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Wednesday, 17 February 2010
08:27:44 PM (GMT)
Chapter 10:

Chapter 11: Breaking Down, Not Me, The War

       My mind raced as I heard the booms from the other side of the wall, for once I
wasn’t moving fast, and I was thinking. The Lycans were trying to break down our
sturdy wall, and I needed to focus on that, but something in the back of my brain was
telling me there was something wrong with Sam. I couldn’t decide what to do, stay
by the wall, or check on Sam, damn why did my brain think and only confuse me?!
       But I knew what was more important, in my heart, because ever since I was
little, loyalty was the only thing either than violence that ever struck a chord with
me, weird mix huh? But I still remember it clearly, that clear blue sky day, it was
my second year in the academy, I was ten, and Sam was eleven, Ed was thirteen and
stupid Ryoki was fourteen.
	I didn’t care about anything, I was ten, heartless, and thought I was invincible,
in power, strength and emotions. I carried a mature, expressionless, cold face;
everyone shuddered when I looked at them. But I didn’t care, to me they were just
people, my doom if I ever got close to them, so what did they matter to me, a cold,
evil, child? Nothing of course, nothing at all.
	I stared straight ahead as older kids shuddered away from me, that’s right, I was
the youngest person ever to be accepted, and a girl at that. I walked on, my bag in a
loose hold in my hands, I had forgotten how young and innocent I had looked then,
mature, yet not, because my looks made me look not mature, messy curly hair tidily
put back into a high ponytail, a headband catching the loose strands, the academy’s
too big of a skirt for me on top of my jeans, the oversized jacket hanging loosely on
me, and the smallest tie they could find was done up tight on neck, to adults that
didn’t know me, I was cute, to everyone who’s heard of me, I was merciless.
	I didn’t come to a stop until I saw a fight happening between three older girls, I
knew all of them, Cassie Taka, Mici Loci and Samantha Stone. My eyebrow raised a bit,
and I dropped the bag that was being held loosely in my hand, two older girls picking
on a younger girl was just wrong.
	Sam was eleven, they were thirteen and in Ed’s class, they were the president and
vice president of the Ed club, but they still had no right. So I charged forward, not
loosening my tie as I went. My fist came out fast and hit Taka in the ribcage, she
screeched and went backwards, and she fell to the ground. But I didn’t care, I took
Loci next, smashing her arm, breaking a bone really, she screamed, and then I took
Sam and got her out of there that was really how we first ever became friends.
	I didn’t let go of Sam until we had rounded a corner and I saw Ed, her friend
talking to the stupid kid Ryoki, I stopped in front of them, not looking, Ed just
stared at me confused and Ryoki tried not to shudder.
	“I would like it Elric if you could tell your little fan club not to pick on girls
like Stone because they hang around you.” I said, and then I looked up at him, my
hair falling out of my eyes, the pieces that had come loose in my mini fight anyways.
Sam looked at me, she didn’t know how I knew. I turned to her. “I can read minds,
sometimes.” I told her, she shut her mouth then, and just hugged me, while Ryoki
looked astonished and Ed just kept staring. And then Ed shifted his weight.
	“I’ll tell them.” He said. I was released by Sam and nodded at him, and then I
turned to leave, but a hand gripping my wrist stopped me.
	“Thank you, I appreciate what you did, can we be friends?” Sam asked me, I
smiled for the first time in a long time, Ed and Ryoki looked at me amazed, but Sam
just smiled back, and that was the other thing that made me become loyal to her, she
wasn’t afraid of me as much as others, but maybe that was because she also,
somewhere had a deep evil side.
	“Yes, we can be. And it was my pleasure; never should older people pick on younger
people.” I said my smile brighter. Me and Sam laughed, and that was when we
accepted each other for who we were.
	My mind jerked back to right now, and I ran back to the house, not taking a second
look at the wall as I went, something was wrong with Sam!
	“Meaghan! Where the hell are you going?!” Ryoki yelled furiously from where he
was throwing burning stuff over the wall, I didn’t respond, I just kept going.
Something was wrong I could feel a burn in the back of my head.
	My legs worked faster despite the wounds that had just healed, and I slammed open
the door to Sam’s house and turned the corner sharply to her room and banged the
door aside, only to find Sam lying on the floor, passed out, in a massive slump. I
immdetly slammed down onto my knees and lifted her up; jeez her skin was on massive
fire overload!
	After placing her back in the bed I ran to the kitchen and made the coldest ice I
could (I glared at it) before I rushed it back to her. I placed it on her fire hot
head and then relaxed so I could see if I could heal her, maybe just a little bit
	My mind buzzed a weird sound as I concentrated, I could feel the extent of her
sickness, geez it felt icky just feeling it in my mind, but I continued, and got her
to a lower tempature, and when I touched her skin again it was almost normal, it was
a little cooler, but jeez I felt pooped, now I needed some chocolate before I joined
