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Saturday, 31 October 2009
11:41:32 AM (GMT)
They came to large, wooden stairs and began to climb. They strolled to the landing and Cathy watched as a mad-looking girl was standing on some wooden ladders, reaching the locked and latched attic door. She had black, curly hair that twisted out in weird angles, trying to be kept in by a red bow. Her black eyes were squinted as she tried to undo the latch. “Ruby.” Rowan sighed. “Please don’t do that.” But Rowan kept walking even though Ruby showed no sign in stopping. They soon came to Rowan’s room and was surprised to see it was so normal and modern. There was light blue bed in the corner littered with girly magazines. Shelves stacked with toy clown collectibles and a TV hid in the corner, on top a whitewash stand with a few horror movies decorating it. It was quite a plain bedroom with blue wallpaper. Rowan strode in and began searching the large, wooden bookcase that took up one whole wall. Suddenly, footsteps were heard above them, scuttling from one side of the room to another. Cathy and Denzel looked up as the footsteps turned into banging’s, as if someone was punching the ceiling, trying to get through. “Um…Rowan? What’s locked up in the attic?” Cathy whispered, finally feeling frightened as she wondered what could be up there. “Oh, that’s my cousin, he’s name’s Walter.” Rowan answered calmly, not taking her eyes off the bookcase. Denzel’s mouth dropped. “Your cousin!? You locked your cousin in the attic?!” “Yea, he likes it up there, well, used to. Not sure if he feels the same way now…Ah, here it is!” And Rowan grasped and tugged a large, thick book from the middle shelf. “You locked your cousin in the attic?” Denzel repeated, growing paler by the second. “Yea, there were rumours going around after his brother went missing . People started saying that Walter had ate him, if you believe such things.” She shrugged as she walked out the room, Cathy and Denzel followed obediently, not wanting to be left alone with the cannibal cousin pounding his way through to the room. “Although…” Rowan pondered. “He did suddenly get obsessed with meat just after the rumours spread.” She turned to inform her guests; “He was a vegetarian before.” Ruby was still at it as they passed her the second time. Cathy thought it odd that Rowan would just let her continue, trying to release a murderous boy obviously hungry and most probably angry. But Rowan passed her without a moments thought and bounded down the stairs. Cathy thought to lighten the mood. “What’s the book for?” “Scare off unwanted spirits. Most people know of Pagan tradition’s, where you dress up to scare off spirits? But we offer them a feast. This book’s just to help them with certain recipes. Again, if you believe such things.” It was easy to forget about Walter when you’re walking with Rowan, Cathy thought as she decided to get lost in the new subject. There was no point in getting worried about Walter escaping. Surely Rowan would’ve made more of an effort to stop Ruby if she needed to. Rowan waltzed into the kitchen and before Cathy could follow, someone grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Denzel still looked pale and had that look he wore whenever there was a spider in his room. “Cath, we need to get out of here.” “What? Don’t be silly, we just got here.” “Hello!? Earth to Catherine! We have just witnessed some zombie kids chase a walking teddy, people preparing a feast for the undead and a cannibal kid locked in the attic!” “It’s Halloween! I’ve seen spookier things when hanging around with your mum!” Cathy hissed back. “Cathy! You can not be serious in saying you want to stay!” “Fine, but you come up with the excuse!” Before Denzel could object Rowan had returned with her usual bounciness. “Sorry about all this, it’s been mayhem, it always is at this time of year. My family are big on Halloween, but now we can settle down and get this sleepover started.” “Look, Cathy’s friend…” Denzel started, obviously not taking the time to remember her name. “Hold on, let me go get the popcorn.” She interrupted and Rowan danced to the kitchen again. “Popcorn?” Denzel asked, his eyes going big. “So, you staying?” Cathy asked. “Definitely! Did you not hear? Popcorn! I haven’t had popcorn for 5 days! 5 days!” He then began to ramble how nice that popcorn was. There was always one way to win Denzel over. Food. Rowan came out with several bags of popcorn and other snacks and ran back up the stairs, Cathy and Denzel in tow. As they came to the landing, Rowan stopped in her tracks. Cathy didn’t know what was up but when she looked above her, she knew exactly what was up. Or exactly what wasn’t. The attic door was gone, so was the girl although her red bow was on top of the ladder. “Um, do you think Walter’s still up there?” Denzel asked, his voice breaking. All three of them began to saunter towards the dark, gaping hole in the ceiling. “Would you stay up there when all the food is down here?” Rowan asked, a hint of fear in her voice that Cathy wasn’t use to hearing. “Hold on! I thought you said the rumours weren’t true!?” “No I didn’t. I said if you believe such things! Well, I, for one, am a believer.” Cathy then froze. Throughout the whole night, she hadn’t felt such terror until this moment. Staring up at the lair of a beast that was just awakened, no idea where he could be or what he was up to. A low growl, almost like a dog’s, drifted to their position, just before an odour of rotting flesh grew stronger. They all turned to the end of the landing to find a small, hunched over boy glaring back at them. He had a black tunic on that was way too big for him and covered with stains. His black hair was stuck out at awful angles that showed madness and wildness. His black eyes strained to see in the light coming from the chandelier. His piranha-like teeth were protruding from his mouth, a piece of dripping meat clinging to them. His jagged nails were gripping another piece. His snarl made Cathy’s knee’s shake as she held on to Rowan’s shoulder for support, although it didn’t feel very stable. Walter. He roared at them and all three of them responded with a ear-splitting scream! Rowan then took off down the stairs. Cathy followed grabbing Denzel’s hand as she went. Her heart pounded as they raced down the stairs, two at a time. They shot through the door, down the path, through the gate and down the street, without even looking behind them. They didn’t want to be around when Walter finally fed his appetite. They sprinted into the night as the darkness enveloped them… So sleep tightly, my lads, When you lay down you Head, and you might Want to leave on a light For who knows what’s Lurking behind you And with that, I must Bid you goodnight…

Loih_Rhu says :   31 October 2009   222869  
haha, I luved it, it was really gd <3


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