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Stolen from Mi-niichan! xDCategory: stealing is good! ;)
Friday, 10 April 2009
03:36:47 AM (GMT)
What's up?
○ My ceiling? :D
How are you feeling?
○ Like bitchin about my history teacher.

Why did you pick this survey to do?
○ Cause niichan did this!
You're bored, right?
○ With Gaia, Kupika, Youtube and iTunes what do you think? -__-lll
Are you PMS'ing?
○ I'm 13. =-=;;;;
Have you taken a Tylenol in the last 24 hours?
○ Sleeping pill? o-o
How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
○ I dunno. .__. Why should I care?

Do you fall asleep with tv or music on?
○ Yes! xD
Are you a heavy sleeper?
○ Yup! I once slept during the whole of a power cut with my fluffy woolly blanket.
Do you usually wake up in the middle of the night to pee?
○ Uh. No.
What does your comforter look like?
○ It has pandas. LOTS of pandas. :D
How late do you usually sleep in on the weekends?
○ 3 pm. 
Do you ever take naps?
○ Usually. I have a problem with staying awake. xD;;

What is the most random object around you?
○ My mom's laptop?
Do you own a cordless drill?
○ My dad does.
Would you say you are pretty handy around the house?
○ Whever I fold the clothes without my mom shouting at me for 1 whole hour. :D

Do you open your own jar lids?
○ Unless I'm too sleepy or weak, yes.

Do you hand wash your dishes?
○ Yes. Is there somthing wrong with that? .__.
Powder or liquid or tablet detergent?
○ liquid. :D
So, now that we're in the kitchen, do you have tile flooring?
○ Yup. :D My dog used to scrath his butt on it. xD

Is there any wallpaper or paneling in your house?
○ There's panelling in the living room. 

Enough house questions, where did you buy the shirt you're wearing?
○ The shorts are from my school. xD Comfy~ The shirt if from a pasar malam.
-night market-
Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics?
○ Yes. :D And I can also say honestly.I.DON'T.CARE!!!
Do you think OJ killed his wife?
○ Who?
When's the last time you've been sledding?
○ I'm in a country with only 1/2 seasons dumbass. >->
Have you ever been searched by the cops?
○ Not really. I don't notice I suppose.
Do you know how to play poker?
○ I play it online if that's what you want to know. .__.
What's your favorite commercial?
○ Umm...Something with fruits and trumpets. xD;;;
Do you always wear your seat belt?
○ Yes. Unless I'm on my way home from school on Friday. Then I start lying down on
the whole car seat till we get home which is like only a few meters away. xD
What talent do you wish you had?
○ The talent to turn trash into trees! :D Wait. That's Law Of Ueki. D:
What is your favorite sushi roll?
○ Maki something roll. xD

What food do you find disgusting?
○ Jelly? I have a weak stomach~ xD
Have you ever even tried that food?
○ I used to love it when I was little. But when I was about 9 for some reason I
puked a lot after taking a small bite. 
Have you ever tried a gross food on a dare?
○ No. I'm too wimpy. xD
What was the last conversation you had with your best friend about?
○ "This is the last day together"
○ "..."
○ "Aww come on Tama. Smile!"
○ "Mae Yen you're not helping me..."
○ "Well, I'm not too sure how to help you. .__."
○ "...Give me a hug?"
○ ">w< -huggles Tama-"

It was the last day of elementry school. ;__; Sobs. Haven't seen her for quite some
Wait, who is your best girl friend... I mean maid of honor style?
○ Hmm. Tama. Chi, Karu and if possible I would invite niichan to dress up too. :D
Would you ever consider having a guy friend as one of your bridesmaids?
○ ...-grins evilly- Silver-niichan~
How much have you thought about your future wedding?
○ I don't wanna get married. .___.
Would you ever marry for money?
○ ...Heheh?
If money was no option to you or your guests, would you have a destination wedding?
○ What?
Whose wedding that you've attended was the most beautiful?
○ Dude. The one of the weddings I went to I almost got stomped on by the bride
herself. Dx But I would say one of my dad's friends. :D
Though the men were all drunk and making perverted jokes. .__.lll The food was great
though! xD
If offered and if it fit, would you wear your mom's wedding dress?
○ ...My mom didn't have a wedding dress. .__. I mean, she HAD one but she RENTED
What is your favorite movie with a wedding in it?
○ Monster-in-Law? I guess. >->

‹Ryuzaki› says:   10 April 2009   923996  
u are totally WEIRD 


might as well sell u away and i will split the money with ur nii-san.

he wont miss u when he sees the money^^

wait...only 25 CENT EACH?
Missingno says:   13 April 2009   759691  
Hey, don't be making cruel jokes like that at my sister.

Agreed, Silver would make a pretty bridesmaid.
‹Sw33T_is_L337› says:   17 April 2009   847266  
Lol. xD
Glad you agreed. :D
Let's go tie him up a day before my wedding and PRETTY him up. xD
Missingno says:   18 April 2009   483634  
He looked like a girl when I saw his picture. o_o
‹Sw33T_is_L337› says:   18 April 2009   516335  
Lol lol lol. xD
Pass me his pic.
He'll never know. 
Missingno says:   20 April 2009   873867  
That's cheating.
‹Sw33T_is_L337› says:   25 April 2009   539776  
Darnit. Dx
I hate you. -sulks-
Missingno says:   30 April 2009   349637  
‹Ryuzaki› says:   30 May 2009   149395  
since when i post my picture? o.O
‹Sw33T_is_L337› says :   30 May 2009   496172  
Not you.
My niichan. xD


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