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Saturday, 19 June 2010
01:08:46 PM (GMT)
Whats in your bedroom?

cell phone: yeah 2 of them actually 
Chair/stool: yeah 3 
Computer: noppers
Mirror: yeah like three
Skateboard: pshhh me skateboard... thats like tellin a blind person to see.... 
Clothes: no i dont have any of those lol XD lol yea lots an lots 
Smoke detector: nope 
Piano/Keyboard/Guitar/Bass/Drum: yeahhhh 
Locking door: no sadly not 
Bottle of water: psshh if by bottle of water u mean a can of soda then yes lol
Medals/ribbons: yeaaahhhhh sirrr rreeee 
CDs: Obber large amount yas 
Flag: no 
Stop sign/any sign: yeah it has my name on it lol its pink and says NYC all over it
Real gun: uhh i have a real squirt gun..... XD 
Cigarettes: ewwwwyyyyy  
Pot: disgusting!!!!
Any drugs: uhhh advi and tylonol......those r real drugs lol 
Books: YESSSSHHHHH lots of books 
Xbox: nahhh
Playstation/ps2/3: yessss 
Gamecube: No
Wii: yesss
Cd Player: yeahhhh 
Ipod/MP3: yesh but its broken  
T.V.: Yes
Gameboy: XD i love my gameboy lol 
Stereo/Radio: Yeah it just broke last night tho.... piece of CRAP!!!!
Lighter: No
Candles: yeah like 7 or  8 lol 

How many windows do you have in your room?: 1 

Has the opposite sex been in your room before? yeah a couple of my guy friends.... 
and obviously my brother and dad when they r fixing junmk lol 
Has the opposite sex been on your bed?
yeah... not like naughtyily just sitting on my bed chillin... my dad and my brother
have never been on my bed lol not even to chill.....
What color is your comforter?: its tie dye!!!! i love it.... my whole room is tie

Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you? uhhh my cat will sleep in my bed when
im not home.... 

yeah lol

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