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Wednesday, 25 November 2009
06:15:19 PM (GMT)
- About You
Eye Color: Almost red....
Hair Color: Blackish, tinted red a little.
Height: 5"10!
Favorite Color: Violet
Screen Name: xxjunelunaxx
Favorite Band: Eurythmics, Queen, The Who,
Favorite Movie: Auntie Mame, Forrest Gump, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, The Blues
Brothers, Wayne's World
Favorite Show: Mighty B! Spongebob, Fat Albert, etc
Your Car: I had a Suzuki vehicle 
Your Crushes First Name: Emmett, he's mine!
Your Grade: 12th grade!
Your Style: UNIQUE

- Have You Ever
Sat on your rooftop: Yup
Kissed someone in the rain: Many times!
Danced in a public place: Yeshh
Smiled for no reason: YES, MILLIONS OF TIMES!
Laughed so hard you cried: A few times...
Peed your pants after age 8: That's my business! No!
Written a song: Once
Sang to someone for no reason: Gazillions of times
Performed on a stage: Yuperoo
Talked to someone you don't know: Yess, "Hi" "Thanks" "Cute dog!" "Cute____"
Gone out of your way to befriend someone: Yep
Made out in a theatre: Oh, YES!
Gone roller skating since 5th grade: A few times.
Been in love: YES!!!!!

- Who was the last person to...
Say HI to you: The weirdie doorman
On phone: Renee
Tell you, I love you: Emmett!
Kiss you: Emmett!!!!!!!
Hug you: Jessy!
Tell you BYE: A shopkeeper guy with an afro
Write you a note: Stef :P 
Take your photo: The computer
Call your cell phone: Seina
Buy you something: Jessy
Go with you to the movies: Emmett to see NEW MOON
Sing to you: Aretha Franklin on my iPod
Text message you: Lucy

- What's the last...
Time you laughed: A second ago due to THIS QUESTION
Movie you watched: Star Trek!
Song you've sang: Stand by your maaaan, give him two arms to cliiing tooooo.....
Drink you've had: Lemonadeee
Number you've dialed: Betty to say HEYY
Book you've read: A textbook
Food you've eaten: Popcorn
Flavor of gum chewed: Mintymint
Shoes you've worn: Geta
Store you've been in: Blockbuster
Thing you've said: "Poor Zelda, no more coughing" ;(

- Can You...
Write with both hands: Yes
Whistle: A little
Blow a bubble: DUH
Roll your tounge in a circle: Yes
Cross your eyes: Yes, and in many different positions!
Touch your tounge to your nose: Aaaalllmmmooossstttt!
Dance: They say I'm faboo, but I dunno
Stay up a whole night without sleep: Yes! 
Speak a different language: A little Spanish, some Japanese, Jannie taught me to
speak a teeny bit of Swahili 
Impersonate someone: Yess, Stevie Nicks, Wallace Shawn, Squidward
Prank call people: FURGETTTT ITTT
Make a card pyramid: No...
Cook anything: Yess!
Burp anything: No

‹⟡Lucy⋄In⋄The⋄Sky⋄With⋄Diamonds⟡› says:   25 November 2009   502384  
Too many cartoonys, Jilly Lilly!
xxjunelunaxx says:   25 November 2009   256264  
Nyah, Loony Toon Lucy!
‹♥♥♥_Mint_kitten_♥♥♥› says:   25 November 2009   571426  
u must me evil!! 
munchkin99 says:   26 November 2009   249590  
munchkin99 says :   26 November 2009   206313  


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