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Last Summer's Black Heart~ Chapter 2Category: Book/Drama
Tuesday, 15 June 2010
06:38:02 PM (GMT)
Chapter 2; Not really who you claim to be

	“Jhon!” Constance yelled at me across from the parking lot, I smiled, climbed
out of my car and ran to her, swinging her into a huge hug. Constance gave her fake
laugh and hit my back.
	“Dork! Let me down!” Constance said. I smiled foolishly and let her down, but
didn’t pull away my hands.
	“You look good. Despite all the black.” I said, looking Constance up and down. 
Constance pouted and glared at me.
	“So what if I so happen to like the color black!” Constance yelled at me. I
tickled her.
	“Nothing’s wrong with that...I’d just like to see you in color again. Is that
so wrong?” I asked her. Constance wagged a finger at me and then playfully poked
	“HEEEYY!” I felt the owner of this voice leap onto my back before I heard them.
I took hold of their feet as they wrapped their arms around my neck. 
	I pulled the round flats on the person’s foot to look at them. “Cute shoes. Wish
I could wear cute shoes.” I said in a gay voice. The person behind me laughed and
leaned forward to kiss my cheek, their dark red, more of a brown hair falling over my
shoulder.  “Claire, what’s up?” 
	“Oh nothing much, just visiting my boyfriend and my best friend! Thanks for the
comment about the shoes by the way; I bought them for our little trip to the sushi
place Saturday.” I pulled Claire around to face me then and smiled at her goofily.
	“You didn’t have to do that for me.” I whispered to her. Claire giggled and
pulled my face closer to hers.
	“Of course I did!” She squealed and then she kissed me, softly and then pulled
back and dropped away from me. “Connie!” Claire ran to Constance and hugged her,
swaying her one way then the other before she released Constance.
	“Nice to see you too.” Constance said, patting Claire lightly before she bent
down to grab her backpack and sling it over her shoulder.
	We all walked to the front doors, together where we met up with the rest of the
pack, doing our handshakes, high fives and hugs before we entered the school.
	Like any other popular group, the hallway was cleared for us, kids scattering to get
out of our way. They were probably glad that this summer break was our last one and
that after the prom in the middle of summer break they would be rid of us for good,
or for awhile at least. 
	“Oh hey, did you hear about the new kid? Apparently she was supposed to be in our
grade, but got put into grade eleven instead because like she got behind or
something. But what’s even weirder is that she’s joining school on the last day.
Which I guess means she gets to skip her grade that she was sent back to and just
goes straight to grade twelve next September.” Ginger said as she counted the
sparkles on her finger nails.
	“What’s this girl’s name?” I asked, interested. Maybe it was Xaie; she did
say she was moving to River High School. 
	“Um Maggie something...” Ginger said. And then she lifted a perfect manicured
nail into the air. “Ah! That’s right, Maggie Pickin.” Ah crud, it wasn’t
Xaie. But oh well, I had a girlfriend already, didn’t I? 
	But as I thought about this I saw a girl with bright red hair walk past me in the
hall, towing a bag with a bright white skull on it and blowing a big whack load of
bubble gum. 
	“Um...can you excuse me for a second...” I pushed past everyone; Claire held up
her hand to ask me what it was but decided against it and went back to talking to
	I crashed into many people before I finally caught up to the bright red head that I
was sure was Xaie, and once I was close enough I laid a hand down on her shoulder.
	“Xaie! Hey, it’s me, John.” I told her. Xaie, or at least who I thought was
Xaie turned around to face me.
	“Oh! It’s you, from the jail, John Quinn right?” Xaie said. I smiled and
shoved my hands into my pockets.
	“Yeah that’s me.” Xaie laughed and slung her bag onto her shoulder and then
popped the bubble of her gum. But before she could say anything somebody else was
calling for her.
	“Maggie! Yo Maggie!” the voice yelled, and then a black headed boy rounded the
corner and stopped in front of Xaie.
	“Dylan! It’s been awhile. I haven’t talked to you since homeschooling
online!” Xaie said. Dylan high fived her and then looked at me.
	“Who are you?” He asked. I looked at him and then Xaie.
	“Um John...Xaie are you...Maggie?” I asked. Xaie laughed and flipped her hair.
	“Yeah, sorry. I lied to you about my name.” Xaie who was actually Maggie said.
And then she laughed. “I lie to everyone about my name. Except for my friends. But
my real name is Maggie, Maggie Pickin.” I scratched my head.
	“No that’s hardly knew me.” I laughed and looked at Dylan who was
giving Maggie a sceptical stare; she just laughed at him and then punched him in the
shoulder. They got into a miny tussle then.
	The school bell rang finally and they looked up from giving each other noogies.
Maggie pulled away from Dylan gave me a quick hug and then walked off towards the
grade eleven’s area. 
	“Later John Quinn! We totally have to meet after school to exchange numbers! Come
on Dyl!” She yelled, and then she ran off and out of my vision. 

