her bed. He scowled as she shut the door and leaned against it. “Are
you okay?”
“No.” He said coldly.
“Is there anything…” She said. 
“No.” He said looking at her room. Clean, Spotless. Clearly not the work of an 18
year old girl on the first day of summer. She was feeling analytical about herself as
they sat there in a silence. His heavy breathing of rage trying to be kept in. 
“You don’t deserve any of this.” He said finally.
“What?” She said her jaw going slack. What did he just say to me? 
“I’m the one who has suffered here.” He said. 
“What?” She said her fists balling up in rage. How dare him. 
“I should have this and you should have what I have. That would show you not to
criticize your own perfect world.” He yelled. Whoa, back up. 
“Perfect? You call this perfect?” She said stomping her foot. “You don’t know
anything about why I am here in the first place. I belong in the cities not out here.
With my mother. But, do you want to know something. She’s dead.” 
“Looks like we have something in common.” He said softly. 
“Like hell.” She said firmly. 
The sun set finally and the moon rose, high in the sky, casting a white tint across
the both of them. She sighed contently as she stoked his hair with a tender hand and
enjoyed the silence.
“I have to go,” whispered Leon as he stood up and looked down upon her. She rose
and walked over to him for he had stepped away. She smiled softly as he took her in
his arms. 
“Elvira…” A ghost of a whisper escaped his lips as he bent to her ear, “Thank
you. For this, I needed this moment. I needed to get all of it off of my chest and
out there. I have been living with this burden, this pain, this everything. I needed
you here to realize this. My guiding light…” He let his sentence taper off as he
did start crying one more time. Her arms protectively encircled him. 
“Thank you as well. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come over
today, Leon.” She said. 
His finger came to her lips and he smiled gently, shushing her.
“My sweet. Quiet, there is no need to think of what could have been. All that
matters is here and now, not in the past, nor the future.” He said bringing his
lips to hers.
Her heart skipped a beat as she stood their awe struck. Her first kiss. He brought
his head away from her and stepped toward the door. 
“I really must go, Elvira.” He said to her.
“Yes. It is getting late.” She responded.
“I’ll see you tomorrow. Won’t I?” he asked uncertainly.
She nodded her head as her face flooded with color. 
“It’s at 336 Dragon Court. It is right next to Dragonfly Pond.” He said with a
smile as he glanced at her over her shoulder looking at her. 
“Of course. I’ll be there at eleven, is that fine?” Elvira said. 
“Certainly, Dearest.”  He said grasping the door knob and turning it. He stepped
out of her room and she heard the car start a little while later and it drove away.
She smiled and jumped onto her bed. She smiled as she lay there looking at the
ceiling and thinking of Leon. She sighed contently and shut her eyes and dozed off. 
She dreamed that night, images, quick moving pictures. A smiling mother and daughter
hand in hand making their way through the mall. A grungy looking man. A gun. A flash.
Blood, on the girl’s dress, on her new shoes, in her hair, on her face, the
warmness never leaving her face even though she tried as hard as she could to make it
go away. Her mother, covered in blood, gasping and reaching out towards her daughter.
The poor girl trapped in the detective’s office. Trapped in therapy. Trapped in her
own little world, mother is only on a vacation. Moving to her grandmother’s home.
Hardly a home. Her body running on neutral. Leon. Guiding light. Kisses. A sudden
realization of the future. The man, the gun, the blood all returning, not this time
on her mother. No, it was coming for Leon this time. 
She awoke with a start. The early birds were tweeting. She groaned and lay back down.

Too early. Why? What did it mean? Is he going to be gone too? I can’t lose another
person close to me. 
She tossed and turned wide awake; trying to find a groove so she could get back to
sleep. No such luck for her. She sighed loudly and threw off the covers that were
atop her body. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. 
Early enough for the maids to still be sleeping. 
She groaned again and moved her body to the pantry to find a makeshift breakfast. Her
eyes scanned the shelves for something edible in her sense. 
Toast? Oatmeal? Cereal? Pancakes? 
She decided on cereal not wanting to waste too much energy on things. A bowl, milk
and the cereal, simple enough. She completed the task before her and sat down at the
obnoxiously large table that her grandmother had been bequeathed with after her
mother’s death. 
“You’re up early.” Grandmother said to Elvira causing her to jump and nearly
spill her cereal.
“I…I couldn’t sleep, Grandmother.” Elvira said to her breakfast. 
“Hmm,” said the elder disapprovingly, “I see.” 
Elvira nodded as she left her half eaten bowl of cereal on the table and escaped
Grandmother’s disapproving gaze. She slipped down to the floor once she was out of
the room and breathed. Her gazed drifted to the clock. 6:45, what on earth was she
doing being awake? She went to her room, dressed in jeans and a tank-top. 
“Meh…” She said as she glanced at herself in the mirror and trudged down the
stairs, to her awaiting butler. 
“Where to, Miss?” He asked politely.
“336 Dragon Court, please.” She said stepping into the car that had taken her to
school yesterday. Time passed, slowly.  She stared out at the passing scenery; trees,
bushes, lakes all of them so beautiful. 
Beauty likes this is only found in the mountains. In the hills. 
She smiled and pressed her forehead pressed against the window as they turned and
entered the city. 
Turning a bend, or two, or five, she got to the warehouse where Leon wanted to meet.
She smiled as she stepped out of the car and he was waiting there even though she was
a half an hour early. 
“Leon,” she said breathlessly and ran to embrace him from behind, “Good
A grunt in return was what she got. Not a normal, man grunt but a different grunt. 
She pulled her hands back and looked at them. Red. Dark red. A warm dark red. The
glint of silver as the man in front of him stepped out from behind him. 
“No.” She whispered softly. Leon fell. She screamed, turned and tried to run but
was pounced on. 
“Why?” She asked as the knife was at her throat.
“Do you have any spare change miss?” He said as he sliced. 
Memories. The gun. The school. Her family. Her mother. The mall. The man. Leon. Pain.
Pain cured. Compassion. A kiss. The moon. 
She cast a look over at the man she had fallen for, who shared her pain and sorrow.
She smiled softly. 
Maybe we aren’t so different after all. 
The black came after that, not all black though. He was there too and grasped her
hand. Her guiding light to take her to where she needed to be. Together, hand-in-hand
to find the place in which they each belonged to. Into the bright white light leaving
their lives that were once covered with darkness to now be with each other. They were
each other’s opposite. The other half. The completing factor for a completed life.

Labyrinth says:   2 September 2010   730694  
Wow. Liked it 
‹Lele-Boo› says :   3 September 2010   852982  
Thank you. :D

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