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A story. (to be continued at later time)Category: Random thoughts
Friday, 12 February 2010
04:57:56 PM (GMT)
The Kingdom Of Stars 

Amores lay on her gilded four-poster bed, staring up at the golden ceiling. She was
in her room, her old room in the Palacio De Estrellas (Palace of Stars). Today was
her wedding day. Her flouncy, frosty, frothy white dress lay next to her, expectant.
Her life had taken a few twists, a few turns; some dips and dives, and landed her
here. As she brushed her cascading ebony hair and dusted her ruddy pink cheeks and
pale face with make-up, she remembered Jaca. Where was she? Maybe she could use her
power, her magical power to draw a magical thread and walk between the worlds, to
find her. So far, princesses have perfect lives, is that right? Not so. Let’s take
a look into her life before this perfect day while she dresses….. 

Amores wandered through the blooming fields. She stooped down, gathered her new green
silk dress a bit and plucked a daisy. She put it into her woolen bag, filled with
hyacinths, lilies, star flowers, cherry, apple, and orange blossoms, and many more.
Amores then strode back into her garden. She sat on a brown gilded bench, and began
pressing flowers. Amores felt a sudden breeze. It did not occur to her to look up,
for her father’s kingdom was located in a windy place, anyway. A hand tapped her
shoulder, and a handsome, dark-skinned man named Alles with liquid amber eyes gave
her a rare flower, the Diamond Heart, and pressed it into her delicate hand. Amores
looked up in wonder. From that moment on, they were inseparable. Her father was
startled by this, since Amores was usually introverted and shy. Alles’ muscled arms
would be regularly wound around the princess’ delicate waist, his calloused hands
dwarfing her small pale ones. He sent her one star for every day he thought of her
(she weaved them into a blanket, so we have the stars in the sky). One fine day,
Amores receives an invitation to Alles’ house (her sisters had sent it, they were
jealous and trying to break them apart.). Jaca, one of the six sisters, went ahead of
Amores to Alles’ quarters and tried to convince him to go to a party they were
having later on. Amores arrives and looks in the window, and from her point of view
it looked like Alles had her sister in his arms. She ran away, blinking back tears. 

In despair, Amores pulls a thread and side-steps into the Mortal Dominion. She ends
up slamming into a dark, sleepy town, rattling the window-panes. Surprised with her
boisterous entrance, she tiptoes through the village. As she rounds a corner, she
almost trips upon a huddled figure trying to gather warmth. A raspy, withered voice
admonishes her, saying, “Watch your step, Star Person.” Flustered by this, she
asks what she should do, and if he knows her predicament. “You are doubtful of me,
yet I know what you have, and need. You suspect your sister to be unfaithful with
your betrothed; this is not true. Your man loves you, and his blood sings your name.
Your heart calls to him. You must go back, and confront your mate. It is the right
and good thing to do, for your destiny will come of this,” he replies. Amores
regretfully accepts this, and yanks a thread. She takes another side-step…and lands
in a tumble of scratched princess and ripped silk in a thicket, at the feet of

nea14 says:   14 February 2010   643072  
cool story 
qtjulie writes :   14 February 2010   485007  


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