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Sunday, 1 March 2009
01:13:31 AM (GMT)
Hey!!!!!! So I have two creepy ass stories. I mean like, pee your pants, scream to
the point of muteness creepy.
Well both of these are TRUE stories. If you can't handle it, stop reading now.

So when my uncle Jeff was a kid, his parents went to a dude ranch, right? The middle
of nowhere. So his family gets lost and they see this old house. So they pull up and
his dad asks if they can borrow the phone. The people don't have one, but they offer
to let the family stay the night. Morning comes and they have breakfast and his dad
goes up to the owner of the house and says he'll pay and the man says no. As they're
leaving he places a $50 on a nightstand. The guy tells them how to get to the ranch
and so they get there and they're telling the workers all about what happened and one
says, "That's impossible. There aren't any houses out there." So the family goes out
there with some workers. They see these car tracks, that they recognize as their own,
and it stops in front of this burnt down fondation. So the family goes up there and
their dad sees the nightstand with the $50 on it.

My best friend Riley moved to this beautiful house. So she's walking around in the
backyard and goes by this tall tree, all around it their are dead flowers and weeds
everywhere. A few weeks later her mom decides that she's gonna cut this tree down. So
the people come out and begin hacking away at it, eventually it's removed. That
night, Riley wakes up at 11:55. She can't sleep so she goes down stairs to get
something to drink from the kitchen. She standing there looking out the window and
realizes the tree is there. So she standing there trying to figure this out when the
clock strikes midnight and she starts to hear this sound like someone choking, she
turns around and and faces the window and her eyes are caught by this moving
shape.... She realizes it's a girl, hung on the tree. Riley can't do anything but
stand there. She faints when the girl looks into her eyes and mouths her name.
That morning, she woke up and went straight outside to the tree, it looks the same as
always. So this time she looks really close, on the tree is a heart with the name
Kristina and Henry, the heart is smeared with what seems to be fresh blood. So Riley
goes into town that day to find the person who last lived there. As she returns home
she sees this girl standing in front of her house, she's beautiful and just smiles at
Riley. Riley gets out of the car and notices that the girl has these lines all across
her neck, but doesn't say anything. She finds out that this girl lived in the house
before so they sit down and start to talk about this tree. This is what the girl told
When this house was first built, it was made for a girl named Kristina and her future
husband. The girl's life was her garden, it was all she cared about. There was a man
by the name of Henry Starkling who loved her, but was so obsessed that he came to her
house one night and raped her. When she told her parents, they immediatly jailed the
man. It was a late night and Kristina couldn't sleep so she came outside to just sit
in the garden. Henry had escaped and hung her on the tree. Before Kristina died, she
had stabbed Henry in the hand.
So the girl just frowns and nods her head. Riley asks why the tree won't die, the
girl tells her that the tree is the soul of the girl, patiently waiting for her love
to come and marry her. Riley asks if she has any suggestions on how to get rid of the
tree and the girl looks at her and just pleads with her to save the garden and to
stop attacking the tree because she likes Riley and doesn't want her to have any
problems. So Riley does just that with no complaint. One day she's looking at this
old picture she found and it was of this girl sitting below the tree reading, with a
shadow just behind it. The picture was in black and white and looked exactly like the
girl who came and talked to Riley.
Even creepier is that after they move, this man tried to kill this tree. A month
later he was found hung on the tree.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   1 March 2009   871983  
D: The second one IS creepy!
xxGigglesnortXX23 says:   2 March 2009   232713  
I remember you telling me the one about riley, but the one with jeff
is f***ing creepy as hell! Hahaha
JunoSarah says :   6 March 2009   481944  
2nd one scares me!!
Are we still going  ghost hunting this summer??

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