	I woke up at the end of class and yawned; I felt eyes on me and turned my head to
see Claire watching me. She smiled at me when she saw my eyes looking at her. 
	“Did you learn anything in your twelve years of school?” She asked me. I laughed
and picked up my binder, stuffing it into my bag.
	“Probably not.”  I answered. Claire giggled and shoved her own stuff into her
bag; she then stood up and waited for me. 
	“Well that’s not very good. But I know that you want to be a CEO of your own
skateboarding company so maybe you’ll be okay.” Claire said. I laughed.
	“Maybe? You don’t believe in me?” I asked her, slinging my arm over her
shoulder. Claire giggled again and leaned her head on my shoulder.
	“Of course I do.” We walked out of the classroom and towards the front doors, It
was summer break now and we only had two and a half weeks left before the prom. 
	“You going to the prom committee today?” I asked Claire. She shrugged and pulled
on her jean jacket.
	“Yeah probably. Constance’s going, for once. I think she’s in a good mood
today. Maybe I’ll meet you at your house later tonight?” Claire suggested. I
pulled out my keys for my silver truck.
	“Yeah, I’ll see you tonight. Have fun and tell Constance that she should stay
happy.” I said. Claire nodded, gave me a kiss and then ran off towards the gym
	I flipped my phone open and closed as I walked towards my car. I then clicked the
unlock on my keys and hopped into my car, I was just about to close the door when...
	“Johhnnn!!” A voice yelled after me, I turned my head to see bright red head
Maggie running towards me, waving her right hand above her head. “Wait up man.” I
laughed and hopped out of my car, closing the door behind me.
	“Yo Maggie. What’s up?” I asked her. Maggie started at me like I was crazy
then laughed. 
	“Dude you totally forgot that we were going to exchange numbers after school?! How
else do you think you’re going to talk to me all summer?” Maggie scolded me. I
scratched my head and then felt a light bulb go off.
	“Oh yeah! Sorry, I fell asleep in history class. I tend to forget things after I
go to sleep.” I told Maggie. She laughed and handed me her phone. It was a black
Samsung slide. 
	“Here, type in your number and I’ll type in mine.” Maggie suggested. I
shrugged and handed her mine phone, and took hers. 
	“Okay all done. I’ll text you sometime. I should really get to work though, bye
John!” Maggie yelled at me, handing me back my phone and then running off to her
car and starting it. I laughed to myself and hopped back into my car. I had just made
a new friend hadn’t I? Even weirder it was a friend from Jail. 
	But that didn’t matter right now, what mattered was me heading home and taking a
nice long shower before I started doing some homework.

