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Dear EveryoneCategory: (general)
Thursday, 25 March 2010
05:59:19 PM (GMT)
First i want you to know that im not talking about every teenager but referring only
to those that do the things listed.
Ive noticed a theme that seems to run through most teenage posts or conversations. 
They seem to think that they have it harder than everyone else.
Because the world clearly revolves around them :p 
I was 14 at one time and I regret to say I thought the same thing. 
Yeah your aloud to complain a little bit but don't think your life is the only one
that sucks
Quit being delusional about your depression 
Your only screwed up because you want to be. 
Maybe you have a broken heart or have shitty friends 
but unless your being physically abused or molested 
(And its silly to claim these thing when they are not true 
Which is another trend in it's self. )
you most likely don't have it that bad. 
Every boy/girl you meet breaks your heart?
You and your parents don't get along? 
Get picked on at school?
Well this happens to everyone 
Don't be so Nieves to think it only happens to you. 
No, its not fun, but quit wallowing in your sorrow. 
Want to be happy! If you don't want to be happy then you never will be. 
Don't rely on other people for your happiness.
Make it yourself! 
Be self sufficient when it comes to these things. 
Quit waiting for true love to find you. 
Meet new people! 
Make any situation fun! You can do it. I believe in you. 
Humans are social people. We do need friends.
Don't try and be a loner and make an effort to talk to people you don't.
Its scary at first but you will get used to it. 
Pull your self out of your self pity and start looking on the bright side.
So you fight with your parents. It sucks but you wont live with them forever.
You have your heart broken. It can rip at your very being. Maybe you even feel like
I promise its not the end of the world though. You can be sad for a few days, maybe a
Then your done. Move on.
Your friends suck? Make new ones. 
Its that simple. Ive been through all these things and many more. 
Believe me, you can make it through as well. And even with a smile
If you need someone to talk to I am here.
But stop being delusional that you have it the worst.
Look at the starving kids in Africa, that take care of them selfs.
Their parents often die and they have to fend for them selfs.
They starve and will most likely never have it as good as we do. 
Believe me, your not so bad off.
Now smile and go make a new friend <3 

‹NICOLEMONSTER:)› says:   26 March 2010   911126  
that was AMAZING Josh(:
I miss you!!
Oroborus21 says:   26 March 2010   605177  
i could have wrote thoughts too...well said
‹Jawshwa› says:   26 March 2010   880987  
Im sure it could have been more skillfully crafted, but who proofreads
rants? XD 
‹Autumnbreeze(:› says:   26 March 2010   203409  
haha oohhhhhhh
Childhood says:   26 March 2010   887034  
Well said, some people really do have bad lives but sometimes it is
nothing more than a break up.That, happens to everyone and atleast
they have a home,money, and friends and basicly a normal life!I heard
of kids, who are sick in a hospital and can't go to school.While we
all be wanting not to go to school, they are sick and would much
rather want to be in school getting an education!We are writing
certain things, to them so they feel better, and no we wish them the
best.Kids my age and younger suffering, so I try my best to stay happy
because the truth is I don't know how good I have it when I sometimes
wish things could get better for me just because my mom yells at me.I
need to suck it up, this doesn't mean people can't be sad when
something bad happens.This just means, you shouldn't claim you are
depressed or other people don't have the same problems you do.You
shouldn't, say those sort of things when you don't know about other
peoples lives.Don't think you have the biggest problem in the world
just because you are apparently depressed about something.I am all,
for making people feel better when they are sad but try not to say
other people's bad lives are nothing compared to yours.That isn't
true, if your life isn't that bad than try to cheer up.
‹Jawshwa› says :   27 March 2010   172698  
Exactly miss :] 


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