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this is how i feel,not like you care.Category: (general)
Monday, 4 January 2010
09:40:39 PM (GMT)
its hard seeing you,everyday. knowing that everything great that happened with us. started a meer year ago. January 15,2009 or so. You told me the night before,to walk to your locker in the morning. Because you had to ask me something. I knew we both felt the same way,lusted. is that a word? oh well. So I walked over there. You were talking to one of our friends. And then,you just stopped. In mid-conversation with that person. Turned to me. And Said "Will you go out with me?" I answered "You already know my answer." and smiled. You always did make me have a huge smile. A few days after that I brokeup with you,because I didn't "know that much about you." Well,you tried your hardest to get to know me after that. Then You again asked me out,January 21,2009. We dated for about two and a half months. It was the best I could of ever asked for. But I started liking other people,so I brokeup with you. I didn't want to do that to you. I tried to move on. And so did you. But then we started talking again, in April. We dated for a few weeks. Then,You decided it wasn't fair for me. You had feelings for megan. We kept talking though,because we both still liked eachother. In May 2009,the day of the school musical,we walked to the highschool together. You sat behind me. we talked the whole time. We then walked back together, when we were crossing the street you said "I'm scared,hold my hand?" So I went and reached for your hand. But Kegan grabbed it. So much for your wing man there :D But,you walked me to class. And right when I could tell you were going to ask me out my teacher yelled at me,and said to get back in the class. So we hugged and I left. Afterschool,Lauren ran up to me. And dragged me to your locker. and said "KAYLEE. AUSTIN. AUSTIN. KAYLEE." and ran off. You got your stuff. And said "I think we should go back out again." I answered "I agree on that subject." We walked,We held hands. Mr.Ott got annoying,as usual. And then we hugged goodbye. We dated for a while,til mid-June. I couldn't take not seeing you everyday. We kept our thing going though. Talked everyday. Then,in August. I finally got to see you again. At Oasis lake. We both looked forward to that party. seeing eachother. We went for a nature walk,alone. plus george. he was off in his own world. I loved that though, it was the best. we got back,and I swear. we were on the swings the whole time. its like no one else was there. Jessica was flirting with you though, i got jealous. admit fine. But you just wanted me. We played chicken. me and you,against jessica and autumn. that got out ALOT of anger i had for jessica that day. :] I ate your chip that you licked! but i didnt even know until after i ate it. I didn't really care. When you had to leave,we hugged for about ever! I didn't mind. I was kinda upset nothing else happened though. A week later we saw eachother at the elementary. Things happened. H'd,K'd,M'd. thats what happened. :] I'll never forget that day though,it was so cute. A few days later,I saw you again. At your football practic. You looked,shocked. Like you didn't want me there. And then,once school started you never talked to me. You said,you liked someone else. That person. being megan. OF COURSE. You guys started dating 9/19/09. You guys just brokeup in January of this year. Now your dating Courtney. WHO I HATE. not because of you though,boo. Sorry I loved you,and you'll never be forgotten. Sorry,you meant EVERY FUCKING THING to me. Sorry,your girlfriend looks like a man.. Sorry I was the best thing that has ever came to your life. - not being conceded. truth. Sorry we went through so much together. Sorry,you made me love you. Sorry,you taught me what real love felt like. Sorry,I can't get over it. I'M SORRY. OKAY? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT. just. don't be with her. thats all i care about. we're meant to be. even if i don't like you right now? which i don't even understand why i feel like this then. but i don't. and i do.
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Oroborus21 says:   4 January 2010   217626  
this was sweet. just try and be patient and see what comes. its
simple really. either you will be with him again and be happy....or
you wont be with him again..but (trust me) eventually you will get
over him..and yes you will be happy again....

so either way you will be happy just have to be patient
and get to that point down the road..
xxKayleeSAURxx says :   5 January 2010   147279  
@Oroborus21 yeah,i get what your saying. and i am happy. and i am
over him,its just the time of year. i know it all started with us
around now. and it just makes me think about all the good times we
had. and how i still don't understand what exactly went wrong there.
but thanks anyways :D 

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