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Saturday, 24 October 2009
06:25:38 PM (GMT)
1. Name: Katharine.
2. Middle Name: Don't have one.
3. State: Huh?
4. Place of Birth: I can't remember. ._.
5. Male or Female: Female.
6. Hometown: Somewhere in Scotland. :3
7. Bus: What you mean?
8. School: A big one.
9. Occupation: Don't have one. :P
10. Initials: K And another letter.
11. Screen Name: CherryPopLove and KnowMeByMyBatmanHoodie.

Your Appearance:
12. Hair Color: Dark brown, and you can sometimes see the copper strands.
13. Hair Length: Like and inch or two below my armpits?
14. Eye color: Dark brown.
15. Best Feature: Idk. My but? xD
16. Height: Not sure. Last time I was measured I was 5'0.
17. Braces?: Nope.
18. Glasses?: No.
19. Freckles?: A few.
20. Diploma?: No.

Your Firsts:
21. First kiss: I haven't really kissed yet. ^^"
22. First best friends: Joanna. 
23. First Award: Can't remember.
24. First Sport You Joined: I don't do sports. ¬3¬ Although, It was probably hockey
or basketball.. xD
25. First thing you did today: Woke up?
26. First Real vacation: CYPRES. 8D
27. First thing you said today: Idk. :P
28. First Love: Idk.

29. Movie: CIRQUE DU FREAK: THE VAMPIRES ASSISTENT. And I just watched Camp Rock. It
30. TV Show: I don't really watch Tv.
31. Color: Black. Red. Blue. 
32. Rapper: Eminem. :P
33. Place to get groceries: TESCO.
34. Food: It depends..
35. Season: Autumn.
36. Candy: Haribo and those wee banana things you get..
37. Sports: I've already said I don't do sports. ¬3¬ Wait, does gymnastics count?
Even though I'm really bad at it?
38. Restaurant: MCDONALDS. 8D It's a fast food restaurant
39. Friend: Favourite Friend? IDK. I LOVE THEM ALL!
40. Store: Tesco Idk. I just go to random places.
41. School Subject: ART.
42. Animal: Snake.
43. Book: Idk. Something by Darren Shan..
44. Magazine: I don't read magasines. 

45. Doing before you started this survey: Idk. Can't remember. Halfway through I went
off to watch Camp Rock. xD
46. Feeling: Okay.
47. Wearing: A white tee-shirt. Dark blue trousers. And underwear.
48. Crying about: I'm not crying at the moment.
49. Eating: Nothing. 
50. Drinking: Cola.
51. Dreaming: About my future.
52. Typing: Stuff.
53. Listening To: Stewie singing something on family guy.
54. Thinking about: MY FUTURE.
55. Wanting: My friends.
56. Watching: Family Guy.

57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Uhm.. I'll be *using fingers* 18. I'm not
sure.. D;
58. Kids: I want a girl first. Then another girl. Maybe a boy after.
59. Want to be Married: Yeah.
60. Career in Mind: Writer. Something with art? Or singing.. Probably art. BUT I

Which is Better with the Opposite Gender:
61. Sport: JUMPING.
62. Shirt: I like hoodies. ;^;
63. Hair color: I like dark colours. And unnatural colours. AND GINGERS.
64. Hair length: Longish. I like a long fringe and hair they can just tie back.
65. Eye color: Blues. And green.
66. Measurements: What?
67. Cute or sexy: BOTH. But I really like cute guys. *A*
69. Hugs or Kisses: Both. BUT I DO LOVE HUGS. 83
70. Short or Tall: Short, but taller than me. xD
71. Easygoing or serious: Easygoing. But I've got to be able to have a serious
conversation with them.
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both. 
73. Good or Bad: THE BAD BOYS.. ARE ALWAYS CATCHING MY EYESS.. *CoughCough* It
depends, but I don't really like goodie-two-shoes's. :P
74. Sensitive or Loud: Both.
75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
76. Dating Forever or Marriage: I would like to get married quite late..
77. Love or Lust: LOVE. 8D

Have You Ever:
78. Kissed a STRANGER: No.
79. Had major surgery: No.
80. Gone commando: No. xD
81. Ran Away From Home: No. Wanted to. Still want to sometimes. But I like the TV and
the food Daddy buys.
82. Broken a bone: Not yet.
83. Got an X-ray: Yeah.
84. Been on a cruise: Nope. 
85. Broken Someone's Heart: Don't think so.
86. Dumped someone: I can't remember. I was 7 last time I had a 'boyfriend'. xD I
think I did the dumping..
87. Cried When Someone Died: Only really one person I knew died. I cried at the
88. Cried At School: Yeah. Twice. Dx I'M SUCH A BABY. ;^; Although, the second time
it was just 1 tear that ELLISH saw.. 

Do You Believe In:
89. God: Not sure. Kinda. :3
90. Miracles: No.
91. Love at First Sight: I guess.
92. Ghosts: Yeah.
93. Aliens: There might be other life out there..
94. Soul Mates: Don't know. Haven't thought about it.
95. Heaven: No.
96. Hell: NUU.
97. Answered prayers: No.
98. Kissing on The First Date: It depends..
99. horoscopes: Depends who's doing it. ¬3¬

Answer Truthfully:
100. I think so. :P

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