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The Mayans and 2012.Category: (general)
Monday, 21 December 2009
12:09:04 AM (GMT)
The Mayans

The Mayans were the smartest civilization that ever entered this earth, they also
developed Astrology.
They put all the planets in order just bye looking at the star's, and you know what?
They put it in exact order.
Gallieo Gallilei on the other hand needed his telescope .. and ended up blind
completely blind just before he died. 
All of their predictions were right, they predicted World War 2, and Hitler. They
also predicted their own death,
the stupid Greeks (They believed that you had lasers in your eyes that made light so
you can see, but 
then, wouldn't you see in the dark?) came along and killed every Mayan. They lived in
the jungle of Mexico and Central America.
They created the most advanced calender ever, that ends in 2012. 
They also studied neurosurgery.
They also made the most precise architecture ever built. 
They even created zero.

Predictions that came true;

-They predicted when the moon will rise, set and when it will be full moon. 
Scientists have known the precise moonrises and sets throught-out the modern day. 
When scientists studied the Mayan records of when the moonrise and moonsets would
occur, scientists figured that the Mayan were 33 seconds off the actual time.
-World War 2 and Hitler.
-9/11 (The Twin Tower's collapse.)

Some inventions, 

Math Building
A writing system.
Numbers ...


The Mayan's Long Count Calendar completely ends on December 21/2012. 

On that day, earth will wobble on it's axis, maybe causing big disasters, storms and
earth quakes?
And would be the start of a whole new beginning. 
I think the economic chaos and global meltdown is leading up to 2012.

Some say that the sun will implode.
Others say that the comet's of Planet X are going to come to earth.

Stolen from the internet:

We're currently on the Mayan's fifth Sun. The First Sun was destroyed by water, the
second by fire, the third by hurricanes and the fourth by natural catastrophes. On
this current sun, we are called the "People of Corn".

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