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Asami Sato: Chapter 2: friends?Category: Stories
Friday, 12 June 2009
07:18:05 PM (GMT)
when i went to school today i finally talked to someone i knew i might get in
trouble later but i didn't care "hey i'm new can you show me around a little please?"
said a even newer girl "umm.... yeah" i said looking at her puzzled "my name is Rika
Kakutama" said the the girl (Rika) while we where walking in the hall "i'm..... Asami
Sato nice to meet you" i said uncertainly i knew some people where staring at me and
whispering to their friends i heard one person say "hey did she just talk to
someone?" i started to get annoyed Rika walked ahead a little and turned around i
stopped "well nice to meet you Asami lets be friends k?" she said happily i looked at
her for a minute and said "yeah friends...." then she turned back around and we
continued to walk throughout the school today was just a day for preparing for the
school festival anyway so we didn't have class i finally had a friend she invited me
to her house tomorrow since the festival was all of today after school i told her i
would walk home with her and stay at her house for a few hours my parents came to get
me after school that day i didn't really want to be apart of the festival anyway "Rei
don't pick me up tomorrow i have stuff to do after school.... committee work i'll
walk home afterwords ok?" i told Rei "ok no problem" replied Rei that whole day i
watched the twins mature the next day after school i walked home with Rika she had a
nice apartment i had a house but that's probably because my family makes a lot of
money they're all doctors (regular doctors that work at hospitals) Rika just moved
here so it was obvious she would have an apartment for a while "mom, dad, Takumi this
is Asami Sato my new friend from school" said Rika Takumi is her older brother he
seemed to be very quiet but kind hearted he was reading a book and he looked up and
smiled nicely at me i thought that he was cute i didn't tell Rika though because she
might get upset about it i followed Rika to her room her room was really cute and
decorated we played a few video games i never knew she liked video games until she
asked me if i wanted to play video games surprisingly they where boy like games but
they where fun her brother came in and watched us he didn't say anything though he
just watched i got nervous because he sat right by me and i've never had a boyfriend
before i haven't ever even liked anyone like that before until now after about 2
hours of being at Rika's house i decided to go home when i got home Emi started to
suddenly follow me everywhere i went i had to go grocery shopping and do laundry she
helped me then i realized my sister wasn't home and Emi was attached to Aya (my
sister) so was Kiku but Kiku was following Rei around "Emi, where's you're mom?" i
asked "she's shopping but we didn't want to go shopping with Ma'ma today" replied Emi
"oh" i said then i remembered Aya said she had to go shopping then she was going to
work for the night right after Emi and Kiku slept in my bed one on each side of me
that night the next day they they went to school like normal and when we got home
they followed around Aya again and i watched the twins again the next day Rika asked
if she could come home with me right then i knew if i asked my parents when they came
to get me they would say no and ground me for the rest of my life but i told Rika "i
will ask my mom she picks me up after school come with me when i ask ok" Rika nodded
her head after school we went to ask Rei surprisingly Rei said that she could she
seemed to be in a good mood anyway Rei and Rika had a conversation in the car they
seemed to now be good friends by the time we got home Emi was watching TV, Kiku was
playing with a puzzle cube thing, Aya was cooking dinner, and Satoshi was holding Kei
instantly everyone started at us when we walked in "this is Rika she is a friend of
Asami be kind to her" said Rei they all introduced themselves except for Kei Rei
introduced Kei to Rika since Kei was a baby and couldn't talk yet a few hours later
we heard out doorbell ring i answered the door it was Rika's older brother "hello i'm
here to get Rika, and the other day i didn't introduce myself properly i'm Takumi" he
said smiling "yes i know who you are and why you you are here" i said i guess he felt
bad since Rika intoduced him for him instead of him introducing himself to me at that
time i was blushing "please come in" i said to Takumi as he walked in he whispered in
my ear "beautiful" that time my face was completely red he walked in and Rika ran
over to him Emi and Kiku where brushing her hair when Emi and Kiku saw him their
faces turned red too Aya was still watching TV "ready to go Rika?" asked Takumi
"yeah" replied Rika at that time Aya noticed there was someone here she looked at him
and her mouth dropped open a little and she blushed after they left Emi and Kiku and
Aya all at the same time said "he's cute!" i looked at them and said "nope not at all
he's just a pretty boy!" i lied but they couldn't tell they got mad at me and yelled
at me at how they thought i mist be mentally sick or how i might be blind and i just
never knew or something it was nice to know i have a friend now and that i like
someone too i finally feel normal

-end of Chapter 2
Last edited: 13 June 2009

‹strideriest› says:   16 June 2009   938365  
you should add periods and stuff robyn! D:

otherwise it was good :3
‹♠ 雲 ♠› says :   16 June 2009   628714  
no thanks Trasyn 

thank you


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