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THE LONGEST THING IN MY LIFE!Category: (general)
Monday, 16 February 2009
05:30:43 PM (GMT)
Background check 
Who gave birth to you?- My mom!
Who is your biological father?- My current Father
Do you live with both of your biological parents?- Yea, lol
Do you like your parents?- My parents can be asses, but i love them anyway
Do you get along with your parents?- Sometimes
Where were you born?- Manhattan!!!
What date were you born?- March 8, 1995
Do you have any siblings?- nah dah : (
You are child number?- UNO!!!
Do you have a large family?- Well, depends
What is your family like?- xD Its survival of the fittest

About you
What is your name?- Nicolle EBG.
Do you have a nickname?- Oh Guzzus Too Many
How old are you now?- ALMOST 14
What color are your eyes?- Brown
What color is your natural hair?- Brown
Do you dye your hair?- No, but sometimes I get natrual Dye (when the sun alters your
hair color)
Do you have a 'style'?- Punk/Scene/Skater :D
Are you wealthy or poor?- In the middle, closer to "wealthy"
Are you single or taken?- Single :'[
Do you have any tattoos?- Nah, 
Do you have any piercings?- duhhh! 
How tall are you?- 5'1 

What is your favorite
Food?- Ramen
Song?-  OH FOCKING Geuzzus, I dont knoww
Mood?- Bamf!
Animal?- Skelecat
Person?- thats not fair! NONE
Color?- Teall, Red, Black
TV Show?- Project RUnway
Thing to do?- MY FRIENDS!!! (thats what she said) haha

Future Goals
What do you want to be when you 'grow up'?- Fashion Designer, or Photographer
Do you want to get married? Do you have someone in mind?- yeah and yes
What age do you plan to be married?- Late 20's?
Do you have kids? How many? What are their names?- o.e NO!
Do you want (more) kids? How many?- Yes, like twins
Do you know what would you name if it was a girl? If so, what?-Avengaline
Do you know what would you name if it was a boy? If so,what?- Jamal
Who would be your dream mate?- A guy whos style is like mine xD
What is your dream house like?- A nice 2 story house with a backyard, pool, porch
What is your dream car?- BMW (my parents have 1)
Any goals not mentioned above?- xD yea, but im not saying
Which goal of yours keeps you alive?- Most of Them
Do you honestly think you'll accomplish your goals?- Yea, maybe

Yes, no, sometimes or maybe?
Are you on a diet?- Somewhat
Are you happy?- Sometimes
Are you at home?- Yesh
Are you nice?- 8D NO DUH!!! <3
Are you understanding?- Sometimes
Are you attractive?- Sometimes
Are you athletic?- Yea!
Are you caring?- Yeah
Are you annoying?- LOL Sometimes
Are you spoiled?- No
Are you picky?- No
Are you smart?- Sometimes
Are you dumb?- Maybeee
Are you trust worthy?- yes
Are you crazy?- HALE YES
Are you weird?- Maybeeee
Are you romantic? Maybee :P
Are you sweet?- Yes
Are you funny?- Sometimes
Are you normal?- No, theres no such thing as NORMAL
Are you popular?- Maybe, depends on who you ask
Are you tall?- pfffh no
Are you skinny?- Yes
Are you fat?- Maybeee
Are you muscular?- Yea
Are you amazing?- WHAT!?!?!?! MAYBE
Are you perfect?- No, no one is
Are you talktive?- PFFH Yes
Are you shy?- Sometimes
Are you responsable?- Maybee
Are you mean?- Theres a difference to BItchy and mean, so sometimes
Are you addicted to anything?- Yes
Are you easily influenced?- Yes actually
Have you ever had a pet rock?- hahaha! No
Have you ever wet your bed over the age of 12?- Pffh, NO
Have you ever written a Song?- I think so, maybe
Have you ever been in love?- Yes </>@
What are you wearing?- Underwear (top and Bottom), Brown AEro shirt, brown hoodie,
black sweats
What is the weather like?- Sun is setting
What is your mood?- *yawn* LOL
What date is it?- February 16, 2009
What time is it?- 5:05 PM
What season is it right now?- Winter.
Where are you?- My living room 1
What are you listening to?- Blue by the Birthday Massacre
Are you having a good day?- Somewhat yea
Do you like school? Why?- Yea, i met people there.
What time does school start?- 8:05 AM, First period-8:23 Am
What's the name of your school?- IM NOT SAYING EMS! haha
What grade you are in?- 8th
Who's your favorite teacher?- Mr Donnell, Ms Salmon, Mr Lee, Mr Hunt, Mr DeMase
Who's your least favorite teacher?- EW I CANT EVEN UDDER HER NAME
What's your favorite subject?- Art
What time does school end?- 2:46 PM
When will/did you graduate from High School?-  2013!!

