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Saturday, 7 March 2009
02:58:01 AM (GMT)
Today I was late-AGAIN! And suddenly the kids started to walk the opposite way than
they usually did. Oh great, I remembered. We were having "School Spirit Day." Our
brand new principal thought of these "greattt" ideas. We suddenly had Students of The
Month. My friends and I stared as we listened to names. They announced that grades
didn't matter, and in order to become a S.O.T.D.(student of the day), we need to help
and be kind to people. I understood that I won't get the S.O.T.D. Basically, I never
help people...(Ahah!) But then they started announcing grades. What the...?! I
thought my friend, Jenny would get the SOTD. But then...the principal announced my
name. I was in total shock and recovered in 2 seconds. They said I got it because of
my "benchmark" grades... I was pretty embarassed to stand in front of about 375
people. (Including the teachers.) The dumb pirze was some pin I already got in
kindergarden. They also gave some coupon to Red Robin. Where is that supposed to be?!
Atleast give me Carl's Jr or something... Then Mr. Alday, our teacher lead us into
the classroom. Most of my friends crowded around me, wanting to look at the award. I
didn't really care because I had to color my homework. Then, every day we have
W.O.D.(word of the day). Every friday we have to turn in a WOD pargraph. I really
LOVE writing those. It's so fun! I used to be in Harvard(NOT COLLEGE! Our table names
are colleges names..). We won last time because of my paragraph. This time the words
were,"Ignition, delay, vandalism, indigenous, and one more I forgot. >_<." I wrote
about YALE(my table name) Criminal Investigation. We won at the end and my table
mates all cheered. Especially Samuel. Then we had to do our "Reader's Theater." Where
we make up plays and such. But then David didn't do his homework and got in trouble.
Samuel had to mess around with him. Samuel was all like,"I bet you all my assets he
didn't do his homework. And blah blah.." David said he put it in his desk, but I
don't believe him. I also don't believe Samuel. It was totally rude of him to bet on
David. The David started crying(OMG! I've never seen him cry!!). Well, he wasn't all
sady-sady, more like mady-sady. He got really angry, and his face went red. I was
totally surprised by the color..David glared at Samuel and wrote mean notes about him
for the rest of the day. Samuel got in trouble too, because David told on him, so Mr.
Alday called him out to talk. The rest of us ignored this "conflict." It was a total
waste of time. We spent the next hours finishing tests. I NEVER study, but I get good
grades, like 80-100%. Strange, right? Anyhow, we always have Friday Fun on Fridays.
Then the rest of the day was over...(I have to rush this because my mom is yelling at
me and telling me to go to sleep already. See ya all! Enjoy my diary, hehe. AND JOIN

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