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To love a flower, part 1Category: Romance
Saturday, 24 April 2010
07:59:03 AM (GMT)
He reached forward, seemingly unconciously and found a limp flower petal that lay
tangled in a curl of her hair. Rose watched as his fingers gently drew the white
petal down the length of the curl, his knuckles brushing one of her breats as he did
so. Her rebellius nipple sprang erect at the contact, pressing insistently against
the thin material of her gown. Rose looked down at it, was she so aroused that the
barest touch set her on fire? she knew the answer to that question.
If John noticed herbody's reaction to his touch, he didn't say anything. Instead,
successfully removing the petal from the loosened curl he held up a fragile leaf and
examined it in the rays of light penetrating the bedroom.
'What are you thinking' she asked
'What am I thinking? I am thinking you are as fragile as this plant' he said
crumbling the leaf in his strong hands
'Fragile?' Rose was insulted, did this man mean to infuriate her so?
'Yes fragile' John said his deep voice rumbling he bent his head down and brushed her
lips with his. Immediately Rose's lips demanded more. John chuckled whilst capturing
another flower petal between his thumb and forefinger. Extricating it from a silken
tress, the back of his hand brushed her other breast and the nipple reacted as
sensitively as its twin.
It was hard to keep her head when he was so close to her but Rose said 'You know,
maybe I am fragile, too fragile so fragile in fact I might break, or spontaneously
combust, you wouldn't want that on your concious would you?' she tried to worm her
way out from under the covers, if she could just make it to the door....
John's hand moved so quickly the Rose would've sworn it was a snake. It grabbed her
upper, right arm and almost dragged her closer to him. The sun's rays made colours on
his naked bronze skin. The fingers of his other hand which had been running through
her hair dipped suddenly to close over one of her breasts. Gasping at the sudden
contact Rose raised startled eyes to meet his. 
'Now my dear,' he growled 'You wouldn't be thinking of running away would you?' his
fingers were kneading the soft flesh. 'There's much more fun to be had here'
'Fun?' Rose's breath was coming shorter now, 'I dont think this is fun'
'No?' John said at the moment he lowered his head and, through the thin batiste of
her gown delicately tasted her taut nipple with his tongue. 
Rose suddenly feeling quite warm pushed back the silk sheets to reveal long legs
bared from the thigh's down, since her gown had become rucked up around her hips.
Noticing this, John lost no time in sliding his free hand between the slim white
thighs before Rose, cheeks flaming adjusted her dress. Then when she made another
movement to snatch away from him John rose up suddenly and lowered his heavy body
over hers, cutting off all escape routes.
Last edited: 29 April 2010

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