the action again.
	After some chocolate and a glass of milk I charged outside again, using my mind to
blast the things behind the wall, Ed and Ryoki couldn’t see me yet so they were
staring at the wall in amazement, haha fools should have known it was me by now.
	I rounded the corner from the house still blasting, my eyes closed so I could
picture behind the wall, I could just see them in my mind though, as soon as they saw
me, they would shrug and turn back around. When I felt the crowd loosening, I
motioned to Ryoki to set fire to behind the wall, and he did, and soon enough I could
hardly feel any Lycans behind the wall, we were safe, for now. 
	“Meaghan, where did you go?” Ed asked me as he came closer, Ryoki looked at me
from what he was doing, which was burning the Lycans behind the wall.
	“To see Sam, I felt something was wrong, she collapsed, probably wanted to help,
but I picked her up and fixed her up some more, she should be better within a day
now.” I said, smiling at him. Ed hmphed and then started walking off towards his
house, I remembered something then, and I grabbed his arm.
	“Ed, I have to ask you something. Do you love Sam?” I asked, Ed blushed and
started fighting my hold, his eyes were wide.
	“So blunt! Why would you ask that!” Ed yelled at me, I covered his mouth with my
hand, did he want Ryoki to hear??
	“Just answer me properly.” I said, Ed stopped fighting and relaxed, I released
him and he grabbed my hand. “Where are we going?” I asked.
	“To your house.” Ed said, I nodded and followed him, I knew he’d only want to
answer me in private. Mahaha...
	Ed stopped pacing for a second, and then began again, I sighed and blew air at my
bangs, he sure was thinking more than talking, what was up with him? Was it because I
was so blunt that he had to think about such a thing?
	“Ed?” I said, he stopped pacing and sat down on the chair in my living
room/kitchen, and then he looked at me seriously.
	“I do, but... I have to fulfill my own mission first, which causes me to repress
my feelings.” Ed said, did I hear him right? Did I really just get a confession out
of him, well BAHAHAHAHA--- Wait... did this mean Sam’s voodoo shit worked?
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE FUCK?  How could that work, well this was
	“I get the whole self fulfilling thing, but really, you can love someone while
doing that you know that right?” I asked, crossing my legs and leaning forward. Ed
looked down at his feet.
	“I know that, but anyone I love will get hurt.” Ed said his tone was low; this
wasn’t the Ed I knew. Was this even Ed? I was sure it wasn’t, he was too weird,
too soft... not manly haha. I sighed and stood up, I was ready to bring hell down on
this unmanly Edward Elric, I could even feel my face go as scary as ever, the
coldness set in, like I really was the spawn of hell, I made a really creepy laugh
and looked down on him, somehow I had grown a foot...
top of my lungs, I felt the house shake from my fury, it even seemed like the walls
had grown eyes and were cowering from my hell like madness. Edward rose up from his
own seat.
	“I CAN’T SHE’S TOO IMPORTNAT!” Ed yelled back, I glared coldly at him, he
flinched a little, ohhh what fun it was with him not being manly, made me want to
smile goofily. 
back down then, and fell down onto the chair, exhausted from yelling so loudly. Wow
he really wasn’t manly right now.
	“Don’t, I will, soon enough.” Ed said, I hmphed and turned away from him, and
crossed my arms.
	“Fine, but you’ve only got a month Ed.” I said, and with that I walked out of
my own house and back to Sam’s to check on her that is if she hadn’t woken up
from the noise of our yelling. 
	But I knew what Ed was going through, I had once had a struggle like that before
too, and afterwards the person ended up leaving the country because their family was
moving, I would support him, but people should always know each other’s feelings
for each other, no matter what, or you might just loose them. 
	I sat outside of my house looking up at the sky thinking, my mind was lost in
shadows, a play of clouds, Ed had confessed his feelings to me, Sam was healing and I
wanted to tell her, but I gave him a month to do the right thing (I was sure I’d be
smiling weirdly for the next month...) and once I gave my word, I gave my word,
unless my head already knew I’d turn back on it, like when Sam had asked me not to,
I couldn’t resist the opportunity, plus if he answered wrongly I could always
torture him so he would never tell her I asked, oh that was purely evil.
	The sky seemed to twirl into different worlds and shapes the longer I lay there, but
I didn’t really care, this was one of the first bit of peace I’ve had since I
arrived here, Japan was a wonderful country with very interesting people, but
sometimes I want to go back to the academy, I liked being around lots of people and
having gym class, and imitating people. But I had my duty as a warrior, and I would
obey it. For I had taken the oath, a promise, to the world, the academy and myself,
it was one of my own personal missions.
	I sighed and stretched as I got up, taking in air and then blowing it back into the
cold like evening air and then I pushed back my stray hair before I turned to walk
back to go into the house, my hands in my pockets.
	“Meaghan?” Ryoki asked as he came up from behind me, I turned to face him.
	“Yeah?” I said. Ryoki held up some sort of letter. I blinked to see the creamy
