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Chapter 6: The UnknownCategory: (general)
Monday, 12 October 2009
03:41:36 AM (GMT)
Marth: "Uuhhnn...... W-what? Where... am I?" ???: "Tee hee hee! Wake up
mister!" Marth: "Celebi?" ???: "Hee hee hee! No silly, I'm a fairy!"
Marth: 0.0 *Opens eyes* "OMFG! THEY'RE REAL! I KNEW IT!!! Green Fairy: "Come!
Follow me mister!" Marth: "Yaaaayy! They're real! They're real!" They travel
across the grassy field, through the forest, and in the middle was a huge fairy city
(huge to them anyways) Marth: "WOW!! A fairy city! Yaaayyyzz!" Green Fairy:
"Tee hee hee! You must see our queen! She'll grant you a wish!" Marth: "Can I
wish to have a fairy forever?!" Green Fairy: "You can wish for whatever you
want!" Marth: "SWEET!" They go to the middle of the city, where a magnificent
palace lies, more like a tricked out house to Marth though. Green Fairy: "My
fairy queen, I have brought a guest from the giant world." Queen Fairy: "Oh how
wonderfull! My... they really are as big as is described of them." Marth: "H-hello
queen fairy! I'm very excited to meet you! I knew fairies were real, I just knew it!"
Queen Fairy: "Well, I'm very pleased to meet a giant such as yourself. In honour of
this first meeting, I grant you...." Marth: "Yes..... Yes!" Queen Fairy: "YOUR
DOOM!" Marth: 0.0 "What?!" *Queen Fairy goes dark and ugly* Dark Queen Fairy:
Fairy! What's going-" Dark Green Fairy: "You said some very mean things to this
wolf!" *Wolf Link suddenly appears, but darker and more savage looking* Dark
Wolf Link: "AAAWWOOOOOOHHH!!!" *Wolf Link lunges for Marth's head* Marth:
"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Lucario: *Punts marth in the face* "WAKE UP!" Marth: "OUCH!! Huh?!
What?!" Zelda: "You were screaming and crying. What were you hallucinating about?"
Marth: "I-it was a h-hallucination?" Midna: "Tee-hee! You were screaming and
shouting, and thrashing about! It was fun to watch." Wolf Link: *Snorts*
Marth: "AAHHH!!!" *Cowers* Lucario: "It's just Link! Calm down!" Marth: "B-b-but the
f-fairies.... th-they c-called him and h-he tried t-to rip m-my h-h-h-ead off-f!"
Celebi: "Sounds like those mushrooms gave you a horrible hallucination." Marth:
*Looks puzzled, but still terrified* Zelda: "You ate some wild mushrooms when we got
here, and then you started acting funny, and you passed out when we got to this
cave." Lucario: "Idiot." Marth: "I am not an idiot!" Wolf Link: "Grrr!" Marth:
"AAHHHH! I DON'T WANNA DIE!" *Runs behind a rock" Lucario: "Dude, even I know that's
not cool." Wolf Link: *Put's head and tail down* Midna: "Tee-hee! All this
screaming and shouting is very entertaining!" Zelda: "Come on Midna. He's
scared to death of Link now! All because of those mushrooms. Now their friendship is
wrecked." Everyone: -Stares at Zelda with one eyebrow raised- Zelda: "Well it wasn't
like this!" Lucario: "Where are we anyways?" Celebi: "Tee-hee!...... I don't know!"
^^ Everyone: "WHAT?!?!" Celebi: "Dialga messed up my time-travel path, so we could be
anywhere or anythen." Lucario: "Well, I guess we should stay here for now, and think
of our next move carefully."

doing_things says:   12 October 2009   146287  
i request sum rule 34 on the green fairy
FlameFox says:   12 October 2009   181817  
umm, sum rule 34?
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   12 October 2009   658739  
wow.. Marth and evil fairys..that is kinda scarey to see..but that is
funny that marth is now scared of link now XD i love this one too
FlameFox says :   13 October 2009   341131  
^^ lol


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