love twilight 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... and mean pple who dis
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love twilight 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... and mean pple who dis
Category: twilight
Friday, 26 June 2009
06:23:55 AM (GMT)
all u pple out der dat love twilight like me.............................. her is
somting dat i tink u will all aggree!!!!!!!

if u dont hav any ting nice to say dont say it at all!!! i am sick and tired of mean
pple dissing twilight.....or pple who love twilight!!!!! its sooo mean ........soo
just leave us alone!!! just leave us fan girls alone!!!!! we would neva dis any1
because of wat they believe in!!!!! twilight means soo much to me life
is practacly dedicated to twilight!!! and yes i do love edward
cullen................... all the twilight characters!!!!!!!1 i love dem
alll..........soo if u dont like it keep it to  urself......... dont crush other
pples dreams..........we would never do it to u ....SOOOO JUST LEAVE US ALONE AND

i dedicated this page to all twilight fans ..........................and pple that
hav dreams that pple keep dissing,  dont giv up follw ur dreams!!!!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love jade xxxxxxxxxxx

LaLaGal says:   26 June 2009   654612  
Dats soooooooooo true!!!!
‹xxizzy1525xx› says:   26 June 2009   395153  
that is sooo true nd i love TWILIGHT
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   26 June 2009   878414  
mmmm hhmmm....keep those comments coming!!
‹Jasper? Hale yes!› says:   27 June 2009   573928  
So true!
My life is litterally dedicated to Twilight.
Twilight is like air to me... or as Edward would put it...
"...It's like a drug to me. You're like my own personal brand of
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   30 June 2009   997124  
teehee soo true!!!
‹xxizzy1525xx› says:   20 August 2009   194128  
‹xxizzy1525xx› says:   20 August 2009   524678  
‹xxizzy1525xx› says:   20 August 2009   168315  
Zelda3443 says:   20 August 2009   661473  
Why are you saying "If you don't like it keep it to yourself..." (Not
an exact quote...I felt the need to insert proper punctuation and
spelling. Please excuse this habit.) Well then maybe if you like it
then you should keep it to yourself. Don't be telling me to do
something, especially when it makes no sense. 

If I (and those others who hate Twilight) are supposed to stop hating
on it...then you people would have to stop loving on it. I think it's
best that we both just live in harmony. ^-^
Don't you think it'd be better like that?
tiggerlemon101 says:   20 August 2009   357113  
Just because someone disses Twilight doesn't mean they're mean.  I am
proud tobe extremely kind, giving, generous, and a humanitarian... all
in all a pretyt nice person if I do say so myself.  I am also proud to
hate Twilight.

Get an education, girl.  
tiggerlemon101 says:   20 August 2009   698587  
And what, pray tell, are your dreams?  That you're going to meet
Edward?  Come on, he's not real!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!  I  bet you could
even ask Stephanie Meyer and she'd tell you - Edward is a figment of
her imagination.  Haven't you ever read the story about how she named
Edward and Bella?  If they were real, she wouldn't have had to name

Stuuuuuupid... *rolls eyes*
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   20 August 2009   878935  
Talk to Jade liek that one more time and I'll kill you.
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   20 August 2009   727264  
thank u jo!!!

tiggerlemon; dont u dare speak to me like that!!!! i was just sayn not
to rub it in my face and say "i hate twilight " i will obiously get
mad then!!!

get lost u losers!!!

thanks again jo xxxxxxxxxxx
xXxXxTwilightGalxXxXx says:   20 August 2009   329172  
oh and ZELDA..... i ..... oh do you no what i am sick of having to
explain to every one that i am nott like that!!!
xxxCiCixxx says:   20 August 2009   424699  
i mean seriously iz she da only ppl u can pick on !!!
ugh if u wanna pick on some1 pick on me i can tak it but just lev jade
alone shez just sayin wats true !!!!!
ugh i h8 u ppl dat r on kupika!!! u ruin it 4 every1 else oh nd jade
dont mind dem der just lookin 4 attention !!! ur still liked by alot
of otha ppl includin me u dont need dem losers no1 needs dem!!
oh nd im wiv joanna !!


luv ya jadexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxCiCixxx says:   20 August 2009   761146  
xxxCiCixxx says:   20 August 2009   977879  

xxxLaLaxxx says:   21 August 2009   487316  
Omg I WUV TWilight!!!
xxxLaLaxxx says:   21 August 2009   135387  
I hate how people dis people hu like 
Twilight just cuz dey don't like it!!!   
xxxLaLaxxx says:   21 August 2009   787348  
Gooooooo Twilight!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!
tiggerlemon101 says:   21 August 2009   162734  
Yes Joanna, I'm sure you will kill me. 
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   21 August 2009   361615  
Sorry about that Tigger, I did warn people I was a bitch when I was
angry xD
‹Miharu-chan› says :   4 April 2010   487106  
There are several reasons to why people hate Twilight. Let me list the
1. Sexism against women.
2. Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus
3. Rushed plots
4. General unnecessary Edward details (We get that he's pretty and
sparkly, Stephenie Meyer doesn't need to mention that every single
effin' paragraph)
5. The boring "damsel in distress" persona
6. Common human weaknesses (We, as humans are not as weak and as
dependent as Stephenie Meyer implies)
6. Inconsistent character personalities (We know Edward has mood
swings, but seriously, not even a teenage girl gets mood swings as
easily as Mr. Vampire)
7. Lack of character organization (So Mike and Tyler and all those
other extra characters were there only for Bella's benefit? They're
just used to make Bella Ms. Perfect?)
8. Modified Vampires (Yes, creativity shall not be criticized, however
no matter how perfect a being is, all must have common weaknesses.
What happened to the sunlight burning? What happened to irresistible
blood drinking?)

And all other things that I'll leave for you to find out. Also, if you
can have an opinion, Twilight haters can to. You're contradicting
yourself heavily. 


Next entry: dont stop believing........twilight means more 2 me then
anything..........and some people will agree!!!!!!PLEASE
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