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Saturday, 14 November 2009
03:01:26 PM (GMT)
Where do you live? Vancouver Island
Where were you born? Calgary
Where do you want to live? Alberta, I wanna go home
Where do you want to visit? Anywhere
How do you want to die? In my sleep
How old do you want to be when you die? 78 Does it matter? yeah
How many kids do you want? 1 or 2
How old do you want to be when you marry? 22
How old are your parents? Mom-41 Dad-40 on the 23rd
When was the last time you cried? Tuesday
When was the last time you talked to someone? 5 minutes ago
When did you last eat? Yesterday
When did you last shower? Two days ago. I hate showering when I'm sick. 
When did you last laugh? Last night
When did you last smile? This morning
What is your biggest regret? Gettin a password on my computer
What are your worst fears? Spiders and needles and physco killers (Sylar from
What are your pet peeves? Copycats
What are you doing besides taking this? Listening to music
What are you listening to? The Starstrukk remix. (3oh!3)
What did you say last that you wish you didn’t? I hate you ((to my mom))
What do you wish you had said but didn’t? I wish I had told her I loved her
Why are you taking this? Boredom 
Why do you think you are here? Everyone has a purpose here, I'm here to help.
Why is your favorite song, your favorite song? Cause it's catchy!
Why are you on kupika? For friends and fun
Why don’t you get off your butt, and go socialize? Because i'm sick and live in the
middle of no where
Why do people sometimes bug you? Cause they copy you
Who do you wish you could be with forever? Danika and Matt
Who is your best friend? Taylor, Danika, Nikki, Kayley
Who would you trust your life with? Danika, Taylor, Kayley, Mom, Dad, Sister
Who would you take a bullet for? Matt, My sister, Danika, Taylor
Who is in love with you? Matt
Who are you in love with? Matt (works well xD)
Who do you hate? Rain evil bitch face
Who inspires you? Danika
Who do you look down on? 
Clothes- PJ bottoms and Maui shirt
Hair- Down and ugly.
Makeup- none
Song listening to- (Now) Rich Girls-Down with Webster
Room you are in-Living room
Favorite color-Blue
Favorite song- Umm I don't have one
Favorite subject-English
Favorite thing to do-Hang with Matt
Favorite outfit-  Jeans, T-shirt, sunglasses xD
Favorite thing to say- -cough- (insert insult) -cough-
Are You 
Hot or Cold? I dunno
Hungry or Full- hungry 
Thirsty or Quenched-thirsty
Bored or Hyper-More towards the bored side
Wearing shoes? No
Wearing a jacket? No
Wearing socks? Yes
Going to repost this? No shit

‹Shayla+Tayla=BFFS› says :   14 November 2009   177711  
okay then


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