Would you 
Ever have an abortion?- Depending on my age, but id have the child and give it to
someone else
Go out with somebody of the same sex?- Maybe  u never now
Go out with your ex's friend?- I was about to! haha
Kiss your boy/girlfriend with your parents watching?-LOL ew no
Tease a monkey at the zoo?- THATS INAPROPRIATE! haha no
Shoplift?- no
Write homosexual in sharpie on the mona lisa?- NO! 
Cry in public?- Ok, who hasnt!
Cuss in front of family?- yea yea
Run naked in a famous city?- LOL NO
Go to the a forest alone?- yea! i did once!
Go to visit a random person at any prison?- yes! ahaha
Cheat on a test?- i did!
Kill yourself for money?- That makes no sence, ur gonna dye, u wont get the money

If you could change one thing about your life it would be?- Hmm...friends?
Draw a smiley: : )
What was the last word you said?- DOES IT HURT
What is one of your pet peeve:- STOP COPYING ME
Find your perfect place: o.o hmm HOT TOPIC
What is the relationship like with your friends?- we tighta then JB pants.
Look into your own eyes for a second. What do you see?- Hurt?
What's your biggest wish?- FOR PEOPLE TO STFU ABOUT GAYS AND SHIT
What's the most important lesson you've learned in your life?- Dont believe what you
What or who would you give up everything for?- o.o no comment
What do you fear most?- Insects near me
Any dirty little secrets from the past you've share with no one?- haha...dont look at
Share a secret- xD no
Have you ever experienced any major tragedy? What was it?- Yes and i dont wanna say
What's one of the biggest issues you're going through currently?-people copying me
In one word who are you?- Music
Which cell phone provider do you have?- Verizon
How many states have you been to?- 8 :D
How do you feel about freckles?-  GOT LOADS OF EM!
Are you married?- I AM ON FACEBOOK!
Worst thing a teacher did to you?- called my parents 
How many contacts are on your phone?- 67
What are you going to do for summer?- CAMP!!!
Do people think your crazy?- of course!
What is your myspace URL?-  dont have one :D
Who's your best friend?- CheyChey!
What's your ring size?- 5.5 
What is the most missed memory?- my younger years (baby-4)
Have you lost something or someone important to you? Who or what?- YES! MY FRICKEN
CAT! i luffed her
What is the one restaurant you eat at way too much?- MCDONALDS
What do you think about most?- love i wish i had
What are you looking forward to?- QUEBEC BOSTON SUMMER
Money or love is more imporatant?- Love, money cant buy you everything
What is your youngest cousins name?- Danny *shudder*
What is your third favorite color?- Purple
What is the closest thing to you that is purple?- MY SEX BRACELETS! ( the rubber
bracelets at hot topic are sex bracelets!)
What does your desktop background look like?-a pink sunset
What is the last red drink you drank?- BLOOD!
What college did/do/ you want to go to?- Columbia, Parsons, FIT
If you were opposite gender what was your name gonna be?- Keith 
How many friends on myspace/facebook do you have?- 224!
What is the best movie you've watched in the last month?- SLUMDOG MILLIONARE!
What is the 1st word of the last song you listened to?-No
Do say soda, softdrink, or pop?- SODAA
What color is your wallet?- Black and white
Are your floors mostly wood or carpet?- Carpet
Do you have your license?- pffh, no
How old was your mom when she had you?- OH GOD! IDK
What is a time or day you're looking forward to?- SATURDAY!!!
Have you ever shaken from anxiety/nerves?- of course!
Can you see a calander from where you're sitting?- xD NO!
What color is the dry towel for dishes?- BLUEE
What's your crushes/bfs middle name?- o.o well...Scott
What is the first song on your favorite mixed cd?-HoUSE of wolves by MY CHEMICAL
Have you already gotten a kiss this year '09?- yes, and it wasnt from family
Why do you stay up so late?- Because I can BITCHES! haha nah, im on break
Do you want to marry someone smarter or dumber than you?- i dont care <3
Have you ever snuck someone in to your house?- LOL yes!

‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   195663  
on my survey [not done yet!]:

Thing to do?- YOUR MOTHER. LAWL.
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   434125  
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   174629  
SORRY, i couldn't resist DX
‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says:   16 February 2009   518683  
i was waiting for someone SMART to say something xD
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   676147  
JASHLIE201 cries:   16 February 2009   664314  
i felt sooo tuched reading that i cryed my eyes out!!!!!!!!
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   894245  
my mom was 34/35 when she had me. i was like "EWWWW OLD VAGINAS"
‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says:   16 February 2009   592256  
@jashlie: U SERIOUS!?!?!?! o.o wow 
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   175593  
Tara was born by C-section tho :P it's fun to make fun of her. at
least i was born the right way!

you're ten years old?! i was that age once!
but i wasn't a crybaby :] AGAIN I'M SORRY I AM A COMPLETE ASSHOLE
‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says:   16 February 2009   733427  
Dude, im watching the closer
and this weeks victims name is SHAWN T ( shawns last name too) xD
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   265727  
‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says:   16 February 2009   998775  
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   397969  
i don't know that show, tho
i'm watching this escape artist show. it's cool
but i have to leave, tara wants to go on the comp and i gotta pee :] i
needed to tell you.
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   914816  
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 February 2009   149381  
‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says :   16 February 2009   942676  

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