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9/9/09, Crazy School Life, and Other Random ThingsCategory: School
Wednesday, 9 September 2009
04:42:31 PM (GMT)
Okay, so it's September 9th, 2009 (or 9 September 2009, depending on how you write it). Either way, it's 9/9/09. This won't happen for another hundred years. Right now it's about half-past ten and a few minutes ago I had this little epiphany and realized that I haven't done anything remarkable today. Nothing. So, well, I might as well catch Kupika up with my life. School started Monday, and that's one of the main reasons I haven't been on much. The week before that I thought was going to be calm, but then I got asked to join marching band. Am I really geek enough to say yes? Yes. And the computers at the local library, the only place with free internet around the school that even has the most remote chance of letting me into Kupika has it blocked as a porno site (porn? on Kupkia? Pu-leez.There's only about as much that as there is fakers, and haters, and...). The school has had it blocked as a porno site for about two years now, so it was only a matter of time. They both still let me on K-Net and K-uk, but they're "clean". Pssh. So anyways, band is intense if nothing else. We (or at least, I) got the music two weeks ago (so if my handy-dandy kitten wall calendar is correct, the 25 of August), a day after everyone else. There's six songs, and we have to have all of them memorized by the first game, which, if we're lucky, will be the 19th. Why do I say if we're lucky? Because the football team's first game is up in Belgium, and the Marching Band has to get there someway. I don't know if we'll go or not, but I'm trying to stay positive. Anyways, the six songs. There's "On Oklahoma", which is our sucky fight song. And of course the National Anthem, which we'll play first. Then "On Oklahoma", and that's the pregame show. Then the half-time show starts off with Aztec Gold, which you should go watch on YouTube right now if you've never heard it. It sounds beautiful when done right. Then there's the Spider Man Theme, and it's the color guard feature. That means that we basically march back and forth and around in boxes while they do their thing. After that's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (henceforth shorteded to "Lion") from the Lion King movie. It's the percussion feature, and it is my favorite! Everyone that's not percussion (or guard, since they're always doing their own little thing) has to chant along to certain parts, or else it sounds repetitive. Or so the band director says, because every time I listen to it it couldn't sould less repetitive. And last but not least is "Born to be Wild", my second favorite song after "Lion". It's the 'unofficial' fight song of the school, but I don't see why it's not the official one. I have this horrible feeling that the person that got to decide that went to OSU. And then school started. Wonderful, wonderful school. It started the Monday before Labor Day (last monday!) and seemed to last a week. My mom was convinced that my schedule was all screwed up because they skipped me a band (I went from Beginning Band last year to Advanced Band this year - you're supposed to go to Intermediate Band in between). It doesn't sound like much, but in the band room it sounds really different. I can't real half the notes (that being most of the ones in the upper octave), and the practice songs are way to mas for me. But what do I do instead of praticing? This. And then there's this screwy schedule no one can figure out, with A, B, and C days that I'm not even going to begin to try to explain. Half the teachers hate it and the other half love it, so it's got a strong love-hate relationship in the making. I've got Marching Band after school twice a week and two other days my mom drags me over to the gym to do my PE homework while she does an aerobics class. That leaves me with all of one day to do all my shitload of homework that I'm already being assigned. And just let me rant about PE while I'm on here. I have it two out of every three days - so some weeks I might have it four times in five days!!! Not only has my PE teacher told us that we're going to be running the mile at least once a week, but according to her wonderful little sylabus thingy (which every teacher feels compelled to hand out, btw) we're supposed to do, after Volleyball, Basketball, and maybe a little Pickelball, "Social Dance". Dancing. In PE. With other people. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! And right when I thought it couldn't be any worse, she said we might even square dance. It ain't pretty when I square dance. And now it's almost eleven and I guess this counts as something that I've done today. As I sign off, just remember, if you flip 9/9/09 upside down, you get 666. And ain't that just freakin' wonderful.

Link_13 says :   10 September 2009   472172  
Wow. What a wonderful day. lol.

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