	The only subject I was actually good at surprisingly was math. I mean didn’t
everyone hate math? So why was I, one that didn’t pay attention so good at it?
Maybe it ran in the family genes. 
	My best in math though wasn’t fractions or that other stuff. It was algebra. The
word reminded me of bras. Which made me laugh; maybe that’s why I was good at it,
because I liked bras. Well unhooking them...
	Despite being seventeen words like boobies, penis and vagina still made me laugh. I
should be more mature, but I wasn’t. That’s how Constance made me laugh.
Sometimes when I was feeling down, she’d send me a text message saying; “PENIS
BOOBIES PEENIISS BOOOBBIIEESS VA JAY JAY!!!” And I would burst out in laughter,
causing my parents to come up stairs and she what the hell I was doing. After seeing
I was just laughing, they’d give me a rap about waking up the neighbours. 
	I couldn’t even look at Jay straight for a month because behind his back Constance
would call him Va jay jay. 
	Va jay jay was actually just a short term for vagina. Honestly I didn’t even know
how va jay jay had been started. A friend told me Oprah had started it. But I
didn’t even know who the heck Oprah was. 
	Whoever she was her name was one I had never heard of before, I guess that made her
	I was still laughing to myself about Algebra being bras when a knock sounded at my
door, I didn’t turn around, but instead shouted for them to come inside.
	“John can we have your attention?” My mom asked me, I put down my pencil,
scratched my head, and then picked it up again, tapping it against the black hardwood
	“You have it.” I said. I heard my mom sigh and my dad grumble swear words at me.
They really did have my attention, was there really a problem with me having my back
to them because I was working on algebra—bras?
	“Fine. Well just listen good then.” My dad said. He stopped for me to reply; I
just nodded my head, bit my pencil and then started working again. 
	“We’re going away for a few weeks, to Merlin’s Lake. We’re leaving your
Uncle Tim here in our house as your supervisor since you prove to be irresponsible.
We’ll be back by the prom and your birthday and you better have cleaned up you act
by then. Do you hear me John?” Mom asked me.  I dropped my pencil, swivelled my
dark blue office chair to face them and rested my chin on my hand.
	“I heard you. And I know the rules, no parties, no nothing. Uncle Tim is in
charge.” I answered her. My mom nodded at me and my dad grunted like he didn’t
believe I would follow the rules. And he was right. I would party, I would bring home
girls, and I would go racing.  And I probably would go off and get into trouble.
	“As long as you know them...We’re leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Your
Uncle Tim is already here. He’s in the guest room in the basement. Be good
Johnathan.” My mom said, and she turned and left the room. Closing the door behind
her, my dad stuck around, I spun back to my bras.
	“What is it dad?” I asked. My dad grunted, and sat down on the edge of my bed.
The mess of my room didn’t bug him because he had seen worse, but it drove my mom
	“I’m going to give you money John. And I don’t want you to lose it, or spend
it all on something stupid. Its A hundred bucks John. You’ve got to learn to treat
money with respect. If we come back and find half of it left, or more than half,
I’ll trust you a little bit more with money. Am I clear?” My dad said. I rolled
my eyes because he couldn’t see them, then spun around and saluted him.
	“We are clear sir.” My dad gave a slight smile and patted me back, before he too
exited my room.  I looked back at my bras and found out that I had finished it all
without even noticing that I had.
	Yawning I leaned back my chair and looked at my cell phone messages.

2 New Messages

	Interested I clicked the buttons to open up the message bin, and smiled when I saw
the names for the messages.

	1: To: John Quinn
	From: Claire Outon
	Subject: Tonight

	Hey Johnny! I’m coming to your house in five minutes, in fact I’m probably right
outside your window right now as you read this =) Constance showed at the meeting and
she almost smiled! It was amazing. Btw  Constance says hi.
	Luv Clairebear <3

