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I want to do something Rebellious.Category: (general)
Thursday, 29 April 2010
04:34:27 PM (GMT)
That's right, I want to be rebellious for once in my life. Teenagers are naturally rebellious, are they not? Then why can't I be for once. Oh, I really want to, oh do I ever. The most rebellious thing I've done, is stayed out past curfew, and gotten drunk twice with Vinnie. Nothing at all as exciting as those who I know, and I was never caught for either one of those things. Perhaps you people could give me some ideas, although, I would prefer it within reasonable limits, I don't want to shave my head, or dye my hair hot pink.. actually I don't wan to dye my hair at all. Well, I realize this is a rahter retarded request, but I feel so housebound. I just want to feel a great adrenaline rush like my friends explain to me. I actually would like to get in trouble, do something, do something.. exciting.. and rebellious. I feel so little right now.

Oroborus21 says:   29 April 2010   862843  
maybe you can start by describing what your life is like and all. are
your parents homelife restrictive? its not being rebellious if you can
actually do whatever you want?

also some rebellions are not worth the consequences (drugs, crimes,
suspension from school, etc.) some are (good times  fun,
hijinx, pranks etc.)
alleygirl92 says:   29 April 2010   181348  
I will mention, that, I do live a simple life. Though, not everything
is hand in hand, as it is with siblings. 
I babysit constantly, and quite frankly, never get an opportunity to
hang out with friends. Hence the housebound part.

I was referring to fun-ner times, I would rather not get involved with
drugs, since I do hang out with druggies, I don't want ot be one.
Sorry to say. xD
Ahaha, pranks are always fun. though, I think something that would
break my parents hold on me may be a boyfriend more friends~~ 
Oroborus21 says:   29 April 2010   844415  
ok sounds like you arent looking to rebel. you are just loooking to
find more balance and bring some fun into your life. completely
different. you arent repressed really, maybe a bit stressed and busy
with things that arent of your own choosing. I would suggest you
discuss it maturely with the powers that be and find a solution....so
you are less homebound....activities, events, community stuff,
volunteering, church stuff, clubs, drama clubs, all sort of
possibilities, find out whats going on around and present some
concrete choices to your parents.
alleygirl92 says:   29 April 2010   798017  
Though, I am not able to leave the house, due to my parents working
hours. And my grandma's constant absence. So, I need to be here to
watch my brother.
To help top this off, when they are home at regular hours, they simply
criticize, get angry, and send me off, and claim that I really
shouldn't be so whiny when asking them things. I suppose the most
recent example would have been wanting to play soccer, but they said
the wouldn't pay for me to do so in teh end. Sadly, the only activity
they said I could join would be Jazz band[free], but I really didn't
want to join, since it's so awkward being the youngest there. ;~;

Eh, good point, but rules are so much more strict for myself, compared
to my sisters and brother. S'pose I was taking more of what Vinnie had
mentioned, than I myself had. ;'3 
wearjo says :   27 March 2011   310197  
Hehe if your worried about being the youngest in a Jazz band, try
being the only 1st trumpet in a Jazz band which does heaps of
tours/gigs and still being the youngest.... (im not sure about someone
though, she's 3rd trumpet but im pretty sure she's older than me


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