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Kirti's Mind TheaterCategory: The little Orphan
Thursday, 19 November 2009
05:40:10 PM (GMT)
Sometimes thinking up a single line is enough inspiration.
Characters, plot, ect, credited to Miss_RolePlay1995.

       Naono lounged against a tree root, peering at Shiki as she paced. He shouldn't
be quite so comfortable around The Enemy, as the common soldiers referred to members
of the resistance, but Shiki wasn't emotionally prepared to kill an unarmed man, much
less some kid who used to pass her every other day on her way to math class. Her pale
brows were furrowed as she contemplated her situation, so different from Naono's.
        Somehow, Shiki had gotten herself lost in the woods and walked in on Naono,
who had been practicing tracking spells. Since Naono was rather worn down from
spelling, and was, he figured, a pretty nice guy, he warned Shiki that there
were some rookie soldiers in the woods doing practice patrol missions, in some
direction or other, and that even though he would rather not bother trying to
"capture" anyone, they wouldn't mind a bit.
        If Naono used the right spell, he would pass through no more than seven feet
of earth and into Mige's Maze, and could take any number of short cuts back to just
about anywhere in Shikuro's realm.  
       But poor little lost Shiki was stuck. Naono might be the only other person in
the woods for miles around, the next people she saw might try to kill her. Poor kid,
       Naono knew that he should have left as soon as he saw her- just keeping her
proximity to soldier training a secret would be generous, and if she had to take her
chances with some newbie’s learning to march, so what? She was doing it anyway.
      But truth be told, he'd always rather admired Shiki. She was an orphan too, but
she still acted happy. It was... Kinda sweet. Obviously fake, but sweet. From what
Naono knew of it (AKA not much) she'd been left when she was really little, but she
still knows something about life before. That's a pretty big burden to carry around,
but she still smiled, the lovable freak. Who wouldn't have a soft spot for
someone like her?
Back and forth, back and forth.

"Look, you're just ganna wear yourself down pacing," Naono said at last. Shiki
flinched. Filched! Honestly, you try to give some a bit of advice, and they filch. 
      "Okay, let me lay this out for you- You could assume I'm planning to kill you,
but as I've mentioned I have no weapons. You could think I'm lying, or that I mean
you harm in some other way, but then you'd end up killing a kid who hadn't down
anything except lean against a tree."


      "You could just run further into the woods, but you're lost, and I'm the only
landmark you have, assuming I don't leave. Not to mention that you might get yourself
more lost, or run across those guys I warned you about, who- let's face it- aren't
nearly as friendly or charming as me." Naono flashed her a wicked
smile, and batted his eyelashes jokingly. Shiki just looked more scared. Right then,
note to self- no jokes while people are freaked out.
      "Here's another choice, rather a stretch... You could take this as a
splendid opportunity to work with Shikuro! Let's face it, Mana isn't very nice


      "Yeah, figured you wouldn't go for that. Well, if we'll both agree to not
murder each other until dark, you could just hang out here for a bit. By sundown a
search party's guaranteed to be looking for you, and the trainees'll be back at the
bunker. No need to have real troops all the way out here at night- but don't go
trying to invade, the camp is remarkably hidden, and very secure." This last
bit was hastily tacked on. After all, even Shiki could be a trap, to get
       Being around a girl from the Old World has making Naono feel rather self
conscious, on the whole. Shiki was younger, but still very pretty. Shame she didn't
want to switch sides... Naono was rather concerned over how genuinely disappointed he
was. Stupid hormones. A guy can't even trust his own feelings.

      "Words can hurt, you know," Naono responded, but it came out more bitter then
      "Would help me get back to my friends?" Shiki asked hopefully. Somewhere, in
the part of his brain not affected by females, a warning sign went off. 
      "Well, I mean I'll try, or rather, I've been trying... If you want to-" 
"So how do I get out of the woods?" First the color drained from Naono's face, and
then he turned a color that boys really weren't supposed to be associated with.
      "Well, I- I can't say I really know how you'd go about leaving, but..."
Naono stammered, and Shiki deflated. 
      "You're lost too?" She asked, plopping on the ground in a most un-lady-like
Naono mustered up his manly indigence to say "I'm not lost! I just don't know how to
leave on foot, is all!" 
"So how do you get out?" 
      Puffing out his chest, Naono said "I leave using a spell! But
um," Shiki was looking at him. Expectantly. "It's treason to tell you the spell," he
finished lamely.
      "No it's not! Why would Eichiro mind?" Shiki protested. 
      "He wouldn't, that's the problem. Eichiro's family doesn't make the rules
anymore. His family was in power before the revolution, and now Shikuro is the ruler,
and soon there's going to be another revolution because Eichiro’s ganna try and
change things back, but he's just the leader of the Rebel Army!" 
      "He's the rightful heir!" 
      "Yeah, and 'rightfully' New York should be a colony!"

Silence. And then:

"Really, Naono, what is your problem?" She demanded.
      "Everybody knows what my problems are. Orphan, grew up with no
friends? And now I'm helping to keep an evil monarch from seizing power. What's
your problem?" Naono shot back.
      "I'm just trying to help my friends unseat an evil dictator!" 
"He's not... You didn't even really answer the question! You act so happy all the
time; I never know what you're really thinking. What's bothering you? Are you okay?"
Shiki looked in Naono's eyes, and there was some sort of connection, before what
sounded like a heard of wildebeests came trampling through the brush. 
      Thinking it was the last of the training soldiers heading back, Naono shot up
and stood before Shiki, preparing to excuse her presence with some lie or other.
"Shiki! Is that you?" Called the voice of Mana. 
      Without another glance at Shiki, Naono whispered "This spell will take me into
the tunnels below!" and disappeared.
     "I'm sure we'll meet again, Shiki," Shikuro's apprentice said solemnly, then
started off towards the fortress of his master. "And that's what I'm afraid of."

Last edited: 11 August 2011

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   19 November 2009   576721  
Yet another fanmade masterpiece by my favorite fan. I like it,
although I was kinda surpised at how open Naono was to Shiki.
Kirti says:   19 November 2009   887560  
Thanks! *beam*
Well, he only said obvious things, so I figured it was okay. Plus I
was trying to show that deep down he looooooves her. (Not that he'd do
anything sbout it *snicker*)
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says :   22 November 2009   128569  
Naono and Shiki would be such a cute couple after reading this :3


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