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Sunday, 5 July 2009
08:54:49 PM (GMT)

Here's a quick report as to what's going to be what in the Tekko group (these can ALL
change, mind you; people back out, people join up, switch charries, etc.)

We're going as the Organization in Halloween Town X.X It's gonna be ROCKIN'!

(Oh, and the ?????? means that the people that are in that part haven't given us a
100% OK yet. I'll fill them in later!)

XEMNAS: Cosplayed by ??????
Costume: Think Jack Skellington-ish kind of outfit (AKA, pinstriped suit, or the
like) Something that suggests his superiority ^.^ 
Weapon: Two lightsabers in pink X.X

Costume: ...We're still not sure. We wanted to go 'pirate' or 'clown', but we still
haven't decided. But pirate looks like the most likely X.X
Weapon: Dual guns, being made by Ryan sometime this year (we promise!!!!!!!)

XALDIN: Cosplayed by ?????? 
Costume: We're hoping vampire, something elegent, AKA think Turks from FFVII.
Weapon: Six lances. Probably made by Ryan if no one else volunteers ^.^

VEXEN: Cosplayed by ?????? 
Costume: Why, a psychotic mad scientist, of course! Bloodstained coat, rubber gloves,
and the like! (Or Dr. Franknfurter. *snort* I wish)
Weapon: Shield. BIG shield. Made by ??????, possibly may be bought on the Internet.

LEXAEUS: Cosplayed by ?????? 
Costume: Frankenstein's evil gothic monster. Or, of course we could just go Rocky
Horror instead. He's hottah than anybody in Frankenstein X.X
Weapon: Huge Tomahawk. ... RYAAAAN!

Zexion: Cosplayed by ME! FWACK!
Costume: Gothic wizard/witch, complete with pointy hat ^.^
Weapon: Thick book with specialized cover, made by myself using an old Websters

SAIX: Cosplayed by ?????? 
Costume: A freaky evil werewolf doggie, with bloodstained outfit.
Weapon: A frickin' huge claymore, made by whomever wants to.

AXEL: Cosplayed by Kacie
Costume: ...Not sure. We might just go stereotypical Halloween town resident, y'know.
Dress her up in Hot Topic, give her fangs and a couple gashes. Cute zombie-style.
Weapon: CHAKRAAAAMS! EVERYONE wants to make these, so whomever claims first...

DEMYX: Cosplayed by RYAN
Costume: Rockin' evil ROCK STAR, dressed and ready to perform
Weapon: Blue sitar, half-made already by RYAN.

Luxord: Cosplayed by ?????? 
Costume: Whatever Xigbar ISN'T. 
Weapon: Deck of cards, but we'll probably just make one HUGE card to signify X.X

MARLUXIA: Cosplayed by ?????? 
Costume: Think Queen of Hearts, only with flowers. Very Victorian-style large dress
that's very show-offy.
Weapon: Scythe. SCYYYYYTHE. Ryan, our hopes are on you!

Costume: Evil awesome pixie / fairy, complete with tattered wings and other
Weapon: Small throwing knives (kunai if you're a Naruto fan), made by Court n'

ROXAS: Cosplayed by ?????? 
Costume: Little angel, complete with wings and halo. (Angel my arse, mind you)
Weapon: Keyblade, which shall be easy to acquire.
Last edited: 13 July 2009

gothprincess says:   6 July 2009   871985  
wow...that sounds very well-planned out...

should be fun tho

im gonna b a pirate i decided BTW...but a very cool goth pirate mind
Katilix says:   6 July 2009   698446  

OHMYGOSH, you HAVE to see Ryan's sitar! It's AWESHOME.

Plus my Lexicon's gonna be sweet once I have the motivation to get
started X.X
Rose_Baker says:   13 July 2009   885817  
You for got larcseen. 
( sorry if my spelling of her name is wrong )
Katilix says :   13 July 2009   475118  



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