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Thursday, 11 June 2009
12:29:39 AM (GMT)
the second he stepped on the plane i gasped. loudly. i swear, at least four heads
turned to look at me in disgust for disrupting their sleep. we stopped in warsaw,
poland at about 3:45 am. i was surprised to see only one new person board the plane.
anyway, back to my gasping. i'm not easily impressed, but let's just say, this kid
had me stunned. he looked about seventeen years old, he was tall, much taller than
me, at 5'4 and sixteen. to say the least, his body was perfection. every angle was
put in a way that if you moved it just barely, it'd look disastrous, but in the way
the angles were, it made my heart beat faster. i wasn't wearing my glasses, or any
contacts, because i had been trying to sleep just like everyone else. he was standing
there staring at everyone. i wished he would move closer so i could see his face. i
wish he would move closer so i could touch his pale cheek. he fished in his pocket
and pulled out a little white card, and looked at it, squinting. he then slipped his
hand back in his pocket pulling out some rectangular, sophisticated glasses. i
slipped them on his nose, looked at the card, and started walking down the aisle,
looking at all the little plates on the ceiling. there were two empty seats next to
me, i prayed one would be his. i was not ready to dig through overflowing purse to
find my hideous glasses. he walked, quite gracefully i might add, to a seat in front
of me. dammit, i thought. he turned around, and looked right at me. i held my breath
to keep from gasping again. his eyes. those were the best part of it all. they were
huge. they were this colour of dark green i had never seen. they had little sparkles
and small parts of brown. they were so intriguing. i couldn't breathe. the planes of
his face were very extreme and i loves the sharp angles. his lips were small and
full, and well moisturized. i wanted to lean forward and kiss him right there. his
skin was quite pale, and had no flaws except for a small scar by his left eye. it was
a shade lighter, if that was even possible, from the rest of his skin. he had shaggy,
straight, layered hair that covered his eyes at the top, barely. it was dark brown,
and reflected the bright plane lights. his face was only about a foot away from mine,
i could smell him. he smelled like laundry detergent, peppermint, and some incense. i
smiled at him, and he just stared, and turned around. i was obviously offended, so i
slipped on some headphones and went back to reading my book. i had read through two
chapters, when i felt a tap on my shoulder. i jumped, and my headphones fell out. i
heard a angelic laugh coming from the seat on my right. i flipped my head and saw
him. sitting next to me. close to me. his arm on the rest. laughing. i was stunned.
"something wrong,?" he seemed to be smirking. i laughed. "no, you just startled me,
that's all". he smiled. "i'm william". he put out his hand, and i shook. "i'm elle"
he smiled again, and then said, "i had to come sit by you, first off, that old woman
was passed out on me, and second you are completely adorable" my mouth dropped. was
he dared to say that? "why do you seemed so surprised dear? you're gorgeous" i
finally smiled. "well, thank you. you aren't too bad yourself" that was pretty much
the biggest under statement i've ever said. how was i controlling myself? how was i
not hyperventilating? "um elle, you're breathing pretty hard. perhaps i should order
you a water?" i looked away. okay, maybe i was hyperventilating. "no, i'm fine. air
pressure, you know" he nodded

does it suck?

KokiriForest says :   11 June 2009   921892  
Gabby you write like jesus :I LKGDJSLGKJSDKLJGHSDGKLJHSGD.

Could probably use a little more buildup and not go straight into the
romance part cuz then it gets obvious but LDKJDG FUCK GIRL YOU GOT


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