white like envelope that the academy used. I ran towards him and stopped just in
front of him, and took the letter and read it.
	“Nice sunset.” Ryoki commented, I just nodded, I was still reading.
	“What’s this about? We’re searching some kind of mine cave tomorrow and if
Sam’s better she’s going with Ed into town to see if that family is even
there?” I said, reading aloud what had caught my eye. Even if Sam was better, was
that a good idea?
	“I know what you’re thinking, but it’s our duty, and no matter what, it still
is also Sam’s duty.” Ryoki said, he placed his hand on my shoulder; I shrugged it
off and dropped the paper.
	“That’s stupid! I would have to be with her! My powers won’t work unless I’m
around her for 12hrs after I’ve preformed a healing!” I yelled at Ryoki, his
eyebrows lifted and he sighed, putting his head into his hand.
	“Can we not fight about something so silly right now?” He asked, taking one look
at me out of the corner of his eye, I crossed my arms.
	“It’s not silly! Besides why would you ever pass up a fight?” I asked, eyeing
him with question. Ryoki dropped his jaw.
	“Since...Since I realized...” Ryoki stopped what he was going to say and turned
away from me.
	“Since? What?” I asked, Ryoki looked at me funnily.
	“I can’t tell you.” He said, and then he started to jog off into the trees
beside our house, well that was just weird, what was his problem? And this since I
realized bull? Could this evening get any weirder? I bet it could. 
	By the time Ryoki came back, there was a weird, awkward silence between us, and to
avoid it, I went and got changed. Taking my time too, because I liked to be
surrounded by laughter, not awkwardness because awkwardness was too weird for
everyone, especially me since I hardly ever had awkward moments until I reached the
academy and started to met people. 
	When I re-entered the room Ryoki looked up from what he was doing, looked at me and
then looked back at what he was originally doing, what was up with him? What was up
with all the boys today? Was it hormonal day for them or something? If so I would
like to destroy it because this was very, very weird to me.
	I sat down at the vanity and took my hair out of the high ponytail and then brushed
it until it wasn’t very puffy, but at the same time I could see him looking at me
from the corner of my eye.
	“WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” I asked, rising like a monster from my vanity’s
chair, the chair fell to the floor and the vanity’s drawers clanked, Ryoki looked
away again.
	“I have no problem, you’re paranoid.” Ryoki said, my right eye twitched in my
mad way, and I walked out of the room in a huff.
	“Yeah well at least I’m no pedophile.” I whispered under my breath, and then I
was suddenly in the kitchen, making myself tea, great my motherly side was trying to
calm me down. Sipping my hot tea carefully, I cooled down, closed my eyes, and when I
opened them, my head was arched back and I was looking up at the ceiling.
	I didn’t look down until I heard footsteps enter the room, and I knew they could
only be Ryoki’s. I saw him flop down onto the couch, pull out a book, pop on his
glasses and begin to read in an aura of seriousness, what was he? He wasn’t Ryoki;
Ryoki would be pissing me off by now, what the heck was going on?! 
	I stormed out of the room yet again, but he caught my hand somehow.
	“Look we’re partners right? I’m sorry, I’m just mad, my sister wants to see
me.” Ryoki said, I froze and jerked my arm back, and whirled to face him.
	“Why would you get so mad about that? Unless... you really are a pedophile!” I
said, laughing hysterically at the thought. Ryoki bowed his head.
	“I am not, it’s just she has a brother complex.” Ryoki growled through his
teeth. My eyebrow rose.
	“Oh, so it’s like that, that weird thing where the sister likes the brother to
much.” I said, Ryoki looked up and pushed his glasses up.
	“It’s annoying and just plain gross. She’s always clinging to me, I was happy
to be away from her for four years!” Ryoki spat. And then he walked past me.
	“Well shouldn’t you work it out?” I asked. Ryoki stopped and sighed.
	“I have, countless times, because she’s the only family I’ve got left, but no
matter what she still insists on acting like that.” Ryoki said. I crossed my arms
and yawned.
	“Maybe she’d give up if you could only get a girlfriend.” I laughed out, and
then I turned to go into the room, man was I tired all of a sudden. 
	“That could work great idea!” Ryoki said, I would have spat out something if I
had been drinking anything. I whirled around on him.
	“Don’t even think about it!” I yelled, and then I slammed the bedroom door on
him and kept my back pressed up against it as he tried to open it while pounding on
the door, pleading with me. What the hell had I done?


Even Though I Tortured You With Two Sentences For Each Preview XDD

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   17 February 2010   817065  
You were so mean with those previews. ;_;

OMG, Buisness, love, and relations all at once! I'm going to have my
hands full, but  it'll be fun. *Starts brainstorming how to start*
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   17 February 2010   471696  
Haha Yes I Was XDD
Every Other Time:
 Preview ^.^
Bllahahablahahbdhafbsfbkesf Two Sentences
Done XP


LOL I Know Right? Have Fun With That =P

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