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Wednesday, 3 February 2010
06:18:24 PM (GMT)
Basics & Appearance Name: Cassandra Nichole Age: Thirteen, almost fourteen Location: Everywhere and nowhere at the same time♥ Marital Status: Single and waiting for right guy. Birthday: April 26 1996 Zodiac: Chinese is rat and other is tarus Birth Place: small town in Illinois Ethnicity: American, chez, irish, dutch, and a little bit Indian. Height: about 6' 8-9" Weight: thats a secret, but i lost ten pounds. Hair Color: dark brown in shadier parts, and a pretty brown with black and red in the light. Long or Short: kind of medium and long. Straight or Curly: It can be straight or wavy Eye Color: dark brown Tats: want a couple, but i am probably never gonna get them Piercings: none, had ears when little but they got infected so i let them close This or That. Fire or Ice: FIRE♥ i am a pyro Day or Night: Night... i love the night. Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee fo sho Tea or Soda: Soda pop, unless it is a good iced tea Juice or Water: depends on what kind of juice. White Milk or Chocolate Milk: neither, i don't drink milk Italian or Chinese: Chinese, eat it every year on my b day McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's I CAN'T STAND BURGER KING XC Pizza Hut or Domino's: Pizza Hut definately Watermelon or Kiwi: Watermelon, that reminds me i have a personal water melon in the fridge Strawberry or Blueberry: Strawberries or if we go to Michigan to pick fresh blueberries then blueberries Cherry or Banana: Banana. i am a monkey Summer or Winter: Winter, the cold is my friend Spring or Fall: Fall i love the pretty leaves, and spring is hot a sticky. Rainy or Sunny: Rainy. I love the smell of fresh rain in the morning. Snowy or Rainy: Snowy cause it is soft and cold and delicious Love or Money: Love... definately love. You can't buy true love. Have you ever: Smiled for no reason: hell to the yes Danced in the rain: most of the time when it rains Sang out loud: yeah, then i got screamed at Kissed in the rain: no, haven't kissed anybody @_@ Gotten in a bar fight: i wish Done drugs: no Been drunk: no Been in love: yeah, but he did not love me back Sat on a roof: yeah, when my window screen would come out Gotten thrown out of a store: maybe Cried over a guy (if yes, was he worth it?): yes, and kind of. Played an instrument: yes, sax. Smoked a cigarette: no, but i have inhaled second hand smoke Lied: yeah, like all the time... well at least once a day i probably lie Cheated: on a guy no, but on homework, yeah. Stolen: yeah T_T Stayed up all night: Duh... i have stayed up two nights in a row, with no sleep Been arrested: no, but i have been in the back of a cop car. Him. Height: Taller then me. Body Type: not fat, but he can be a bit chubby, he has to have some muscle and he can't smell bad. Dark or Light hair: a mix Dark or Light eyes: either or, i like dark and light eyes, they just have to be pretty. Rich or Sweet: Sweet, money doesn't mean that much to me. I mean as long as we are together we could be living on the streets for all i care. Cute or Hot: cute, but not too cute. Rocker or Cowboy: a bit of a mix, he has to have good taste in music, but i like suthern people Gangster or Punk: as long as he is not in a gang or emo, i am fine. Favorites. Movie: thrillers, horror and comedies Music: rock, and werid mix of shit. Singer: don't really have a fav singer. Rapper: well i don't listen to rap, but I love Travis McCoy and then i have a song by Ludacris stuck in my head becuase of Mike Food: Bobby's mom's pizza, and Antoniette Theresa's dad's pasta Drink: peach iced tea flavored water. mmmmmmmmmm Alcoholic Drink: Strawberry Daiquiri and Mike's hard lemonade. Dessert: small bwol of icecream with sprinkles, hot fudge, whip cream and a little bit of something depending on my mood

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