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Vampire DairesCategory: Vampires
Thursday, 11 February 2010
04:45:02 PM (GMT)
I woke up this morring feeling totaly dazed about last nite then it hit me and
Stefan had finaly made love after all the time it took for me and him to trust each
other and for me to trust the secret that he kept from me. i was rembering the scence
of that beautiful night him touching me kissing my skin and waiting for him to hold
me close when he said.

 "Good morrining i immedatly smiled and said good morring as he said i could get used
to this"

 to this i couldnt help but think that i love this man more than anything and wouldnt
give him up for the world thats when i felt the sense that we werent alone we both
jolted and saw stefans annoying sarcastic brother damon 

"We both excalimied DAMON!  damon grows a smile on his face and says hey if there
isnt i havent seen before i'll throw a dollar at it."

 i rolled my eyes and thought how does stefan deal with him i just want to throw a
huge book at him. it must be really hard for normal girls to resit him but i choose
to resist him for his gorgoues sexy brother if anyone tries to put up with him she'll
be a keeper. i soon noticed that damon was starring at me and so did Stefan started
pulling the covers up and said

"Hey why dont you stare at your own girlfriend ?

 "Ha your so funny if it wasnt for you i would have her in my bed saying good morring
like your a married couple instead of sitting hear talking to you"

" ok damon what do u want?"

"I want you two to get up and get dressed and help me figure out a way to get the
tomb open and get katherine out"

"Ok we may have promised to help you but we didnt think you would come and interup
our morrings we have a life other than you searching for a partily dead woman"

"OK stop it both of you elena" said to stop the argument she knew was going to

"Sorry" they both said simultanously 

"Damon get out of the room so we can get dressed then we'll go to the cemertry"

"Ok dont take your time dont need any distractions or any repets of last nite that
means you stefan damon said as he walked out the room"

I rolled my eyes " i just dont understand him sometimes"

"Try being his brother"
"Yeah i see"

"Ever since this whole Katherine thing started damon and i have never gotten along he
dosent trust me because she was taken away"

"Its not your fault you thought you could trust your own father turned out you
couldnt and thats ok atleast he has the second chance to go look for her werer they
can be together forever right?"

"Mabey damon is determined to find katherine i'll do anything to get rid of him and
go on with my life with you"

"Aw your so sweet i just hope we can help him"

i've loved you ever since  the first day i saw you. lets got" 

Stefan and elena had started walking down the stairs when they found damon he was 
already ready to go he had a jacket . 

"Lets go love birds dont have the time for you too to be contenmplaiting my actions

"How did u-" 

"I can hear u rember. Oh and stefan i will do everthing to not miss you when i leave
this town and go off with my beatiful elena doupleganger "

"Damon i can tell you one thing i will not miss you stefan said with a smile" 

"Ok now that we've exchanged words about my leave lets get this investagation
They had gotten out to the old cemetry within 3 seconds one of the things i loved
about my boyfriend being a vampire. we went into the tomb and looked around being as
my bestfriend being a witch i thought about the fact that the tomb is sealed by one.
So i couldnt help thinking how are we going to be inside the tomb when its closed and
sealed my mind was running on overdrive its a lucky thing they cant read my mind. as
we were looking around for clue and if there was something we were missing that would
open the tomb i heard a noise i turned around and saw a shadow move. 

"Stefan!" i said 
stefan turned around and read and heard the alarm on my face 

"Whats wrong?" he said and a werid tone that i havent heard before 

" i saw something move over there " i said pointing to were  i had seen the shadow 

wait and see what elena saw pleassseee leave comments and tell me what you think
Last edited: 13 February 2010

nea14 says:   13 February 2010   728604  
isnt this a show?
xoVampireMistressxo says :   14 February 2010   106104  
yes i'm doing my own storie some of it is from the show


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