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Little Janelle walker walking down the street~! LOL.Category: school!
Friday, 6 March 2009
04:46:13 PM (GMT)
Uhh Jackie was making me a crown? And it was too small and she added one and it was
too big. LOL
So I didn't get to wear it :] 
PLUS she said not to cause it aint my bday yet so yes!
And for the people who knew my bday LOVE YA.
And for the people who didn't MARCH EIGHTH. Got it? 

Ummmmm. Ohh we had to make a cross and design something lenten in it :]
Uhh Mike thinks I like Mikey. And Ryan told Sam who I liked. :/

We made piggies 8D
And uh we got homework.

Dx dude I had to play the piano in front of my class. Why? We went to the church and
practiced the songs for the Benediction thing later. So yeah I played the piano. 
AND instead of going back in to do work we stayed outside and played again.
"Little Sally Walker" OMFG it was so fun. So it goes
" Little [person who is walking] Walker walking down the street, didn't know what to
do so she stopped in front of me."
And so the person who was walking stopped in front of someone and did a dance move
and they had to mimic it. xD 
"Hey boy/girl do you thing do your thing switch" LOLOLOL it was sooooooooo fun. 
So I stopped in front of Ryan and I did this like kick this you know girly kick and
stuff idk how to describe it.
And then Lexi stopped in front of Chris A. and OMG xD HAHAHAHAHA he had to shake his
hips with his hands on his hips. SO FUNNY.

uhh? Nothing really. Taylor wanted to see the signs on my locker. And then Jackie
tried pulling them off and she ripped Taylor's :/
OH people who made  me a sign, Taylor, Cassie, and Viki. YUP. :]
Anyway nothing interesting. BUT IT WAS SO NICE OUT.
WAIT! Haha. So Cassie was like go next to your husband [Joe] and I'm like I don't
know what you're talking about, but why don't you go to your husband [Ira] xD it was
hilarious. Cause we were like noooooooooo and stuff 

Science Benediction
uhh long?
OH so there was this like rumbling sound like thunder and Cassie's like God has
entered. And I'm like I got another theory. That's Erickson's stomach. xD And we
tried SO HARD NOT to laugh. and like I just coughed. And Cassie was like don't say
anything else funny I'm about to explode. HAHA.
Soo oh the Benediction. Er not fun to sing in Latin. I think. 
Ummm incense smells stronggggg.

Vocab test.
Mrs. K got PISSED at us. Cause a lot of people didn't turn in their homework. And
she's like how many of you made all of your basketball practices and games? But not
do your homework. Er -not involved in this what so ever- But she was pissed. 

Social Studies
Mrs. J got pissed off too. Dx YUP you guessed it homework. 
Uh we went back to our big book. And finished outlining. Yay :/

Dude my parents do not understand that I am NOT eating meat this Friday.
My dad's like "Look we're eating meat" 
:/ I'm not going to. NO.
It's Friday. And it's Lent.
But yeah Dad "EAT MEAT NOW"
Nooooo. I'm sorry but last time I checked I'm actually doing what I'm suppose to do
in Lent. Fast and abstain.
So yeah. He's like oh wait I forgot you don't like a lot of things. HELLO DID NOT SAY
I just said I ain't eating it. ANYWAY. He was trying to persuade me and stuff but uh
I'll eat the spaghetti. :]
And yes he is still trying to get me to eat v_v

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