	I smiled to myself, Constance almost smiled today, she was slowly becoming herself
again. That was a good thing. And then I hurried to my second Message, from Maggie.
But stopped when I heard the tiny knock of a rock being thrown at my window, which
caused me to get up from my chair and head to my window. I pulled up the gray blinds
and opened the window.
	“Took you long enough!” Claire yelled up to me. I laughed and smiled at her.
	“Give me a minute will you? I just finished my bras. I’ll get the emergency
ladder.” I told Claire. Leaving the window I ran to beside my bed and took the
picture of me and Constance, stashing it away in my underwear drawer. And then I
quickly threw on my comforter and fixed my bed. My room was decent enough. And then I
threw the emergency ladder down to Claire, who caught it and quickly started climbing
	Once Claire was close enough, I pulled her up through the window and she fell into
my arms, I fell backwards and finally caught both of us, saving us from falling and
making a big thud. 
	“Hey.” Claire whispered into my chest. I laughed and hugged her tightly. She
wasn’t as nice to hug as Constance was, but it was better than hugging nothing.
	“Hey.” I whispered back. Claire nestled into my chest and sighed, as if the
smell of me just relaxed her whole world and made everything right again. As if my
arms were the very gate to her eden. I had always had that kind of effect on girls, I
never understood why though.
	Letting go a little, I led Claire to the bed and we sat down, Claire leaned her head
on my shoulder and sighed. She closed her eyes then and I noticed her breathing
become softly slower. 
	I laughed to myself, had Claire just fallen asleep on me? Yeah she had, pretty
sneaky of her. Still laughing silently, I shifted Claire until she was lying down on
my bed, she mumbled a protest but then just fell back into sleep. 
	I moved her hair away from her face, and kissed her forehead. There was something on
Claire’s mind, but she wasn’t going to tell me, at least not right now. If it was
about Constance, she would have told me right away, so it was probably a family
matter, or a problem of her own.
	Leaving Claire to my half ass job of cleaning up my bed, to sit in my chair, I
flipped open my cell phone to read Maggie’s message.
	2:To: John Quinn
	From: Maggie Pickin 
	Subject: Anything?

	So bad boy, I’ve heard rumors about you, a lot. And that’s only from one day in
school. Is it true you’re a infamous man whore? (laughs) Anyways did you see the
night sky tonight, I think I found the Milky Way for once, yes an accomplishment! 
Anyways, if you’re free Sunday, want to head to a place with me for a party? It
should be pretty kick ass.  =)
	Crazy Assed Bitch Maggie~LoveFools<3 

	I laughed at Maggie’s message and looked out the window beside my desk. Maggie was
right; I could spot the Milky Way for once in my life. I had always been good at
finding the stars, the big dipper, but I could never find the Milky Way. 
	I flipped my hand in my hand and hit the reply button to Maggie’s message; it’d
be cool to go to a party with her. I hardly even knew her, but hell, I wanted to know
her. And this could be my chance. 

	To: Maggie Pickin
	From: John Quinn
	Subject: Place And Time

	Hey Crazy Red Head, oh don’t worry I know that’s not your natural color, it’s
actually brown right? Haha anyways. Just tell me the place and time and I’ll be
there, that is unless you want me to pick you up and take you there. And nice job
finding the Milky Way, good accomplishment =) Took me this long to find it, thanks
for your help.
	Sunday it is, John. 

	I clicked the send button, and almost immdetly a reply came zipping back to me threw
my phone. I laughed as my phone vibrated in my hand. Did I mention vibrations also
make me laugh? It was the sole reason my parent’s hadn’t bought that massage
chair that they had really wanted. 

	To: John Quinn
	From: Maggie Pickin
	Subject: Time, Time Time! 

	How’d you know? Or right my eyebrows, haha. Yep it’s originally brown, dick you
figured it out to fast =) It took Dylan three weeks to figure that one out.  It’s
at 9pm, I would say Devil’s Cove ocean, but nah, it’s at Murphy’s club for
teenagers.  A old friend of mine is hosting it. And I got a ride thanks, you know I
just can’t leave my smart car alone while I go to a party (laughs) Yay for you too!
And no problem =)
	Sunday it is, that’s for sure. Crazy Assed Bitch Maggie~LoveFools<3

	I shut my phone then and leaned back in my office swivel chair, grabbed a cap from a
hook on my wall, and pulled it down until it blocked the light from the room to my
face. And then I fell asleep, Claire in my bed and me on a swivel chair.

Author's Note:
YESS IT ALL FIT INTO ONE DIARY THIS TIME!! Whew. How Come The Other Chapter Didn't?
Anyways. Not Much I'll Say For This Chapter XD I Haven't Read It For A Week So I
Don't Quite Remember XD
Yes Maggie='s Xaie. OMG Maggie's A LAIR. Cough Cough And A Whore Lol, NO XD Okay Now
I'm Just Ramblin'. Critisim, I'll Take It =)
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